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  1. Ark's story

    I suppose you're right, ark doesn't have a very mind blowing story, but perhaps it's due to ark being a survival game. If you look at games like dark souls or bloodborne, at the very core they are quite linear. Yes you have lots of choices but you're ultimately being nudged along a linear path. This makes it really easy to create a story that involves the player since the player's actions can be limited and incorporated into the story. However with a survival game like ark, the player's possible actions are nearly infinite, thus making it hard to incorporate the player into the story. The REAL story of ark is a bunch of people that just woke up on the ark. Some, like you I bet, focused on surviving and playing the game, not worrying how or what the arks are. But others, like Helena, Rockwell, and us, wanted to know more about the ark and the mysteries surrounding it. In other words, ark has less of a story like most books (where you are told what happens) and more of an exploratory story (where we must figure out what happened).
  2. Ark's story

    Yeah most let's players don't care about the scenery or lore they're just like "when do I get to fight something big!". And yeah I think I'll try get to the tek cave legit (I'm running out of things to do in the game) and then I can probably get much closer to certain things. That'd let me learn more about the consoles or what those root structures are made out of. So we learned a lot about ark through the ascension area, but I'm still curious as to how Rockwell, Helena, etc. fit into the story. So we know that the homo deus can time travel, since they brought people from all throughout history to the island, so that's interesting. However, why would they want humans from the past? I'm not sure about this, so I'll have to read the explorer notes if I want to come up with an answer.
  3. How to kill bosses on singleplayer?

    Yeah I may or may not do that. Ive recently started on ragnarok so these bossfights will be a little in the future. However what might end up happening is I try the gamma boss, miserably fail, and then try cheats to see how hard it'll be legit.
  4. How to kill bosses on singleplayer?

    Thanks for such a detailed response. It seems like it will take just as much work as I thought but, like I said, I'm running out of things to do in the game. I know you should do all the alpha bosses to unlock all the engrams but I might just do a gamma fight or two just to get the hang of it (I find in ark, having done something before makes things incredibly easier the second time you do them).
  5. Ark's story

    A long time ago I wondered the same thing. However the problem I have with this theory is that it's too close to reality. This kind of theory basically says that ark is just a game which, in real life, it is. And I think this explanation is like the "it was all a dream" explanation for many stories, it makes sense, but it's not as exciting. I like this idea. We know that the humans on the ark were created by the homo deus so its entirely plausible that they could mess with our DNA. I can see how you think the homo deus are ghosts, given the hologram, but I don't think that's right. If they were ethereal then they wouldn't have bodies to contain DNA, this making them nonliving. If they are ghosts, then they'd have to be spirits (which we don't know if that's possible, at least in ark). Also, if they were ethereal I don't think theyd be worried about repopulating earth, since being ethereal implies that the natural world can't kill you (In my mind at least).
  6. I've played ark for about 700 hours, and 99.99% of that time I've played singleplayer. And for the entire time I've only attempted a cave once or twice and have never even touched the bosses. Farming for hours in order to get an army of rexes just to lose them all to a boss has just never appealed to me. However, I've been very bored with the game lately and have wanted to give bosses a try. So, as a noob to bosses, i want to know some tips on preparing for, and fighting bosses, especially as a solo player. 1. Would an army of rexes be enough to kill an alpha boss. Also, would the rexes have to be bred and have high quality saddles or can one or both of those be ignored (In other words: what's a General, reliable way to take down bosses)? 2. How hard is it to even be able to attempt a boss fight. How difficult will it be to get the requirements in order to summon the boss? 3. What are some tips for a solo player in a boss fight? 4. How painful are bossfights? Will they give me crippling anxiety as I watch my rexes get killed one by one? 5. Should I even use rexes? I've heard that megatheriums are good against the broodmother since its a spider, so I wonder if there are better alternatives for rexes. 6. Does ragnarok allow you to fight the bosses one at a time or do you have to fight multiple bosses in the same arena at the same time? 7. Do your dinos teleport back with you after you defeat the boss? Or do all your tames, no matter What, vanish after the fight? 8. What is the general process for breeding super rexes (or any dino for that matter). And should you breed the babies with their parents or should you only breed the parents? Tell me if I'm right: you find and perfect tame 2 lvl 150 rexes. Then I assume you breed them non-stop and only keep the ones with the better of the two stats.
  7. Ark's story

    Yeah that's what the fresonis video was about.
  8. Ark's story

    Yeah so I watched the one fresonis made and now I know what you're talking about. I thought those hexagon codes were just there to look cool, I didn't know they were an actual code.
  9. Ark's story

    What people (IRL or characters in the game?), and what did they decode? Are you talking about the survivor notes? If the ghost hologram is a homo deus then I wonder why they're shown as ghostly. Perhaps they don't need a body? And if they're endangered and want to make more then I wonder why they would make survivors ascend, wouldn't it just be easier to clone a bunch of homo deus's? They could absolutely do this since there is a cloning chamber in the game.
  10. Ark's story

    How do you know? Is there any mention of them in the game? I didn't read all of the survivor notes so I could've missed a reference to a new human species.

