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  1. Backpacks, Backpacks!!! Where are the Backpacks?

    Using the Dinos as back packs makes a lot of sense to me. although I do wish there was a different means of putting the dinos down. be nice if you could "place them" on the ground, and not "throw them" some unknown distance. it would make the dinos (like the mesopithicus) act more like an actual back pack. In real life in order to access items in a backpack, typically you have to take it off and place it on a surface to access. I do however like the idea of "specialized utility packs" which "when equipped" reduce the weight of certain types of items, while maintaining accessibility without removing them. the caveat being that the utility pack needing to be equipped in the off hand to limit abuse is certainly key to this idea. Props!
  2. Add a Suicide/re-spawn function This was posted in the Ark:Survival evolved facebook group "today."
  3. Add a Suicide/re-spawn function

    As the person above stated: there are places in which you can get stuck. The key part of this that you are missing is the being "stuck in a falling animation." When that occurs, you cannot punch/interact with the surroundings, rendering your argument of "depleting stamina, in order to drain the food bar, such that you begin to starve to death" non-viable.
  4. Preverving bin re-work

    There's really no need to debate the radio further. My point was that there is some semblance of realism in the game. Making jerky turns larger peices of meat in to bacon like strips, and the radio using crystal isn't unfounded. if you really just need to be right, about the subject matter at hand, then i'll just say it, "you're right" the game doesn't have to " ." however it actually does!
  5. Preverving bin re-work

    A crystal radio receiver, also called a crystal set or cat's whisker receiver, is a very simple radio receiver, popular in the early days of radio. It needs no other power source but that received solely from the power of radio waves received by a wire antenna.
  6. Add a Suicide/re-spawn function

    I can understand that perspective for PVP, and I would think the option would be disabled for just such reasons on PVP servers. I can however personally attest to getting stuck taking far far longer than 10 minutes. "if" you are able to run around or pick up/eat feces, then yes, it really doesn't take long. However, if you are stuck in the "falling animation" and un-able to interact with the environment (unable to pick up poo, or punch stones), then it takes much much longer to die, especially if you're stuck in an easy zone, where the weather wont kill you very quickly. When i first started playing i attempted to jump off a cliff, and underestimated the distance i could cover mid air. When i landed, I had slid down into a rock formation which could not be destroyed with a pick, and was caught in the "falling animation" I removed my clothes to increase exposure to the weather, and attempted to punch, to drain stamina (which also did not work). It still took a couple hours to die.
  7. Preverving bin re-work

    Coincidentally, old radio receivers were called a Crystal Set, or Cats Whisker. Which is made using crystal detector. (da da!)
  8. Preverving bin re-work

    Guess you've never actually made Jerky in real life.. cause that's exactly what happens actually. Larger pieces of meat become very small and slender ones when all the water is removed. If you start with smaller pieces of meat there isn't much more than a single bite when its all dried.
  9. Backpacks, Backpacks!!! Where are the Backpacks?

    well there you go! there's a plethora of backpacks available in many shapes and various features! So go get em'!
  10. Add a Suicide/re-spawn function

    would be easier for people if organic poly was always in your inventory, but typically people who get stuck arent running around with that in their inventory which might work, if you could actually interact with stuff when your character is endlessly floating and stuck in a falling animation.
  11. How to reduce lag in pve suggestion

    You would think this would have already been done given the very nature of dinosaur sizes being so large, and that people would have a strong inclination to build walls. really surprised this thread hasn't gotten more attention.
  12. Preverving bin re-work

    Gonna have to agree with this^^^ Ever seen a Movie, and the following movies sucked by comparison. I have. its rare that a sequal or trilogy is entirely awesome. many times the first installment is the best, and would have been better left as a singular story. I'm not going to bother citing examples simply because peoples tastes vary so greatly when it comes to such things, but i'm sure you catch my drift.
  13. Preverving bin re-work

    She spark powder is used to fuel the preservation bin. even if you took the "added" cost of spark powder out of the equation for jerky creation, you would still need to use SP to fuel the bin, so yeah... put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  14. Preverving bin re-work

    fyi: theres some funky looking trees in the south spawn zones on top of a cliff. simply cutting them down with an axe yeilds plenty of sap. the bark on the trees look like it would hurt really bad to punch.
  15. Preverving bin re-work

    The idea of transferring from server to server wouldn't be that bad if it weren't at the risk of losing all of your progress. I know several people who have lost their characters and goods when transfering