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  1. Just started a new server a pve server, im looking to pay for a year on the server just looking to see who would want to play, it is a 75 slot server. Right now its a 5x server with 100x egg hatch and 40x breeding im still working on the imprints though trying to fit it so that i can get a 100% imprint on a dodo. My idea is to create a good pve server that is not boosted outrageously because i loved official i used to play alot of pvp on xbox. but i work 40hours a week now so i still want some incentive to play and have fun and do some grinding and feel like i accomplished something without ha
  2. I have my egg hatching speed at 100 times and my baby mature speed at 40 times. I have it so a dodo takes 23 minutes and 38 seconds to raise. I am trying to figure out how to setup on my server so that i can get 100% imprint on the dodo. I was watching a video on how to do it but i completely messed it all up and dont get it i guess cause now my imprinting says i need to wait 13 days for my next imprint. Does anyone know how to calculate for breeding on here. Please and thankyou if anyone knows how!
  3. I just put up a poll and had a question as to which would be more appealing to you, And if you had any suggestions or better ideas please list them? i am trying to create a server that feels like official but without all the grind because i work 40 hours a week and i am involved with alot of church services so. I was figuring 5 times is not to fast and not to slow kind of in the middle cause i want to be able to build a nice base but not in one day or a week, i still want some incentive to play without feeling robbed, but i usually played pvp i have 3370 hours on official regular pvp on Xbox,
  4. Just bring flyers over your gonna have a rough time.
  5. Does anyone know the differences between ark on window , steam, and epic games. I have ark on windows cause I played on xbox, but I just recently bought a gaming pc for Ark on PC. Is steam still the better one cause of mods? Which one has a better player base regardless of the Mods?
  6. I liked old ark better before Abberation came out. Ragnarok was good. But i really liked legacy when it was all about the Island, Center, and Scorched earth! I was a major pvper, that was where i had the most fun was pre Ragnarok. I know i said pre Abb was good, but i also I feel like after Ragnarok came about thats when the game started to die. Insiding people became off the wall way to popular, i must have went atleast almost a year before i found people to play with, i had one friend carried over from legacy to the new servers when the game released. I played on Xbox. On the old servers i c
  7. Wyverns could be breedable they would just have to make it that breeding would not effect the stats of a wyvern. They would just be breedable as is.
  8. I would love to see classic servers on Xbox we don't have them yet. Yes official is a waste of time at times. Love the game been in Mega alliances, right now it's just mesh wars. I haven't played in a 6 months. I remember on Abb I was getting shot by somone with a tek rifle from in the mesh. while we were putting up turret towers and etc. And just like you said we had to figure out how he got into the mesh to stop it.
  9. Wildcard us console players want extinction on the intended release date. If its because PS4 who cares. Xbox has crossplay with PC so how are we any different than them. Why should PC get it first. PC should have to wait to play to. If it's buggy who cares we still want to play it. I want an explanation why it's been delayed 4 days before the release date. This is extremely unprofessional and you don't even give us a reason for the push back. You have time to ban people for building in unintended places without warning when it doesn't have a no build option. You have the time to write up terms
  10. November 6th is reasonable so that they can build it and test it for bugs. I would rather it not crash like Ragnarok does or did. Not sure if they fixed that or not ive been away from Ark for a couple months.
  11. This a great idea. I think you should make the servers similar to official and extinction. Make it quartley wipes every 3 months cause i liked the idea from the extinction servers but i thought 1 month was to short because people still need time to to recruit people to. And i think most importantly is to stay away from ridiculous things like being able to run 1000 miles an hour cause then nobody can shoot nobody or do nothing. I think for these server you shouldnt be able to have mega tribes, 5 to 10 people is more than enough. But the themes are great maybe one theme is regular ark with boost
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