    I agree, it's very long, but man this is a good review! I couldn't have said it better if I had all the time in the world and the best dictionary/thesaurus in the world. I agree with much of what prodigy said. He addressed every important aspect of ark and, in my opinion, described it perfectly. This is a great review and you did a great job, prodigy!
  12. "The Forgotten ARK" or "The Lost ARK"

    Sorry for advertising my own post on someone else's but I just spent like two hours deconstructing the final part of the tek cave. I listed all my observations and I attempted to explain arks story so you might want to check it out.
  13. Ark's story

    So I've seen a few people finish the game and ascend. The ending was pretty cool and cinematic, but it didn't try very hard to explain the story of ark. Now, I've also read the day one launch post by wildcard and the way the post was written makes it sound like the devs think there's enough clues to figure out a definitive story of the ark. So, I'm making this list to compile all the observations and conclusions I've made during the tek cave and ascension. Feel free to add your own observations or suggest a theory about arks story. THIS IS A LONG POST THAT I SPENT A LONG TIME ON SO BE WARNED If you wanna see my theory on the story of the ark skip to the last paragraph. The ascension area After you finish the tek cave you are taken to a room that has a view of each of the boss fight arenas. The question is: why are the arenas here? There are a few possibilities. Either the arenas in the ascension area are just recreations of the arenas and the actual arenas are on their respective ark/planet, or perhaps these are the same arenas you fought in in order to get to the tek cave. If these are the same arenas you fought In, perhaps you were being watched, your strength and combat ability was being monitored by something, and the ascension area is a monitoring room. Why are you being monitored? Perhaps to determine your survivability. This would be backed up by the fact that your implant says "survivor quotient", so perhaps the creators of the arks monitor your progress in the cave, and if you complete the cave then they Mark you as gamma, beta, or alpha level. Survivor quotients If the creators of the arks are indeed interested in how well you can survive, Why? Perhaps they take the best survivors, gamma, beta, or alpha level survivors, and send them to colonize other planets. Perhaps the creators of the arks want to recolonize a dead and hostile earth, or perhaps they want to colonize mars or some other planet. (Back to the tek cave) The planet holograms In the ascension area, there are a few holograms of planets. One looks like Pangaea, another another is quite clearly modern day earth, and the third shows a strange configuration of the continent's. It is unclear whether this third hologram shows earth or another planet altogether. If it is earth, then the third hologram most likely shows the current earth at this point in ark's story, and the three holograms are a general history of the earth continents. However, if the third hologram is not earth, then perhaps it is scorched earth. However I'm not sure why scorched earth would be a planet and not an ark, therefore I believe this hologram is of earth. The consoles Next to the Pangaea hologram there is a terminal. The terminal has a hologram of a DNA model on it's left as well as a hologram of an unknown image made of hexagons (perhaps it's a futuristic coding system like binary). In front of the terminal is a hologram of a dino. The hologram shows images of the creatures of the ark, and the image changes every few seconds. That, coupled with the DNA model on the side makes me think that perhaps this terminal holds all the genetic instructions to make every creature on the ark. I have no significant data to back this up but this is simply my conclusion. Further down the tunnel, by the second earth hologram, is another console. This console is quite interesting, as it shows a hologram of a human. Much like the other terminal, this terminal has a model of DNA on the left and that hexagon structure to the right. If the first terminal did contain the genetic code for all the creatures of the ark, then I'm not sure why human dna would be stored in a different terminal. Perhaps the creators of the ark realized we were different than the other animals and thus took an extra interest in us and placed us in a separate console. However I noticed something about the DNA models on the two terminals. The human terminal had a clear picture of human DNA, however the first terminal's DNA model was missing the "rungs" in the "ladder" (I forgot the words don't judge me). Perhaps this is why humans have a different terminal. Perhaps the creators of the ark don't have the full dino DNA, hence the missing "rungs". This would also explain why most dinos in the game aren't entirely historically accurate, maybe the creators of the ark do know what the dinos looked like, but they lack the DNA to make a historically accurate dino. Next to the third hologram is a third terminal. This one has a structure that resembles DNA, but more complex, almost like the DNA itself evolved or was artificially altered to create a more genetically superior organism. And it is most likely altered human DNA since in front of the terminal is a hologram of a human shape. This makes me think that perhaps when you prove yourself strong enough by ascending, your DNA is altered and you are made even stronger. Perhaps ascending can only be done successfully if the organism is strong and durable enough to survive the massive genetic changes that could possibly occur during ascension. Perhaps that is why we are on the ark, the ark is a challenge, a trial, that only the strongest survivors can overcome. And when the strongest survivors do overcome the ark and ascend, they prove their worth to the creator of the arks, so the creators of the arks