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  1. As the title states when are you going to address the crashes that freeze the game and either dashboard for destroying dino gates. Also catapult still not working. No effect on karkinos taming
  2. Catapult does not work on any map as of 9/23
  3. Drop your inventory into a tame or on ground on server you transfer from and where destination. It is generally overfilled black bag inventory that glitches out.
  4. Catapult not working on karkinos on Val other
  5. Polar dire bears invisible after update So playing on unofficial and I was raising polar dire bears and no issues as update rolls through last night they are all invisible. I thought it was just me but rest of servers are like that and now I’m cryo they are raptor icons. I’m really thinking you all need to start proofing a lot better than worrying about stupid event stop dates.
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