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  1. So because you like spending 99% of your time grinding on a dino, you automatically think that's what everyone does? I honestly don't give a toss about Official servers. they are way past broken. I don't play duper/mesher Ark. I play ark the way it was meant to be played. Unofficial server with a lot less grind and a lot more fun. So no, I don't spend 99% of my time on a dino harvesting stone. And no, I don't facetank things or anything else just stupid. I activly go after every aspect of the game, missions, artifacts, bosses, storyline, and explore every part of the map, ride just about every dino I can find. My armor gets shredded because I'm DOING things, and not spending 99% of my time harvesting stone like you do. Try doing a bog beatdown in Genesis and get back to me on he state of your armor. And there are many situations when even on a dino, your armor will get shredded. But you'd have to do more than smack rocks to collect stone to find that out.
  2. This is completely false. 1500 durability will get ripped up fairly quickly. at least once a day will require repairs. We've been using above 1500 durability so I'm speaking from actual experience here. And if you're stupid enough to wear it in lava areas (EG Genesis magmasaur pits), even 3000 durability will be shredded in a few mins. As for crashing.. due to recent updates, crashing happens VERY often, especially on Genesis map which is extremely bad for fps and crashing.
  3. Tek Armor is pretty much pointless to use now... The cost to repair is astronomical, and with durability massively nerfed on top of that, the usefulness of Tek is gone. People will now stop using Tek and find ANY alternative they possibly can. Players on my unofficial server have already entered trade and discussion on fazing out Tek armor completely. Congratulations Wildcard, you just killed Tek armor. Hard capping durability I understand. ok. Adding in a scaling cost to repair based on crafting cost, I understand, ok. But making the cost SO very very expensive has killed Tek armor. That needs to be reduced significantly, instead of cost +20%, make it 50% of craft cost at the most, preferably less.
  4. This happens even without HLN-A 'active' as in hide her and still happens. Also happens when speed crafting anything, such as bullets in a replicator. Looks like it's linked to gaining crafting exp, HLN-A causes massive FPS drop to 0-1. It's not linked to the lightshow, as even hiding HLN-A still get the fps drop. This has been a bug since HLN-A came out I am told. This is a huge issue! Simply cannot craft using chem bench while active in the area as you cannot play game.
  5. NZScruffy

    Mining Drill

    ... came here looking for solution to sound bug.. which very much breaks the game for me. Can't find one, so found my own solution. Doesn't remove sounds completely, but makes it MUCH quieter and bearable to continue playing: Delete the sound file, problem half solved: MiningDrill_Idle_Cue.uasset s_miningdrill_idle.uasset The level of incompetence at Wildcard is extraordinary lol Literally exactly the same bugs keep repeating themselves. You'd think they'd learn after solving the same bug the first time. But no, they just keep releasing new DLCS with all the same bugs as the last one, and the one before that... Boggles the mind. Then they release a dozen updates, none of which fix the bugs they ALREADY have solutions for from last time they fixed the same bug...
  6. So it turns out this was PEBCAK. My error in understanding what the setting does. bGenesisUseStructuresPreventionVolumes=False << This ENABLES building in mission zones bGenesisUseStructuresPreventionVolumes=True << This DISABLES building in mission zones ffs... I was so busy trying to figure out what updates were doing with no patch notes until long AFTER the update is pushed out. I completely messed up understanding this setting. Honestly, can devs make settings any more cryptic? lol Well they could yes, but would be ideal to make the settings a lot less obfuscated.
  7. bGenesisUseStructuresPreventionVolumes is not working. With the recent update, building in mission areas was enabled by default.I tried usign the "bGenesisUseStructuresPreventionVolumes=False" settings in both game.ini and gameusersettings.ini and neither is working. i cannot disable building in mission areas. Anyone have a fix for this? or can confirm they have it working? And if working, where exactly did you place the setting? Thanks, Scruffy
  8. 1.5 hours downloading Genesis.. so far, not loving this map lol I'm pretty much at the end of being hyped for this new map.... The download time is rediculous by any standard. Then resets itself to 0 and starts again... What a joke Wildcard. And no, don't have this issue with any of my other 100's of games, just Ark. This kinda thing really kills a game fast. Moving on.
  9. I have a dedicated server up right now, with map name "Genesis" and it's running. Had a few errors getting in (seems grossly unoptimised, took a LONG time for it to load up, spawn etc), but i have a savegame and everything working. Oh this is on PC btw, on my own dedicated machine i fully control server setup etc.
  10. My server isn't spawning fire wyverns either. I noticed immediately after restart, fire wyverns spawn, but after that, they all disappear and never spawn again... Does anyone know why this would be happening?
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