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  1. Agreed. And the industry has conditioned people to these times. Back when games came out complete and on time. And delays happened but a company wasn’t delaying 80% of the time with content and updates. problem is companies are far more greedy and less creative now. Early access while there are a lot of positives with it also brings a lot of negatives. This game is still being treated like an early access game. But you are being charged as if it’s AAA. So people keep using the excuse “wildcard” isn’t a AAA company. I ask for those people to define AAA... We are getting AAA season passes at AAA price. We are getting charged AAA price on switch for an inferior product. If you are going to get AAA benefits then so should the consumer
  2. yes it was promised in December, you are the only person in this thread who fails to see that. There was nothing in the game description on the store page that said “this is an estimated date” they even had a estimated time along with the December date. The other time which was estimated I believe said “winter 2020” that’s an estimated time. Why would someone buy a game and assume December 2019 is really winter of next year? Where in the store page did it say “this December date is estimated and the other date of winter 2020 for part 2 is also estimated?”
  3. All that would make sense if the game didn’t already have delays throughout the year and the game is still buggy. You are arguing as if this delay is the first and wildcard decided “hey let’s not rush this out this time, let’s take our time and delay this till we get it right” ark has always been buggy. And ark has always had delays. Hence why I said just don’t announce a date. It’s sad when players are saying “this says it’s going to release in October but it’s wildcard, I bet it will release in January” no other industry is that ok in.
  4. Wouldn’t the windows 10 and Xbox be the same hours? It’s cross play. I lost count on the hours I lost in ark...
  5. Wildcard actually makes a good game. Ark is a very fun game I and many others have pumped thousands of hours into. While I wouldn’t preorder or buy seasons passes and I urge others to stop, I can understand why they are upset. A good game but made by a company who shows they really don’t give a damn. Id willing to bet there are more delays tweets than actual on time releases for both updates and content releases. They treat the game like an early access while trying to get all the money they can from people who have love for the company. I completely understand people’s frustration but you are right, stop preordering and buying season passes
  6. I think you both are right. Like Bethesda “oh it’s a buggy game, that’s Bethesda” but that shouldn’t be ok that your game is buggy. you are correct, people shouldn’t preorder and complain about delays because wildcard is known for missing announce times. They always have been but that isn’t on either. You took that money on time, you sold a time frame. i think they should just stop announcing times. And also people should stop blindly preordering. I never thought season passes were ok...guess people are conditioned to that
  7. Bro you don’t get it. There are many games that have been around longer than ark and have dev support and the companies isn’t known for delayed updates. Another fan of the same game you played just stated his concern and his distrust with the company as they have a reputation, a negative one. And you are telling this fan who is a fan of the same game as you that his concern doesn’t matter, his distrust doesn’t matter because they are still updating the game. Even though they have betrayed his trust (been doing this for years) they are supporting the game longer than call of duty. Did you know KLEI still supports don’t starve did you know GTA still supports GTA online (they are garbage for other reasons but known for delays isn’t one)
  8. Then the solution to that Vegeta, as said earlier is dont give pinpointed months. Because thats a date...you dont need to give a time and specific day. If you say december 2019 and charging people for it then people are buying under the assumption that "Hey its october, this will be out near the holidays as it says dec 2019. Which makes them buy it, that has an influence on people parting with their money. Now you have people in forums questioning in Jan. Hey man where's my game? Only to hear people like you tell them to deal with it because the month that was announced was an estimated time and its hard to make games. Well if its that hard where you can meet times and always announcing delays on updates and content. Man maybe you are in the wrong business or need to help making the game. A consumer should never be confused or feel sketchy about purchasing something because the company is known for delays and people like you blame the consumer. Doesnt look good bro
  9. At the end of the day Dude, you can be wilcard white knight all you want. They should stop giving dates period. Hello guys i read on the steam store page that part 1 will be released in jan. 2020 but i have watched a video and read an article that both say it will release in dec. 2019 this is confusing me and was wondering what the real release date is.....Video link: Above is a post in Steam from someone who unlike you didnt get a season pass for free. They paid for it...a consumer shouldnt have to be confused and ask around why a relese date is missed. And people like you foam at the mouth and attack these people. You have not received the content you paid for as the dec date was missed. Delaying a game to work out bugs and not rush a broken a game is always a good thing. But always having to delay your updates and content and sometimes multple times? Doing so frequently says alot and its best if they just dont announce a date, a time frame period as its bad for business to be known for always being wrong or missing your deadlines. But "hey buy this on time season pass but sorry we didnt release it on the time we said we were going to release it. Oh and guess what...we gotta delay again for another month, sorry i know our store page said 2 months ago" Vegeta you can run around here attacking everyone all you like a rabid savage but if you think its ok for a company to be known for missing release dates on a consistent basis then idk what to tell you.
  10. Try again buddy. This is posted in xbox game store. This is not an estimated time... ARK: Genesis Part 1 (available January 2020) and ARK: Genesis Part 2 (available winter 2020) and one exclusive in-game cosmetic pet (available now). Or should we say "January 2020 but maybe feb?"
  11. It’s not ok to be constantly delaying your content. Here and there ok but this has become the norm and it isn’t ok. Just think to avoid any of that they should not announce release dates. If you wanna drop a season pass that’s fine...don’t give a date and keep the community updated on what you are doing. But announcing dates and missing them (this is not the first time) that’s not cool and it’s perfectly fine for people to be upset about it
  12. Man I think it’s best if you guys just stop giving out release dates period. You consistently delay releases of patches and game content. But that season pass got released on time. And I wish people would stop buying seasons passes. You just paid for a broken promise....twice. Rather have a game delayed than it being rushed and incomplete but when you are consistently delaying release dates...says slot
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