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  1. Add Homestead tekgrams to Center, Ragnarok, and Valguero. I mean... why not?
  2. So if I get this correctly, a temporary event is going to permanently increase your max level?
  3. I wouldn't actually be surprised if for technical reasons you can't just have both platforms use the same mods if they were added, and you'd then actually have to rely on people who basically want to make their mod twice.
  4. As if consoles are even strong enough for the full Ark modding scene.
  5. Any reason why the Greenhouse Door and Double Doors were not included?
  6. Because prime is way easier to get than kibble.
  7. I don't know if it is already mentioned, but none of the eggs and kibbles from the DLC fit in this system (yet). Instead of using the sized egg/kibble as their parent BP, they are a child of the main egg/kibble BP.
  8. Is there already an official statement regarding modding on Ark and Atlas, whether using one's assets is allowed in mods for the other game?
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