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  1. Whats your favorite map?

    Ive been playing on ragnarok recently since it' the newest map and has scorched earth areas, but when I went back to the center I realized how much cooler the center look than ragnarok. So whats your favorite map? Like I said, mine would be the center. It's bigger and has more features than the island, yet it has more interesting scenery than ragnarok. I just love that tropical fantasy feel that the center has. I think scorched earth and ragnarok are tied for my second most favorite. SE has such cool scenery and the environment is so different. But I like ragnarok cuz it's got loads of features and so many biomes. I just wish It wasn't so big though since getting anywhere on an argy takes so long.
  2. Deathworm taming (SE)

    One quick detail to get out of the way: although this is a cool idea, there is a very small chance that WC will do this since the deathworm is supposed to be a challenge and is not meant to be tamed. Now without that obvious bit of pessimism let' get the the constructive criticism. Interesting idea with feeding it drones, I agree drones would have to be VERY ineffective at taming the deathworm. However the two immediate problems with having a tamed worm is One, it has to dive to move, and two, the terrain. If the worm is rideable, I have a few suggestions. Imagine how painful it would be to be strapped onto this giant worm, then get dragged under and through sand, rocks, gravel, etc. I'd say that if you ride the worm and dive, then your character should take massive amounts of damage or you shouldn't be able to ride it at all. I think the worm should be like an endgame trap animal, like the purlovia or something. You park it around your base, it conceals itself, and attacks anything that gets too close. The other problem is terrain. The reason the worm can move around without glitching is because it only spawns in the desert so it doesn' have to deal with steep inclines like mountains. If the worm is tameable, WC would have to program it to obey the terrain (I'm not sure if they've already done this or not I'm just thinking off the top of my head). Overall cool idea, although I don't agree with it being rideable and I think the taming process could use some more work.
  3. Why do you play Ark?

    I play ark singleplayer so it's always been my way to relax and pass time. I've never done any bossfights and I've only tried a cave or two so I don't play for the thrill (I play rainbow six for that). I don't really have a main reason to play ark, I just start a new world, progress and build up a base full of dinos, then by that time wildcard usually has released a new map or dlc so I start all over again on the new map. I love ark for the graphics and the idea of having colossal dinos fighting even more colossal dinos. I also have a habit of beginning a really big base but then never finishing it.
  4. I can't pick up dinos

    Oohh that might be the issue, I'll check and make sure.
  5. I can't pick up dinos

    I'm playing ragnarok on singleplayer and I cant pick up anything with my argy. I can only pick up my tames, not wild creatures though.
  6. Where can I find beavers on ragnarok

    Thanks this should be really useful. Yeah the fact that you could just Google it shows how lazy I was when I posted this haha. Thanks to everyone for all the great tips though.
  7. Where can I find beavers on ragnarok

    It's kinda annoying that the wiki doesn't have spawn locations for dinos yet (I suppose it's cuz ragnarok isn't finished yet). Therefore I'm forced to ask here. I need a bunch of cementing paste and wood for my base so I need to farm some dams, so where can I find some beavers on ragnarok?
  8. I assume you want to know how the distance number translates to amount of foundations? If so, it should be easy to test. Place two beds five foundations apart, look at the distance from one bed to the other. Divide by 5, that's how many distance units equal one foundation length.
  9. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    Would it be possible to get more natural animations? For example, I dont like playing in third person since your character holds things really awkwardly. It would be so much more natural if the character held tools and other things by their side and not out in front of them. Also would you ever be willing to give each dino one or two idle animations? I know it would be a LOT of work due to the number of animals in the game but it would make the dinos seem so much more alive. For example, instead of staring at a wall for eternity an argy would peck at the ground when its not being used (all the animations would be interuptible at any time too so no inconvenience).
  10. Best way to build a big base?

    Good to know. I can easily get a doedic and possibly a mammoth right now so I'll definitely do that. Good idea with the thorny too, I'm not in the position to tame take a high level beaver right now so. This is also really good to know. I'm always looking for large flat areas to build towns or castles so I should go look at the area.
  11. Best way to build a big base?

    To answer a few questions, i play singleplayer, no i dont wanna cheat (otherwise why would i be asking), and my base is at 27 lon, 75 lat. There are 1 or 2 forests near me that I might need to build a bridge to but that's not my concern. So far I'm thinking I'll tame all the harvesting dinos, maybe a bronto with a platform saddle too, and make a secondary base in the woods where I can craft everything I need then take it back to my base.
  12. I'm kinda of a history/fantasy nerd so every time I want to build a base the only design I can imagine is a huge sprawling city. Now, I've recently started on ragnarok and have a trike, argy, Petra, and a bunch of jerboas and I'm ready to start working on my beautiful city. However, I need to know what's the best way to farm for wood, stone, etc. I especially need to know the best way to transport those materials to and from my base since I wanna spend the time getting the resources, not moving them to my base. So any ideas? Should I bother getting a bronto with like 50000 weight just to carry everything in one load? Oh and are quetzals still good since they're so slow Now?
  13. Ark's story

    I suppose you're right, ark doesn't have a very mind blowing story, but perhaps it's due to ark being a survival game. If you look at games like dark souls or bloodborne, at the very core they are quite linear. Yes you have lots of choices but you're ultimately being nudged along a linear path. This makes it really easy to create a story that involves the player since the player's actions can be limited and incorporated into the story. However with a survival game like ark, the player's possible actions are nearly infinite, thus making it hard to incorporate the player into the story. The REAL story of ark is a bunch of people that just woke up on the ark. Some, like you I bet, focused on surviving and playing the game, not worrying how or what the arks are. But others, like Helena, Rockwell, and us, wanted to know more about the ark and the mysteries surrounding it. In other words, ark has less of a story like most books (where you are told what happens) and more of an exploratory story (where we must figure out what happened).
  14. Ark's story

    Yeah most let's players don't care about the scenery or lore they're just like "when do I get to fight something big!". And yeah I think I'll try get to the tek cave legit (I'm running out of things to do in the game) and then I can probably get much closer to certain things. That'd let me learn more about the consoles or what those root structures are made out of. So we learned a lot about ark through the ascension area, but I'm still curious as to how Rockwell, Helena, etc. fit into the story. So we know that the homo deus can time travel, since they brought people from all throughout history to the island, so that's interesting. However, why would they want humans from the past? I'm not sure about this, so I'll have to read the explorer notes if I want to come up with an answer.
  15. How to kill bosses on singleplayer?

    Yeah I may or may not do that. Ive recently started on ragnarok so these bossfights will be a little in the future. However what might end up happening is I try the gamma boss, miserably fail, and then try cheats to see how hard it'll be legit.