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  1. I'm gonna start fighting bosses and i wanna start wih the island ones. However I don't have a base on the island. So my plan is to tame and breed an army of rexes and take them over to the island. But I'll still need to get the requirements for the boss fight. So i need some help. What's the fastest way that i can get the artifacts. Can I take a single dino and speed run all the caves or does each cave need a different strategy? Is there a certain way I should get the animal requirements like sauropod vertebra? Is there an efficient way to farm it or can i just go on a killing spree for each item?
  2. TheSnives

    Rockwell strategies

    Awesome! So stegos work well against the reaper and everything? Good to know. A few more questions too. So riderless dinos don't attack the tentacles? What if I whistle attack my target on a tentacle? Could I do that and then fight the reapers myself? So it seems my dinos will fight the reaper and nameless while I fight Rockwell and the tentacles? Is that right? Should I focus on killing the tentacles or shooting the orbs? I bet I will have to multitask and do both. For a singleplayer server, go to advanced settings, it should be called tamed dino level gain I think. For a while everything except health and melee we'e at 1. I think health was at .44 and melee was .17 or something, but I think setting them to 1 is so much more enjoyable for singleplayer.
  3. TheSnives

    Reaper Queen: Asking for Advice

    This is how I solo raised a reaper. I took a drake (I don't know about the stats but make sure it has lots of health and damage), 3 sets of radiation armor (I didn't even need the 2 extra tho), and definitely around 10 medical brews. Go to the spine and find a reaper. Fight it until you think it's almost dead, turn off your light and look for that red glow. If you don't see it, turn the light on and off and hit the reaper a few more times. The first few attacks will do full damage(I was doing over 400) and then drop down (I was doing around 30 with the light off). Do that to slowly lower the reapers health until you see the red glow. Then take a pickaxe or a pike and hit the queen without getting off the saddle. Once you do stand still and don't bite the reaper with the drake. When the reaper sniffs the ground and hits you with its tail then it will play the impregnation animation. Chug your brews and get back on your drake asap. I would leave the red area completely so you won't risk the baby taking rad damage. I had 3x exp gain on my singleplayer world so It took me like 10 mins to get it fully leveled up (+75 levels). Then I went back to my 2x2 box and waited to give birth. The baby reapers are surprisingly fast and kinda creepy that way. I was watching slipg8tr raise his reaper and he never needed any pheromones and neither did i, i was able to feed it without using any. About 30 mins later (my rates are a little jacked up) i had my own level 125 reaper king. Hope this helps! Funny story: the first time I tried this I spent about 2 hours trying to get impregnated. I was super annoyed so I had God mode on my drake so it didn't die while I was trying in vain to get impregnated. I had done everything and the reaper did the impregnation attack multiple times but it just wouldn't grab me. I finally killed the reaper accidentally since i was so braindead after trying so long. It was about 12 at night and i was so done with ark's bs that i finally got off. 15 mins later i realized... I was god moded too! Thats why i wasnt getting impregnated! I was soo salty...
  4. TheSnives

    Rockwell strategies

    A few things to know before I keep going. I have never done a bossfight before. I also play singleplayer and I have my dino level gains for melee and health upped to 1 (before they were like .17 or .44). Most of my combat dinos have around 2500 melee and 10-20,000 health. Now onto the questions. Would a team of high level, bred ravagers have a chance against gamma Rockwell? I used to think they would be able to have a chance but im not so sure now. If I were to use this strategy I would take 20 ravagers each with about 2500 damage and 20,000 health, hopefully. Would this be possible? Would they be able to deal with the reapers and the orbs? This strategy would be the easiest for me since I can breed ravagers pretty fast. If ravagers aren't viable then what should I use? I'm sure spinos would get the job done but I'm not sure how easy it would be to find two high level ones, tame them, breed 20 more, and level all them up. And what about karkinos? I doubt I'll ever use karkinos since I have the most trouble taming them (It's too easy to kill them), but my karkinos has really good stats so I bet it would work really well. And should I bring a reaper king or Two? I have one lvl 125ish reaper already and I'm planning to get a perfect tame one at some point. How much of a threat are those balls? Is it absolutely necessary to shoot them or Not? And what's a good singleplayer strat to deal with them? Thanks for any suggestions and please give me tips on anything that's important to know for the boss fight.
  5. TheSnives

