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  1. Once you guys take down more Legacy servers, can you guys make available not just the server files at the time, but also the August 2017 backups? Because that is the point where they really died. I've taken over structures and tames from about 3 large tribes on my server and I'm already having issue maintaining it all. Also, there's only about 5% of the active players left who would care about these magnificent legacy structures (PVE.) I also am having difficulty doing it; just depressing seeing the PVE community I knew for 2 years gone.
  2. Can the developers indicate what sensitive information is in the server files that is being protected? The only thing I can think of is steam IDs. Perhaps the main map file can be made available to those that want to save buildings/tames. I'm not sure why steam IDs are sensitive since the informaiton is basically public record. The Steam 64 numbers are also public record. Can we get elaboration on this issue? I'm fairly certain that most people were expecting the files to be made directly available and not through having to pay a third party host. I would like to hear the compelling justification. - GP @GP, @Jat
  3. Many Q&A's ago there was an indication underwater/sea fog would be fixed. Can we get an update? In other news: the moon image used is Earth's moon, but the star field is not a known earth vantage. What could this mean to Ark lore?
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