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  1. We still cannot put Carbon in Industrial Forge therefore, no steel. No beeswax in hives either with only 8 slots now. Several other p+ servers I've contacted have the same issues. We continue to submit tickets and post in forums but no fix. We are all ps4.
  2. As of this latest update patch for p+ PS4, carbon still well not move into forge to make steel. Is everyone still having this same problem?
  3. Prim+ Fixed issues with forge crafting. Fixed issue with crafting new kibble. Fixed issue with beeswax production in beehives. Fixed crafting issues with hazard suit. Fixed misc issues with coal harvesting The only things that this patch did was the kibble works better and the Dodos put out poultry and feathers again. The beehives now only have 8 slots, not 45. Is this the norm now? The FORGES still do not take CARBON or COAL!!! Still cannot make steel or bricks!!! I've even tried cheating in every kind of coal and none of it works. This really needs to be fixed. Why say you fixed it when you didn't? Please check your update patch and see what went wrong. PLEASE!! We need this now. We have have waited almost 2 months now just to fix what you broke with the Valentine's update.
  4. What updates? We haven't had any for p+ that I know of. We can't use any Industrial items now along with the reg forge that won't make steel or bricks either. 5 tickets and still no fix. Got one response of the standard 'we r looking into this...' but they r not. They caused almost the same problems last year with the Easter rollout I believe yet they can't fix it this time? Getting old. Tired of this. It's not even worth playing. I was wondering if their official servers are having these problems. Have you looked?
  5. I know what you mean. My husband became so disgusted with this latest post Valentine's Fiasco BS and quit. I've now lost everyone who had switched to our new RP - P+ servers. I paid a year ahead for the Nitrado servers for a full cluster and now it's just me and the other 2 admins. There should be class action lawsuits, including everyone from around the world who is affected by the constant, unexcusable lack of concern on the part of WC. Look at all the money, let alone our precious time, lost to this game. It could be an awesome game but I think they don't want it to. Look at how they never answer the tickets or our comments. Just ignore it til it goes away is their Moto. Well, I'm not going away! We all need to complain every chance we get until they HEAR US.
  6. What is this for? And there is an update that crashes p+? Could you expand alittle more on your comments please.
  7. Primitive Plus is gaining in popularity again on PS4. They all ask if S+ and the kibble rework will work without causing problems again on our unofficial servers. I will hope the Prim Plus fix for the Forge issues will be included in this update as well??
  8. We r having the same problems only not Extinction Chronicles, keep getting a few Easter colors but mostly almost colorless actually. But no fix for the brick or steel yet anywhere! There has to be some one who knows.
  9. Oh wow, thats aweful. But that answers why all my backups would take me back to day 1.
  10. How do I update the Nitrado servers? Do I choose "none" for events? Well all the buildings still be gone? I restored a previous backup because all the ones from the 10-13th r gone. ??? I'm afraid to go in there because I'm afraid this backup will disappear too.
  11. Any word on fixing this yet? I have gotten no reply from my server provider.
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