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  1. i saw this on Twitter. Had to repost here. Up to 50% that just want the game fixed. Only 8 hours left to vote
  2. I do understand the point on funding. I play eso as well, and pay $15 a month for the plus. But that game is solid. I don’t think this game would change at all even with a monthly subscription and I certainly wouldn’t pay for it until I know that they fixed the game. I just wish they’d release an ark 2. Cause this game is beyond fixing imo. What I don’t understand is how gta keeps a solid game going for so long then without monthly fees etc. they’re still updating with new content, and the game is solid as a rock. Guess they’re just good at their jobs
  3. So you can’t play on rag anymore. Can’t refresh. So by the time they get around to fixing it, tames and bases will be wiped. Shocker. Velos r broke. Watch having them in turret mode. We’ve had 4 die in past 2 days with food in inventory. I’m assuming, since they use stam now, their food also drops, so they keep shooting spikes til they die. Awesome. I’ll pod them with the manas that they ruined. They supposedly fixed bee hives where u can get ur bee back. But now they arnt producing honey anymore. New update. Can’t log into any server now. Go wc. The important question is when is the map after genesis coming out? Cause we r running low on broken stuff in the game. A new map is exactly what this game needs hahaha.
  4. I guess I should’ve specified Fes. Didn’t think about other game modes. I play on an official server. I guess if I could bypass bugs by command spawning things I wouldn’t care as much. But when you have to waste a week of gameplay to find the magical unglitched Dino you need to tame, It gets old fast. Or when you throw out a giga you spent 2+ weeks raising, and it goes poof right in front of you. Or god forbid you port your fav event wyvern you spent days/weeks looking for, to find it lost in the great ark abyss. How about valguero? Hahaha. Wyvern and golems that are undeployable now. Omg the list goes on. These are major issues that need addressed before they pile on a new set of problems that come with a new map. I do have to give wc credit tho. They have been pretty good at answering tickets and resolving most issues. Except for the major ones. How many people lost entire servers when they decided to disable transfers for that week or two? I’m lucky enough to have multiple toons and a few tribemates. So our servers were able to be refreshed. The poor small tribes or single players. They lost everything
  5. Can you equip a chibi to bypass your level cap?
  6. I agree. Ty for the comment. I’m just fed up with the game right now. There is so much to fix, yet all they seem to focus on is new maps. I’m not even thinking about genesis. My final let down was val. Yes. Fan based map I know. But a huge disappointment. I’m just tired of fighting with the game to play it. It’s improved since pre-release, but honestly hasn’t improved much. For as much dedication as this game takes, the community deserves improved gameplay.
  7. New content vs quality of life I would like to put this to a vote. Would you like wildcard to keep releasing new broken maps every few months, or would you rather see them take some time and fix the game? So I’ve been a dedicated ark player since Pre-release. Haven’t missed a day sadly. I've been through it all. From floating baby Dino’s, the first Halloween event where bats would wipe any tames you didn’t have indoors, to the invisible Dino glitch. I could keep going but I don’t know how much room I have here lol. Ark is a great game imo. Ty wildcard. The concept of the game is beyond amazing. But sadly, it is beyond broken. It seems like the more content you add, and the more patches you release to fix the game (Or exploits), the more content you break. My breaking point was today. I’ve dealt with a lot of messed up stuff in this game, but now you have completely broken bees. What end game player doesn’t rely on sweet cakes to feed their berry eaters during a boss fight? Or to keep their snails producing cp? So I decided to make my greenhouse bigger on my main server, the center map. I had to move my beehives for the expansion. No prob right? Wrong. Demolished a hive to get my bee/hive back. Poof. Gone. Tried 2 more times. Figured it was just another wildcard glitch. Nope. You can’t obtain a bee or hive from an existing non-exploited bee hive anymore. Ok. No problem. I have a few bees still podded between my 6 maps. Nope. They disappear when you throw them out too. So now I’m down 3 hives, and about 8 podded bees. Ok. Still not a big deal. I’ve come to expect this from this game. I’ll just go tame more. Nope. So, everyone knows taming bees can be glitchy in ark. Most times they will glitch in the stack of 4-6 hives that spawn ontop of each other. Long story short. I’ve spent 2 nights trying to tame a bee. Either they glitch in an existing hive, where you can’t get the feed prompt to show up. Or they get out and fly up in the sky where you can’t tame them, or they do get out on the ground but still can’t feed them. But the newest one I experienced tonight. The bee got glitched in the hive as usual. Actually got a feeding prompt. Awesome. Finally got a bee. Nope. As soon as it finished taming......poof gone. Naming prompt came up like it usually does when you tame something, then disappeared immediately. Spent a few mins looking around for my bee. Nowhere to be found. Checked my log. Says I tamed a lvl 7 queen bee. Also says “anti-meshing destroyed my bee”. DILO. Really? So I can’t pick up my current hives. I can’t unpod my existing bees. And I can’t tame one. My point being. Wildcard, please put some time into the game itself before focusing on new content. This game is a negotiation at best to play. Takes a lot of patience and tons of time. There is so much broken in the game, and if you want to keep your fan base, you need to make the game playable, instead of just bigger.
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