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  1. What do you do to level up herbivorous? What is the best way to level up the Therizinosaurs? I did the hatch loads of babies Rexs and kill them and that worked great! thank you for all who said that. Now I am trying to focus on leveling up my army of Therizinosaurs. Right now the baby Therizinosaurs are hatching with around 7k health and 422 melee. Anyone has a suggestion on how to level them up quick? Can I do the hatch babies thing also or it doesn't work for herbivorous?
  2. Would you be able to provided a picture or a link to the birthing room you built? I would highly appreciate it since I can use it for other maps and such. thank you
  3. So I can mass hatch about 20 Rex eggs, cryoed all the other Rexs but one and kill all the babies as soon as they hatch? The Rexs or any Dino cryoed in my inventory would get shared XP just for being in my inventory while I kill the newly hatch Dinos with one Rex?
  4. Should I use the same Rex eggs that I currently have reproducing? Also, should I wait till they grow up or just go ahead and kill as soon as they hatch? Do you get more XP if Dinos are babies or full grown?
  5. How do you recommended I go by this? Make Tek Dinos and Megalania birthing pen, not claim the babies and just kill them all?
  6. Yeah I did hear about Rexs not being a good option for the Dragon. If you don't mind me asking what level and stats do your Therizinosaurs have? What do you think is a good Attack % and Health % for the Therizinosaurs to successfully take down the Alpha Dragon?
  7. Single Player Grinding Hello, I have a question on what is the best way to solo XP grind for Dinos. So I am going through all the bosses on the island and just finished defeating all three Broodmother Lysrix (Gamma, Beta, and Alpha). I went through Gamma and Beta easily, but lost about 2/3 of my 20 Rexs with 80k health and 800 melee on Alpha. I didn't really heal some of them back all the way, but the lowest HP that about 4 of the 20 had was 40k. So since I finished beating the Broodmother the next boss I would like to take on is the Megapithecus. As I did with the Broodmothe
  8. I have collected all the artifacts from the actual Artifact Container except to Artifact of the Skylord. I do want to receive the achievement, what's the code to spawn it in? and also do I have to spawn it in the actual spot it would originally be in? I will also try going back to the location and doing what you have said. I've read on multiple different posts that on single player the artifact in this cave does not spawn.
  9. Single Player Artifacts Hello, I have a question regarding the Artifact of the Skylord. I am collecting all the artifacts in SP on The Island. I have collected just about all of them and I come across the North West Cave which has the Artifact of the Skylord. I like going through it without the help of Youtube or any forums, but the artifact did not spawn. I looked up online the exact location where it spawns in the cave and even waited about 30mins to see if it will spawn and still nothing. I. have read online about issue regarding the Artifact of the Skylord not spawning in, bu
  10. Is this event gonna be able to play in single player console(PS4)? And if so would it just be like an update that shows up in console(before game start up)? Also, if so would future events be present in single player like the Christmas/Easter/Arkaeology/etc? Thank you!
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