    Dino level gain didn't work for my rock drake

    Thats what i thought. So i guess it must be a bug or something.
  6. I set the dino level gain for melee to 5. The melee of all my dinos jumped from about 200-300 to about 1200. This worked perfectly for my singleplayer world. However when I raised my first two rock drakes, their melee started at around 200. It's like their stats aren't being calculated the same way as all my other dinos. My level 190ish karkinos does over 1000 damage per hit, but my drakes only do about 250. Anyone know Why? I played around with level affinity and tamed dino stats but it makes all my other dinos have ridiculous amounts of melee. I changed the tamed dino melee stat multiplier to 1 from .17 and my drake had 1000 melee while my karkinos had over 7000. Are rock drakes designed to be terrible combat mounts or are my settings screwed up? And speaking of server settings, im gonna try to tame a reaper soon. Will the setting to change how long it takes for eggs to incubate effect how much time I have to gain exp for the baby?
  7. TheSnives

    reaper queen Quick reaper queen FAQ

    I'm tryna do a solo reaper tame. 1. What's the minimum amount of equipment needed to get impregnated? I'm thinking all I need is a riot shield, 3 sets of radiation armor, a drake and a charge pet. Would this work? 2. How do you get impregnated without a trap? Fight the queen with a drake, shoot it with a crossbow to get aggro, wait for it to grab me off the drake? 3. You can feed the baby reaper by letting it kill you? It will take all the meat from your inventory?
  8. TheSnives

    Manual saves for singleplayer

    Yeah that's happened to me a few times, not that often though. Huh, didn't know about that one. Yeah I guess if I was obsessed with keeping my dinos in case I die to a boss I could use a usb but I can just put up with arks current save system. Thanks for everyone's comments/suggestions. It'd be great if wildcard added a save system like Skyrim's but ultimately the save system isnt that bad and I'll just put up with it☺.
  9. TheSnives

    Manual saves for singleplayer

    I agree. This is mostly a problem that i have, im just looking for a way to not use cheats as much. This is exactly what I meant. Can you do this on console?
  10. TheSnives

    Manual saves for singleplayer

    I know. By manual save i mean something like skyrim or fallout. If you use saveworld then you cant go back to the save if you die.
  11. There are so many cool and dangerous things to do in ark but that's the thing, its dangerous. I play singleplayer, and i dont play the game very seriously. So i dont want to have to grind for new gear/dinos when i die, especially if im riding my best dino. Unfortunately, this has forced me into a passive playstyle. I have never even attempted a boss due to fear of losing my dinos that i spent 100 hours raising. I also cheat many times throughout a single play session so that i dont die. Bosses and caves and exploring deadly environments are about half of the entire game, and ive barely even attempted them because im too afraid to die, which is a real shame. All this hiding and relying on cheats also makes the game really boring, kinda like minecraft on peaceful mode, theres no point, no challenge. Currently, the game automatically saves at intervals while youre playing, and this is fine, but it means you have no control over when or where the game saves. I think if there was an option for singleplayer servers to turn off automatic saving then it would eliminate the fear of losing your stuff and it would give players like me a chance to take a risk and not lose hours of work if i die. Heres a scenario. Im playing on aberration and its my first time exploring the irradiated area. There are 2 reaper queens up ahead. Ive never fought a reaper queen before so i dont know how strong they are. So instead of risking it all and just fighting them, i decide to cheat and delete them so i dont die. I did this because i dont have a backup save, i have nothing to catch me if i fail. Now, imagine i have auto saving off, i manually saved right before going into the area. I see the two reaper queens and fight them, knowing that i have a save to go back to if i die. I start fighting them and sure enough, i get killed. I simply reload my save and avoid the reaper queens. I didnt feel the need to cheat to keep my progress and i already had more fun in two minutes than i usually have in two hours of playing ark. For me, the risk of dying is too great. I MIGHT kill that boss and get a ton of good loot but i will PROBABLY die, lose my 10 rexes that took me 20 hours to tame, and i will need to get a bunch more materials. Having a save would lessen the impact of failure and would allow more casual gamers like me to take risks and have fun. I would much rather abuse the save system then just type in a cheat and watch the big scary monster disappear.
  12. I've played ark for a long time, exclusively single player. I love the various challenges and bosses in the game. However, I personally never fight them and take those kinds of risks because if I die then I have to spend many hours grinding to get my gear/dinos again. I find this to be a shame because the game isn't as thrilling for me. So what about a singleplayer option to turn off auto saves and turn on manual saves. It would work just like Skyrim's save system and it would allow singleplayers like me to fight those hard bosses without the fear of losing everything. For example, you take your best Rexes and fight the broodmother. You give it your all but end up dying. With manual saves, you can save before the fight and if you die you reload to your save right before the fight. I want to stress that this would be a singleplayer option only since it wouldn't work on servers. Thanks for a great game and happy new year!
  13. TheSnives

