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  1. Guys, call.tf down. Tek parasaur is obviously for jewer players to get their hands on a Tek dino, as Tek-Rexes aren't exactly easy
  2. Really? Only a week with these awesome colors? Why not just have them last for the entirety of Extinction Chronicles 2? Or are new colors going to be soawning starting tomorrow? This really blows
  3. Yes, you can compare mods to exclusives, because it's THOUSANDS OF THINGS THAT CONSOLE PLAYERS HAVE NO ACCESS TO. PC can have any of the hundreds of mods when they want, and if they CHOOSE not to, then that's on them. Console players DON'T have that choice. So yes, you can compare them.
  4. Except, that's freaking huge. PC has literal hundreds of times more content due to mods. You have countless more maps, game modes, extra dinosaurs, you name it. Not to mention that PC users can run any event they want even after it's over, have graphics options to where the bloom isn't blinding, and you get everything before consoles. I think a few exclusive skins is fair, and this is coming from someone who has the PC version
  5. There's never been a command line needed. You don't need one
  6. Will the color spawns affect Dino's that we don't normally tame? Like drakes, wyverns, and reapers? So we can watch out say a purple fire wyvern.
  7. Meanwhile, you still haven't given PS4 users bloom or Lightshaft options.. would be nice to play without the sea giving me a pounding headache
  8. PikaSaurus

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    Oof, looks like i hit your trigger word
  9. PikaSaurus

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    They did Aberration the same way you buffon