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  1. Wow wait to go. Wild card good job. I complained about people pillaring the bases on my server and even took screen shots and they just say that the ticket was solved. I had hard evidence and they still didn't give a flying turd. Come actually investigate instead of sitting on your butts.
  2. PVE official not legacy just your average official server. but fingers crossed.
  3. ok hoping for the best other tribes have just now reported that jerk so now we wait i guess. ty for the help.
  4. I sent in a report but just explained what they were doing and server number and stuff. should i resend one with a lot of photos?
  5. So I am Playing on an official server Ragnarok and this tribe pillared around our base and even got one inside which is stopping us from building. The tribe has done it to multiple tribes is there anything we all can do?
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