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  1. Are you buying aberation?

    I'm finding it hard to get season pass because it has SE and I already have that and sucks paying for it twice.
  2. Any good PvE/PvP servers? Im on Mac

    Verify your files i'd suggest. Mines fine.
  3. Any good PvE/PvP servers? Im on Mac

  4. Any good PvE/PvP servers? Im on Mac

    Added you to Steam (TheGentlemanBadBoy).
  5. Any good PvE/PvP servers? Im on Mac

    See mine....
  6. How do i buy a server

    If you play on PC your welcome on my server.
  7. Don't Play Ark PvP If You're Solo/Small a Tribe

    Play on a unofficial server?!?
  8. How do i buy a server

    No servers for Xbox yet (i don't think), think only one service provides for PS4 but my advice would be Google 'buy PS4 server'.
  9. I am pretty sure I am seen people drawing tattoo's on each other so surely that's the same?!?! Also NerdParade has there logo on there Tek suits so must be possible somehow.
  10. Host Renting Help...

    Thanks I went with LogicServers and have found them awesome so far but if I decide to change I might look into that.
  11. how does console compare to pc version?

    Never heard of a aim bot for Ark PC.
  12. Un-nerfing flyer speed

    Not available as vanilla. Only available via the Classic flyer mod on PC only. I am using the Classic Flyer mod and it's really good and no problems tho be careful not to add to much speed once you have this... I found I got use to the nerf and now find it too fast if you pump speed alot lol.
  13. how does console compare to pc version?

    I moved from console (PS4) to PC version a few months back and don't regret it at all (I bought a laptop gaming rig - over £1000 just to be able to play it). I have a PS4 controller setup to my PC and the control's are nearly the same (I use DS4windows). Ark on PC is better because updates come out sooner than console and also you can use mods (I have 31 running on my private server I pay for myself). ALOT of caps on console that aren't on PC version and the PC version is cheaper (tho I bought when still in early access).
  14. screenshot Apple Park Build

    Will be adding more of the Apple park buildings and also perhaps building the theatre into this build.