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  1. Don't know if this has been fixed yet but Aberration Dire Bears can not be transferred ANYWHERE. If you load them onto a node/obelisk it was will be stuck until time runs out. Had this happen to me several days ago.
  2. Always open the inventory of a tree tap once when you place it. If you don't sometimes it won't collect sap until you do.
  3. You just gotta realize people are going to be a jerk pretty much no matter what you do. I once left my tames on passive and my base empty with doors open and a larger tribe still wiped me down to the foundation. Those dodos and dung beetles were a real threat apparently. It sucks too because I just like farming/growing stuff/trading but I never really get to do it. I would do PvE but space is always locked down by pillars. That and people on PvE never lose anything so they don't really ever need to trade. I've tried to barter/plead my case that I just want to trade but it never works. People just wipe you for kicks. It's truly not fun. I left official servers for unofficial and have never looked back.
  4. Beardling

    Adobe vs Stone?

    Ah, i didn't know about the insulation part, makes sense though. I wish you could put skins over the building because I like the adobe look better than the stone
  5. Beardling

    Adobe vs Stone?

    Why does the Adobe have less health than stone when its more complicated to make? Stone is extremely easy to throw together in comparison and yet has 3k more health on average. Whats the purpose of adobe when you can just skip it for stone?
  6. Beardling

    TLC Phase 3 Suggestions

    I would like to see the insects, araneo/scorpion etc, get some tlc love. Not really any reason to tame them atm outside of eggs. webs would be cool for araneo, web weaving between tree's/buildings. Scorpion could grab to immobilize etc.
  7. Beardling

    How did you die last?

    Learned the hard way that bee's hurt...alot.
  8. I would like to see some more insect/arachnid variety(and breeding). Things like the following. Abberant Moth(small), could ride on your back like a moth does on the wall. Could periodically spread its wings to make you look like you had wings. Would also give you a glowing design on your back. Would have a dust attack that would give the hallucination debuff. Web-weaving spiders(large) - Could be found in the red woods in webs between trees. Small mounts could get caught in the webs leaving both mount and passenger in serious danger unless they could stuggle/cut themselves free. jumping spiders(small) - Could ride on shoulder and jump at enemies. Damage would be minimal except for a slight knockback. would have increased damage against small insect targets(good chitin harvester). Added extra... they could wear hats! Leaf-cutter type ants(small) - would feed on wood/thatch and have a nest similar to beehives. would require a queen capture. Nest would produce mushrooms of different varieties! Butterfly(small) - Could be seen out in the wild but could be put in a large box type object to live in. Produces silk in the box but requires crops or flowers nearby for food. Added bonus. Speeds up crop growth. Hummingbird like bird (small) - Could gather new food item, nectar. Could also sing to indicated weather changes similar to the jerboa.