enhance your DNA and possibly use you for whatever they need. The drops The next area is almost like a cavern. The floor is made of tangled, root like structures, and in between the roots is a glass floor allowing you to see an ark below you. On the sides of the cavern are unmistakably loot drops being dropped down into the ark below. This area is interesting for two reasons. One, we now know where those strange drops are coming from. Two, considering that we are looking down at an ark, it's quite obvious that this is not a cave anymore, we are above the ark. Upon entering the boss room, you can see three arks in the background. If you look closely at the ark on the right, you will see that it is surrounded by three pillars, and connected to one of these pillars, is a structure that juts out over the ark. I believe this is the station you are in. You are on a control room high above the ark. And if you look at the ark in the middle, you can see one of the pillars is destroyed. This is most likely the ark that the new dlc, Aberration, will take place on. The boss room The next room is simply an observatory where you fight the final boss, the overseer. The name of the boss suggests something. Since it is an overseer, it most likely observed our journey on the ark. It is most likely an AI made to monitor people's progress towards ascension, and ultimately be the final boss for the survivors. Quick sidenote: is it just me, or do the flying defense units look a lot like watchers from halo 4? The end cinematic After you defeat the overseer, a large hologram moves around the room. At first I had trouble recognizing what the hologram was, but then I realized its a hologram of our solar system. However, it only shows the Sun, the earth, and perhaps mars. Most importantly however, the hologram shows what can only be a bunch of arks floating around the earth. Next, the screen fades to white and the end game cinematic plays. You are suddenly outside the station, and quickly fly past the island ark. Then you fly past multiple other arks while your survivor implant glows and activates something. You can see that all the arks are orbiting a strange, brown planet, and there are no obvious continents or bodies of water to easily identify the planet as earth. However, I believe it has to be earth since we already saw that the arks orbit the earth (the hologram of the solar system told us). It looks as if something happened to the earth to make it brown, dead, and uninhabitable. I also noticed a large asteroid, around half the size of the earth, behind the planet, with smaller rocks around the asteroid. Perhaps multiple asteroid strikes destroyed earths ecosystem, forcing humans to evacuate the planet. The next important detail is all the hexagons around the planet. The planet seems to be surrounded by hexagons. The next part of the cutscene has you zooming towards the planet, particularly one of the hexagons surrounding it. Your view becomes obstructed, then is clear for about half a second. In that half a second, you can see that you're being teleported to another ark, possibly scorched earth due to the arks brown color. The fact that this new ark was one of the hexagons around the planet, I think the arks are arranged In a hexagonal field around the earth. When you finish zooming towards the ark the screen goes black and the credits play, signifying the end of the game. A few notes I have not played the end of the game so I have no first hand knowledge of what the cave has. Instead, I watched Thickfreedom's video as well as parts of GG Fizz's video in order to make these observations. What do I think the story of ark is? Earth was made uninhabitable by something (war, asteroid impacts, environmental changes, or pollution). Then the arks come in. It is unclear who made the arks (humans or aliens), but I believe they are a sort of training grounds for the survivors. The survivors attempt to survive in the harsh, artificial world of ark, and the strongest survivors have a shot at ascending. After defeating all the bosses (the creators of the arks use the bosses as a way to determine a survivors strength), survivors must defeat one final challenge to prove their strength, the tek cave. Once a survivor makes it through the tek cave and defeats the overseer, they have shown their strength and have proven that they can survive in a harsh environment. The creators of the ark then reward the survivor by enhancing their DNA, making the survivor even stronger. Next, the survivor is teleported to another ark (scorched earth), where they are tested once again. I believe the creators of the ark wish to make the best survivor, perhaps so they can send the survivor to colonize another planet (or recolonize a dead earth). Let me know if you agree with my theory or if I missed any important information. I love ark and I think it's pretty cool that it has a story.
  14. "The Forgotten ARK" or "The Lost ARK"

    I'm pretty excited too, it looks like the devs went with a more fantasy setting tho. I'm not sure how much I'll like the new mutated dinos (I was looking forward to the tek dinos), but at least it'll be a new experience.
  15. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Sometime in the future (maybe as part of the tlc dino pass), can you add a bunch of idle animations to all the dinos? Part of the appeal of ark is having a bunch virtual, living pets to play with, but it's kinda hard to pretend the dinos are living if they don't do anything un till you use them. I think adding one or two idle animations (or any animation in general) for each dino would make the dinos feel much more alive. Maybe have the dino automatically sit/lay down when you're not using them as well as have them scratch at the ground every once in a while. Sidenote: these animations should be toggleable for PvP servers, and the animations should stop anytime the player does anything with the dino (such as mount it or order it to follow).