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  1. pvp name: Land of time8x harvestinsta lvlmap:raginsta tamedino 200player 105custom dropsdino from other maps
  2. FiberCraft55/insta tame/15pickup New serverServer name: FiberCraft55 15 harvest insta tame/lvl Turret Damage 2x Max Player Level 130 Max Wild Dino Level 150 Map rag Custom drop ele and tek in drops/discord Gjut6N2
  3. join velocity for a 35pickup/insta tame server Purge weekendFreshserver name:velocitystarter in white35xinsta tame/lvlCustom dropsfaster flyersrag/extdiscord VrXWR4vgood breedingstackboosted stats nothing op
  4. EzyCraft-Velocity pc unofficialName:Velocity/ezcraftboosted stats35 pick upmost things cost 5 metal ingotsinsta tamecustom droponly grind for advdiscord VrXWR4vstackfast breedinggood imprints
  5. Fresh ClusterName:CarpetBoosted player/dino stats nothing op12x harvest20x tame15 xp150 wildCustom dropscooker dont need waterfaster flyersguns matterorp weekdays purge weekendsext titans cant timeDiscord RSeUmKe
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