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  1. I hope the delays and price increase for less maps gives us more content. $20 for 3 maps with 5 new dinos and engrams in each vs $35 for 2 maps. Hopefully we get more included and every new item isn't just map specific. I could make the dino leash on the island but I cant even unlock it
  2. If wild card needs more time for the DLC, they should never have given a release date so early. Every DLC released has always been a month off. If something unexpected happens then come out and say it. But what they should normally do is say the release date is 1-2 months after the expected release. If they expect it to be out in December, they should say its being released February. Gives you time to fix bugs and I don't think anyone would be upset you released it early The DLCs don't have much new content which is a let down especially since we have to wait longer. 5 new dinos and items are not worth $20 every time especially because they are DLC exclusive to the maps. I get it some resources are only available in certain maps but add new items for all maps. And less tek stuff. We need more prehistoric and pre modern day stuff. Those should be the focus
  3. So I play on xbox and got it as soon as it came out. Yes it was pretty buggy but it was really fun. The thing I really hate is the multiplayer. You have to follow the host on a private game or rent your own server unlike PC where it can be free. Xbox is also lacking mods too but I think all of that can be ignored for a while. The thing thats probably the worst on xbox are the hit boxes. Yes there was a glitch where the brontos front right leg would never walk or after 5 hours you'd lose frame rates a bit but none of that is as bad as the hit boxes. I make really good and cool boats but sometimes they don't work as intended. Raptors can bite you through the walls and when they jump attack you, they pull you out of a fully enclosed building. Or when you hit a vulture with 6 arrows but it never even takes any damage. Those are probably the worse. Most of the issues are online but I ignore online because of how cancer it is. My friends and I just want to have fun but those issues ruin it
  4. Give us console players some love. I've spent more money on this game trying to get dlc and private servers than PC has and we don't have much to show for it. You should let the modders focus on PC for a while while you guys focus on console since we can't have mods
  5. What will the future of ark be like? I saw on a wiki page a list of some items that may be introduced in the future from a year ago. Anything like that? What about dlc content for existing maps? There's only a handful of items for each map that are dlc exclusive. Enjoying the bug fixes too
  6. So now that console is finally getting its last dlc, will this mean more focusing on fixing the base game? Such as a trex eating me through a wall or if I jump on a boat I fly out through the ceiling? Or the brontos leg thats been broken for almost 2 years. Please start trying to fix game mistakes that should have been there at the start
  7. Why so little console love? Been playing since the day it came out and I've spent enough money on private servers to buy the game again. Give us some attention
  8. How about less events and more content and bug fixes? Don't be that company that keeps starting a new task without finishing older ones. You cant work on 5+ things at once
  9. Ok I'm guessing this is for the new dlc that comes out in 4 months. But when can we see more non dlc content? I have the season pass but there isn't much in the 2 dlc maps and if there is, you cant use them on other maps (except some on Ragnarok) so bottom line is, what new animals or tools we going to get? There was a time when 4 animals were out every 2-3 weeks but we haven't had anything like that in a while
  10. Cant wait for the rest of the year with TLCs and bug improvements. Show the xbox version some love
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