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  1. When will console be treated properly? From the ton of meshing cases in the past to some still happening now, not strictly testing updates before patch updates are shipped to live, and lack of taking responsibility when players lose progress and invested time because of updates creating bugs. As of now, many players have tames (cryopod tames and old school upload tames) uploaded to their obelisk. Many players have transferred between servers. The development team should not tell players that they will lose those items and that's the end of discussion. Instead, try to find ways to save those items in the obelisk. There has to be some way to cancel the items disappearing or increasing the timer. If there is no way, you must let players know you tried to find a way and will make up for being unable to save what they have lost. The developers have gotten better at communicating with players, but there is still a ton of work on communication and respect for the time players invest in ARK that needs the leader(s) of the development team must look into. Many players have suggested a large breeding multiplier increase, but strongly disagree with that because the amount of dinos that will be raised will greatly outweigh the ones lost. Instead, create a token of some sort that each existing character has, that will instant raise and 100% imprint a dino. Exclude baby dinos that have a higher stat than their parents to prevent using tokens to gain raise fresh mutations. I do not know if it is too late to figure out how many dinos have despawned, but average of 5 tokens seems reasonable. Suggestion stuff is just extra, but main point of this post is development team must strictly test patches before patches are released. If by some chance a patch release destroys the work of players, the team then needs to see if they can repair the damage done or think of ways to show players (not using words, using actions) they want to make up for losses.
  2. Oh, another sassy remark from someone who doesn't understand controlling the servers to that level isn't something Wildcard has access to do themselves. Before you say "pay for better servers", ARK's going to need a steady income (micro-transations) to keep those going. Then again, it depends on how strong the DDoS attack is.
  3. Anything yet on patching mesh methods: Paracer/Chair/Grapple Quetz/chair/grapple Mosa/chair/ grapple Pretty much any chair/grapple/platform dino Dolphin / chair Refrigerator / climbing pick Karkinos / Procoptodon (popular one) Or the duped meks destroying and overtaking the pvp meta? PvP on xbox literally consists of meks most of the time and it's not even PvP. It's literally rushing 50-60, 60k+ health / 472+ melee meks at towers and wiping bases. That's not PvP at all and it's been happening too long for developers to not speak up about it at all.
  4. Good patches, but best nerf before all other nerfs would have been removing the ability for manas to have saddles.
  5. If enforcement team is improving, yet to see improvement for meshing and exploiting on Xbox improve. What's your viewpoint on that scenario?
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