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  1. i mean there is crystal wyverns still
  2. good call sad that we have to wait for longer time for CI and ark anniversary but now is important time to listen
  3. does it work towards mission rewards
  4. Why is my mission loot so garbage i play on a unofficial server but we are rocking reg loot rates but why is it if we do the hunt mission i see youtubers get like Jmen to Asdent gear while my butt is getting ram and pri on beta missions? is it cus they have boosted loot tables where do you go to boost that?
  5. this method works 100 percent its actually legit amazing thank mate i tamed a 140 and now im hunting for a mate
  6. ark posted the micorbe swarms is what we should be doing but its a very slow painful tame you have to defend it as the micorbe cleans it or messes with it but if any other things hit it the tame restarts
  7. LankyKun


    i saw a video on it. the honey is waaaaaay up in the trees in the bog surrounded by bloodstakers
  8. wait some the genesis creatures are chibi forms
  9. Congrats are yall making it to e3 i wanna know so i can get a day off to watch it
  10. plan to fix the nest for wyvern and rockdrakes nest so they dont stay when spoiled
  11. kinda sad its just a odd mod hopefully its just a step to something more meaty
  12. mine also work happyly without a mate just fyi
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