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  1. TheBigCheese1976

    Helloween event on Nitrado dedicated servers

    Seems like it's not possible mate, I was searching and tweeting yesterday with no answers. From most of the feedback it was a good thing, people having spiders and bats spawning in bases & killing passive tames etc. Not really a great event lol.
  2. Lost Paradise Ark We are a mature gaming community of couples, lone wolves and small groups of friends. We have 2 servers in a cluster. A PVP Vanilla Ragnarok server setup with PVE rules where you can start your own tribe, join us for PVP/PVE events and breed your favourite Dinos, which has been running for sometime & a new Primitive Plus Ragnarok role play PVP server, 3 tribes fight for control of the map. Each tribe is a race, Dwarves, Elves & Humans. Each Race has exclusive tames they must use to compliment their race play style, no other tames can be used except for non rideable tames like, (Dilo, Dodo, Bees etc) & exclusive weapons. Dwarves: Shock troops who use Dire Bears, Micro Raptors, Rynos & Mamouths to storm into battle, they have exclusive access to the Battle Axe. Humans who are tactical warriors who use Equus, Dire Wolves, Ichthyornis & Therizinosaurus to control the battle field in both close quarters or ranged attacks, they have exclusive access to the Musket. Elves who excel at stealth and ranged combat, using Thylacoleo, Hyenadon, Dymorphadon & Chalicatherium to ambush and assassinate their enemies from the shadows, they have exclusive access to the Re curve Bow. New members can join our PVE server to get setup and get help from the community if needed, if they wish to join the PVP server, they choose a race and get assistance from other members of that race to get the right tames before joining the war. Each race has a heavily fortified HQ in their territory where new members can get setup and look for a base location. Structures and tames are Personal, so only you can access your base or use your tames. A full set of rules and application details can be found at our website: lostparadiseark.enjin.com So if your 20+ and either want a friendly PVE community or would like to also have some light hearted PVP role play fun, then we are the place to come. Apply at our website today and begin your adventure.
  3. TheBigCheese1976

    Rented Ragnarok Server. Mature. PVE with PVP/PVE events

    Weekly events and a strong community make our server a great place for the mature gamer wanting to be a part of something great. Come join the fun and apply at www.lostparadiseark.enjin.com
  4. TheBigCheese1976

    Nitrado Cluster Servers?

    Thanks for the reply!! Think I'll keep waiting for a fix, but doesn't look like it will be soon
  5. TheBigCheese1976

    Nitrado Cluster Servers?

    What is the work around? Not using a password? I have 2 servers but since the update that broke it, I've been unable to move between servers
  6. TheBigCheese1976

    Rented Ragnarok Server. Mature. PVE with PVP/PVE events

    Currently we have 25 active members, still looking for more friendly mature players to join our community. Come join the fun
  7. TheBigCheese1976

    Rented Ragnarok Server. Mature. PVE with PVP/PVE events

    We are actively recruiting mature members to join our community and get involved. Come join the family and have some fun
  8. TheBigCheese1976

    Rented Ragnarok Server. Mature. PVE with PVP/PVE events

    Server is now live and actively looking for new players to join us on our adventure
  9. TheBigCheese1976

    Rented Ragnarok Server. Mature. PVE with PVP/PVE events

    The delay to PC hosted PS4 servers will obviously affect our launch date.
  10. TheBigCheese1976

    My Wife and I looking for server.

    Myt GF and I are also planning to run a PC hosted server here is our post
  11. TheBigCheese1976

    Links not working in posts

    I can't get links to work in my forum posts?? Link Like this. Every time I try and post it, the link is not active, when I edit it and try again, the link address has been replaced with null. Is this something I'm doing wrong or is it a fault? Any help would be appreciated as I've gone to the expense of setting up a website for the server I'm going to rent come 08/08/17. But can't put a link in my server post to direct people to the site Cheers
  12. TheBigCheese1976

    Rented Ragnarok Server. Mature. PVE with PVP/PVE events

    Hi, the website has a recruitment page with an application form. This site won't let me put links to it though. I know it works as I've already had an application submitted and accepted. The site is lostparadiseark.enjin.com you make a profile and the fill out the application on the recruitment page. Not sure how I can make it easier. I'll send a link to your psn as well to see if that helps 👍
  13. TheBigCheese1976

    Rented Ragnarok Server. Mature. PVE with PVP/PVE events

    Links don't seem to be working Find our website at lostparadiseark.enjin.com/ where you can read our rules and apply to join us
  14. Lost Paradise Ark We are looking for Couples, lone wolves & small tribes (Max 4 players) aged 20+ to join us, family tribes of adults may have younger family members if mature and responsible. With arrival of PC hosted Ark Survival Evolved PS4 servers we have started our own server. Initially we have a PVP Ragnarok server setup as a PVE server with PVP & PVE events for couples, lone-wolves and small tribes of friends. The plan is to form a friendly community where we engage in lots of PVE & PVP events with slightly boosted but not OP rates and rules to ensure everyone has fun. Later we plan to expand to other maps to enable dino storage to reduce server lag and have some diversity in game play, possibly adding an all out PVP server for those who want to raid as well as take part in other events. Access to our server is by application via our website: https://lostparadiseark.enjin.com/ and possibly a short interview with one of our Admin, this is to ensure we only get the people who will fit in our community. You can find server rules on our website. Access will be strictly adult only. The community will get a say in future events, servers, and settings as we develop together. Server settings: 2 x Exp 2.5 x Harvesting & Taming 3 x Incubation & Maturation 0.3 x Egg laying interval, Mating interval & baby food consumption 2 x Player weight per level Cross hairs, Damage numbers & 3rd Person camera enabled No offline raiding, their will be no raiding allowed anyway. Max Tribe Number 4, this may change in the future. Custom recipes allowed and effectiveness/Skill factor x6 Planned Events to include: PVE Boss battles PVE Cave runs PVP Gladiatorial games (Both player and dino orientated) Dino Races Hunt the fugitive PVP King of the hill/Hold the flag PVP Medieval siege events with Wyverns & siege equipment/dinos. PVE hunting expeditions Pirate themed raft building and sea battles PVP What we offer and plans for the future: Once we are more established we will have a welcome centre, new members will be met on the beach by an Admin account, invited to the server alliance and given a basic starter pack. We plan to build a community centre with a market place, crafting area and community meeting room. Our own Discord server with chat and voice functionality for group events etc Guaranteed Mature player base as only players 20+ will be accepted, family tribes with younger members maybe considered. A forum for you to have your say on events and server settings, the community will be involved in our development. Strict rules and polite active Admins with no Admin abuse. No discrimination of any kind will be tolerated on the server or any media related to the server. A clean server, fines will be issued for leaving spike walls/taming pens or disused structures around. Regular events planned at different times to allow everyone to get involved. So if being a part of our community appeals to you then please apply on our website https://lostparadiseark.enjin.com/ and we will see you soon