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  1. no worries, i redirected the download to another hard drive. but this rly sucks, just needed to vent
  2. mhh, i do need 246GB free disk space to install this patch? i got a 500GB ssd for ark only. no mods installed, nothing and i got 92GB free disk space left. looks like this patch will not making it on my PC
  3. maybe reconsider dropping Ragna, some great caves on this map. The Center is a lot of fun as well. and tbh, its up to you if you use dinos in caves or not. if you are up for a challenge go on foot but i agree, more caves pls
  4. check your server on battlemetrics, you can see the downtime and DC´s in detail. if your server is disconnecting every 2 hrs try another day maybe? don´force it
  5. for yuty, a high level wild tame will do (raise and imprint one anyways ). get 2k+ stamina and rest in HP + proper saddle. daedons need high food stat. food is drained while they are healing. if you got high level boss rexes with tons of hp and thousands of melee dmg don´t bother bringing a daeodon.
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