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  1. This is not a new issue guys. Its been a year since ive been able to connect to official serverson xbox and have gotten absolutely no help from support. Infact they just kept closing my tickets and marking them complete without corisponding with me at all. Then threatened to ban me for spamming because i filed to many tickets. When all i wanted was to play the game i payed for.
  2. This is crap..... A year later and those f%$%tards have still ignored this issue!!! I quit playing to see if further updates would repair the issue but instead i find a year later the devs are still pretending that there is nothing wrong and will not respond to anyone with the "Cant retrieve address" error on xbox.
  3. This is a wildcard issue to be sure. The only way u can get into servers after this happens is by using a VPN connection for ur Xbox. Which is complete crap. Between updates periodically u will not have to use VPN but don't get comfy because the next server update will screw it up again. Using a VPN has negative effects on how u connect to Xbox live and Xbox voice chats. But u will be able to log onto the server. But this also means u will have to pay for a subscription for a VPN service just to play ARK when all other xbox games their is no problem. The cheapest ones r in the neighborhood of
  4. I've had the cant retrieve address issue since September and it's still not letting me play. This is complete bs. More and more servers locking need out. And wildcard keeps closing my ticket and marking them resolved.
  5. I have been getting the error " can't retrieve address" on all servers for 3 weeks now and I have tried everything on the forums and even looked up things to try o. You tube nothing has worked and I have submitted several tickets and I still can't get on. Plz help as I said 3weeks

    1. NotoriousNate1


      week 4 still cant log into my server help is needed

  6. what do u mean keep trying how? just keep spamming A? did u search or wait for all servers to load?
  7. This has been a problem for alot of people for a week now. What is being done? It would be nice to at least get confirmation that it is being looked into.
  8. the only reply i got was an email that more or less said ''we reicieved ur ticket, were sorry, if we get no response we will assume that there is no problem anymore and close the ticket, here is alink to the same useless bug report form u used last time.
  9. I have 2 Xboxes and they r both doing it. I've tried all tricks on both but no luck
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