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  1. We are seeing the same thing on our server as well. It was an interesting experience going to do an OSD and finding out the velonasaurs are barely usable as is. I did manage to kill a scout in the city after about 5 min of trying.
  2. Noooooooo.. Mining metal was so much faster!
  3. CatiasD

    Plant x seeds

    I have found Plant-X seeds in the cattails around the "rivers" in the city. Harvested with an Anky. as far as a New plant. i don't think there is one.
  4. So Many Beavers! I run a Dedicated server and its the same thing of course. I'm wondering if there is a way to use the spawning containers to help control them? maybe they are spawning in the wrong container? i had that issue on Ragnarok with Karakinos until i took them out of the swamp and put them in the swamp water. Either way.. this is something that obviously WC needs to fix.. and preferably sooner then later.. as other have stated.. these over-spawns are greatly reducing everything else spawning.
  5. I have a Linux server running extinction as we speak. The ID is simply "Extinction" Until last night however there was no Linux binary for the server. Might have had issues because of that? Should work now though.
  6. Thanks for the Help, DuoMog! I'm sure theres quite a few people who have been looking for this.
  7. Like many others I am trying to get ready for Extinctions release. And after an hour of Googling and searching these forums i can't find the ID for the map anywhere. I could assume it will be "Extinction_P" but that's just a guess. Anyone have any information for me?
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