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  1. Thank you wildcard for making it extremely hard to like or even want to continue supporting you. I played through the bugs and BS. I played through delayed announcements and fixes. And I played through the temporary fixes as well. Now, after being one of the many, many players who joined to support early access, we're being told only 6 days before launch that here are the servers we're keeping for you loyal followers. Oh but wait, you're raptoring on you're own now. Thanks. Thanks for shoving our loyalty into a tiny ball and telling us to so politely either choke on it or move to the new clusters to deserve future help/support. Thanks. Sad to say I'll probably still play. It won't be due to any interest in wildcard though. It's because of the players and community. They're the ones that make it worth while. Sad. Why don't you see that?
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