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  1. Man it said they look here and try to help... my server has been screwed be this for weeks... we just want to play the game man...
  2. Player Dedicated Ragnarok server keeps blue screening My ps4 running my ragnarok server keeps bluescreening. It happens like 4+ times a day. Autosave only happens once an hour so we lose anywhere from 20-50 minutes a few times a day because of this and u have to go reboot the server after. It never did this before, it started a few weeks back. Its incredibly frustrating. I tried reinstalling and restoring database all that stuff and nothing. The PlayStation literally only has ark installed on it. Idk why it started doing this now. I think it started with patch 2.33 or 2.34
  3. Agreed. Me and my server just want to play genesis and we all bought it. I got 2 copies cause the dedicated server ps4 and still cant even play the damn thing almost half a year later. I really wish they would just assign a few people to get it going man...
  4. They posted this for crystal isles... also means well probably never get genesis fixed for the base consoles either. Genesis part 2 will probably be the same. They dont care though as most of us bought the genesis pass so they got our money already. I called it saying itll only come to ps4 pro next. Truly a sad day indeed.
  5. Still nothing for console player dedicated genesis. Go figure.
  6. I really hope it doesnt come to ps4 pro only next and then we have to wait another 4+ months for whatever they choose next. Realistically most that use this feature dont buy a pro to just sit there running a server. They use their pro to play and the old ps4 to run the server (or xbox etc). Man its going to be over half a year before it gets fixed. I really wish theyd assign they core bug fixing group or whichever group is necessary for whatevers wrong to this to knock it out real quick. I wish they cared more about console players and listened to the tweets they get about this to pretty much
  7. Player Dedicated Genesis Been 4/5 months and we still cant run player dedicated... they neglected mentioning it wasnt working pre-release and here we are almost half a year later with nothing. Only xbox 1 X got it, which is incredibly demoralizing as it means only ps4 pro will get it next presumably. Meaning those of us who use a extra ps4 (pretty much most) will still be out of luck for perhaps another year. We might get part 2 before part 1 at this rate. Please assign more than just one person to work on this or whatever wildcard, people literally cannot play the game without it,
  8. Man they havent even fixed player dedicated for genesis on ps4... my whole group bought the damn dlc only for them to tell us its broken AFTER launch after not mentioning it once prior. Like cmon man assign the bug team or whoever to knock this out quickly so we can at least play the game. Cant believe this man its been like 5 months.
  9. Honestly it’s ridiculous. I tried submitting a official ticket to file a bug report on this like that, and they sent me some copy paste stuff about what to do if my server goes down which isnt the problem at all. Look at their tweet they posted about an hour ago about those new servers with flying enabled and no missions, theres like 5-10 tweets about this and 0 responses. Theres even a WC employee responding to some tweets while ignoring them. ITS BEEN A WEEK. Like damn thats plenty of time for them to give us one of the only two answers they can give: “were working on it” or “go f yourself a
  10. Me too on ps4. A whole group of ppl, some of us have played since the game launched in beta on ps4... none of us have played yet cause they keep ignoring it
  11. Player Dedicated Servers still missing for Genesis The button to start it disappears when you click on genesis. Hasnt been available yet so we havent even been able to play the dlc.
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