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  1. w00pster

    A message from Studio Wildcard

    This, and to be honest, the game does not look interesting to me at all ... combining pirates AND dino's? Seriously? Come on. And, are they really expecting people to pay a monthly subscription or, are they looking to do something like micro-transactions?
  2. w00pster

    Extinction A pointless Expansion.

    I think a lot people held off buying this expansion because they felt it was rushed and shallow. Dino's and resources that were reskinned and a map that's basically a lot like other pieces from previous maps. It's a shame though, but I guess we'll see what happens over the next few weeks. My feeling is, players will just revert back to older maps ...
  3. w00pster

    Do you Think Ark Extinction DLC will be Delayed?

    I don't think it will be delayed, but I do think a lot of people - like myself - will hold off on buying it. While there do seem to be a few new bells and whistles, their track record of not fixing things and just rolling on to something new has left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm still waiting on them to implement things like s+, or address things in the current game/maps like tame cap.
  4. w00pster

    Breeding event this weekend - fyi

    1.5x Egg Hatching1.5x Gestation1.5x Maturation ... pretty much pointless, as a great number of the servers are already capped. In fact, the server I predominately play on is not only capped, but now a mega tribe is loading in dino's and using it for storage when slots open up. They just line up their dino's on the beach flaunting the fact they can do this and severely impact a server they don't even play on.
  5. What a pathetic event ... wow.
  6. w00pster

    Evo Event this weekend?

    No event? Just free's up time to play other games or go outside :-)