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  1. Everyone complaining about Ark Additions, but people forget some things: Console doesn't have mods. They don't care if Ark Additions exists. It's a real animal, Garuga has no monopoly over them. The guidelines only say: "Developers are disqualified from posting their own ideas", so all it really says is that Garuga cannot post it himself. This submission is fair game, whether Ark Additions has it already or not.
  2. What is "this thing"? What creature is this vote for? Or is it just: "Do whatever, as long as it is a big flyer"? It sounds like what you want is either a Quetzal or a Wyvern.
  3. Chasmosaurus may be a bit boring since we already have the Triceratops, PAchyrhinosaurus, and the Styracosaurus costume.
  4. The ghost skins all say 'new', but... didn't we already have all of them?
  5. That top image with all the maps keyarts on it... Is there a version without the text and sales numbers on it? IT would make for a very nice background!
  6. I don't know of course exactly what bugs you would be referring to, but: there can be several reasons: Wildcard gets a lot of bugreports, and as you can imagine with the average person here, a lot of those reports may be about intentional gameplay, user error, duplicates of other bug reports, etc. It can get hard for Wildcard to really 'fish' through them. They still have obligations for new content. Well, not with Fjordur, but now they have Ark 2 to work on. They can't just halt all projects and move every dev to bug fixing. It also depends on the type of bug you talk about. A typo in the crossbow's description where "significantly" is spelled wrong is easily fixed, but a bug like resources not respawning if harvested in singleplayer when unloaded while hibernation was on? Yea, that gets a lot harder to fix.
  7. But you can't un-neuter/spay them, so that isn't a solution either.
  8. We already have a separate mating option now. To have wandering also cause mating is just going to mess with dinos you want to keep wandering for other reasons, like Achatina.
  9. well, something about Fenrir being a 4th confirmed creature, I don't think WC mentioned that here yet.
  10. Sounds like it has the option to both swim and run over the bottom of the water body.
  11. Unofficial is not modded by default, such as on console or Epic Games.
  12. First of all, since mods are hosted on the Steam Workshop, you need to ensure all the versions of Ark not on Steam can use Steam. I think you can guess from here why the EpicGames version has no mods either (although it is something they wanted to work on). Secondly, you need permission. Console developers don't always just allow a full open mod workshop. Sometimes mods need to be approved, and other times the modding capabilities may be heavily limited. This could already mean that an enormous portion of the mod workshop wouldn't even be allowed on those consoles even if they do allow modding. Thirdly; keep in mind that a lot of the mods aren't exactly developed with console in mind, and no one can force the modders either. I haven't heard of modders who ensure that people who want to use controllers can still use their mods for example. (for reference, Steam Ark does support console controllers).
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