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  1. Oh, another sassy remark from someone who doesn't understand controlling the servers to that level isn't something Wildcard has access to do themselves. Before you say "pay for better servers", ARK's going to need a steady income (micro-transations) to keep those going. Then again, it depends on how strong the DDoS attack is.
  2. Anything yet on patching mesh methods: Paracer/Chair/Grapple Quetz/chair/grapple Mosa/chair/ grapple Pretty much any chair/grapple/platform dino Dolphin / chair Refrigerator / climbing pick Karkinos / Procoptodon (popular one) Or the duped meks destroying and overtaking the pvp meta? PvP on xbox literally consists of meks most of the time and it's not even PvP. It's literally rushing 50-60, 60k+ health / 472+ melee meks at towers and wiping bases. That's not PvP at all and it's been happening too long for developers to not speak up about it at all.
  3. Good patches, but best nerf before all other nerfs would have been removing the ability for manas to have saddles.
  4. If enforcement team is improving, yet to see improvement for meshing and exploiting on Xbox improve. What's your viewpoint on that scenario?
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