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  1. I play on Legacy PrimitivePVE, but we cant access the new structures (e.g. triangle foundations and ceilings, fence supports, doors, stairs... These are not that high tech things, I think... ). Will we able to learn these engrams, or only the kibble system is what we got from the Homestead?
  2. So, i tried it. Dilo kibble on: Doed: lvl 80, lost 100 food, eff: 99.7%, Tame bar: 0.4% Anky: lvl 135, lost 100 food, eff: 99.7%, Tame bar: 0.8% Patchy: lvl 20, lost 100 food, eff: 24.9%, Tame bar: 2.7% with x2 tame bonus.
  3. The Dilo kibble now counts as Basic kibble, it can be used to tame: Dilo, Dodo, Kairuku, Lystrosaurus, Mesopithecus, Parasaur and Phiomia. If you cooked the Allo eggs into kibble before, they count now as Superior kibble. You can use them to tame: Allosaurus, Argentavis, Castoroides, Daeodon, Direbear, Direwolf, Gasbags, Dunkleosteus, Mammoth, Megalodon, Megalosaurus, Megatherium, Paracer, Plesiosaur and Snow Owl.
  4. I play on a Legacy PrimPVE, and tried the tameing. The old kibbbles have a colorous outline, use them as the color and the new needs tell you. I mean I knocked out a Carbonermis (what needs Regular kibble now), and feed various kibbles with it. Ankylo, Carno, Terror Bird, Stego and Pachyrhinosaurus kibble works fine, with high efficiency. All they have blue outline. I have no experience on imprint yet.
  5. Dear WC! I know, I play on Legacy primitive server, but can we get the new building structures, not only the kibble system?
  6. And what can I do on primitivePvE, where a two survivor tribe blocked the Green fully with behemoth gates? They logging in every 1-2 days, and dont let the structures go down... They f___ed herbivore island too...