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  1. It doesnt matter where the info comes from stop pestering people. If you don't want to believe then don't, but its no ones responsibility to do the research for you.
  2. A week without Wild Card breaking everything would be fantastic !
  3. Its, a personal preference, I don't feel the map is worth it from a PvP stand point. I think the map itself is a pretty poor investment for any PvP player, fantastic for PvE if that's what you're into I guess. Regardless of opinion, you wouldn't be happy if you purchased a new car from a dealership and the breaks didn't work.
  4. any updates on this, common WC lets try to include all the features of the xpac you charged that stuff people work hard for, I believe its called Money and what allows you to operate. Val was free and the Golems still can't be transfered off so it's a pain but its free so I can live with it, Genesis is not free, its actually a bit obnoxiously priced for what it is, so can you get a fix in for this soon rather then never.
  5. Events not activating on Dedicated Xbox Over the last two weeks we've been trying to activate easter because our community requested it for the Dino colors. We are using the drop down in General settings and selecting Easter, we've used this in the past without issue, Stop the server Select the event Start the server Do a wild dino wipe profit Now when doing this process nothing happens, the event won't activate. Is anyone else having this isssue or is there a solution to the issue ?
  6. Just get rid of the insect swarms, they are annoying at best, they serve no purpose other than to disrupt ever taming a Bloodstalker. They are completely pointless so just get them out of the game or keep them ground level see'ing as you can't do anything to defend your taming once your been dragged up. The fact that its taking an absolute obnoxious amount of blood to tame one and then a swarm decideds to fly a couple hundred feet up and completely ruins your tame ... common sense here, if we could defend the tame then fine but we can't so why is this even a thing? they'be packed to many tames
  7. You're entitled to your opinion, mine is pretty black and white, you allow for people to time sink in order to progress and get new shiny stuff, then you take away the option to use said stuff. There's plenty of ways to achieve the same result without slapping the players in the face and wasting a multitude of hours spend grinding for gear and dinos just to take it away. It actually seems really lazy like they couldn't be bothered to brain storm.
  8. Allow Tek Suits to be used at full function If you're not going to allow flying then remove the flyers from the map and stop letting people tame them, its misleading Fix Bloodstalkers taming, its completely broken Fix Tek Trikes so they can be taken to other maps Reduce the snowstorm visual slightly or move the creature spawns to you can actually see what you're looking to tame Reduce the size of the Event areas, learn from your extinction mistake, releasing a map with limited area to build is a failure Tone down the spawn around Magma eggs slightly, its to
  9. So about those Tek Trikes It's been a long time coming and they are finally here ! Oh wait a minute ... they can't be downloaded to another map ? Cryo'ing turns them into undeployable raptors on other maps ? Is this going to be like Val where months later you STILL can't move the unique Golems to other maps ?
  10. progress should never be stripped away because of a new expansion, that's a day 1 rule that every dev should know by heart. Taking away years of tek progress ? amateur hour over at Wild Card, I guess they let the summer interns design the map/gameplay. Hey guys here's a new map, but ya about all that time you spent on our game supporting us over the years, we really appreciate it buuuuut now you can't use it because stuff, again have we thanked you for your continued support ?
  11. It is obnoxious, and yes its broken, on a dedicated insta tame 50x max lvl 300 dinos it takes over 3k to tame a 300 and over an hour. I realize and hour may not seem like much on official but take into consideration every other tame takes 1 feeding for perfect tame so usually no more than 5 min for their food to drop enough to eat once. It's beyond broken, and if it is intended .... well whoever came up with the idea should probably be sent packing because they clearly are unable to use common sense.
  12. Flying is needed in areas such as the bog, sorry but when you get yanked off your Drake or whatever you're using and dont have enough blood to tame the bloostalker your dino ends up who knows where in a spot you cannot reach. Now lets take into consideration what people go through to get their tek gear just to have its function taken away on an entire map. Sorry its not well thought out, at least on Aberration you could use your tek gear and there is pathways up to almost everywhere, not so much in the bog. I've already lost a mana, ans a couple drakes due to being yanked off of them, they're
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