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  1. p1kles

    Aberration Metal Nodes

    I have found a workaround that works quite well. Still needs to be fixed, but, in the mean time. If you harvest like your going to get metal, then immediately click to harvest berries it will harvest all berries within the tail swings distance. This helps if you are swinging to get metal, and it won't collect, just click the berry swing on your next swing and then you should be able to harvest the metal without issue.
  2. p1kles


    There's an app for your computer called Ark Smart Breeding. I use that and have been wildly successful.
  3. I've been down in the blue zone for a while now, and i've noticed that there are a few areas where the metal nodes, the ones with the blue lights in them, will show they are in one area, with appropriate collision, but when you go to harvest it with an anky, the collision point will be somewhere else. I'm wondering, is it the dinos fault or is the node not registering on the map correctly. Could it be connection related? I've just been putting up with it so far, but when i tried to black out an anky yesterday, i had to stop after 5hrs because it was making me want to stop playing ark again. Please help. I need to be able to farm metal and stone efficiently, and this is putting a hamper on that process In the link you can see the collision point just down and to the right of the "K" and no collision in the other photo despite my tail being in the rock.. https://imgur.com/a/rkYhw
  4. p1kles

    Tribe Log - The Companion App

    Here's why i think that's a a good idea. First of all, put yourself into the world. Imagine you just spent a day grinding, or taming, or breeding, and you want to pass out and "sleep" Your whole tribe is asleep, when suddenly you hear gunshots going off, or you hear the death throes of your recently tamed dino. You hear the explosions of c4 in the distance. I don't know about you, but i would totally wake up! How could anyone sleep through that? Especially knowing that someone might be trying to kill you! A tribe log app would be essentially you "waking up" It would keep you informed about what's going on, and help keep you "in the game" if only in mindset. Not only is a Tribe Log Notification system for when your logged off a good idea, it would actually add another layer of depth to this already amazing game!