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    I recently bought aberration and have a nice little base set up on the shore in the fertile chamber (singleplayer btw). I spent about 30 mins scouting the area looking for metal or a high level raptor. I actually found like a 135 and bola'd it but I derped and shot it with regular arrows and killed it. After some more looking I found a 145 and a level 30 raptor. After wasting a few bolas I killed the 30 and downed the 145. However, there was a karkinos messing around in the water nearby and a lvl 50ish ravager on the shore nearby. Seeing that it was alone and only a lvl 50, I thought I could kill it. Well since I just started aberration I only had a bow, no mount, a bola, and I was dehydrated. I bola'd the ravager a few times but apparently ravagers can jump and move a little bit even if they're bola'd so I got hit a few times. After about 15 mins of bola-ing it, shooting it, running into the woods to make more arrows and bolas, and repeating, It was nearly dead. I had one more bola but when I threw it at the ravager it jumped straight up and dodged my bola. At this point I had had enough so I just used cheats to kill it since it was almost dead anyway. Then I put some meat on my unconscious raptor and saw that the karkinos was getting too close for comfort. I didn't feel like trying to kill it so I just cheat killed it too. Soon after, my raptor tamed and I spent 10 or 15 more mins leveling it up before getting off to play some rainbow six siege with my friend.
  14. TheSnives

    Whats your favorite map?

    Ive been playing on ragnarok recently since it' the newest map and has scorched earth areas, but when I went back to the center I realized how much cooler the center look than ragnarok. So whats your favorite map? Like I said, mine would be the center. It's bigger and has more features than the island, yet it has more interesting scenery than ragnarok. I just love that tropical fantasy feel that the center has. I think scorched earth and ragnarok are tied for my second most favorite. SE has such cool scenery and the environment is so different. But I like ragnarok cuz it's got loads of features and so many biomes. I just wish It wasn't so big though since getting anywhere on an argy takes so long.
  15. TheSnives

    Deathworm taming (SE)

    One quick detail to get out of the way: although this is a cool idea, there is a very small chance that WC will do this since the deathworm is supposed to be a challenge and is not meant to be tamed. Now without that obvious bit of pessimism let' get the the constructive criticism. Interesting idea with feeding it drones, I agree drones would have to be VERY ineffective at taming the deathworm. However the two immediate problems with having a tamed worm is One, it has to dive to move, and two, the terrain. If the worm is rideable, I have a few suggestions. Imagine how painful it would be to be strapped onto this giant worm, then get dragged under and through sand, rocks, gravel, etc. I'd say that if you ride the worm and dive, then your character should take massive amounts of damage or you shouldn't be able to ride it at all. I think the worm should be like an endgame trap animal, like the purlovia or something. You park it around your base, it conceals itself, and attacks anything that gets too close. The other problem is terrain. The reason the worm can move around without glitching is because it only spawns in the desert so it doesn' have to deal with steep inclines like mountains. If the worm is tameable, WC would have to program it to obey the terrain (I'm not sure if they've already done this or not I'm just thinking off the top of my head). Overall cool idea, although I don't agree with it being rideable and I think the taming process could use some more work.