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  1. Thorium

    can't wait for dedicated storage

    The original S+ dedicated storage has 10,000 slots. So with a stack size of 100 you can store 1,000,000 of one item.
  2. There are some Discord tools. Not really mods, but tools you can run with your server. There is Cross ARK Chat which enables Chat between servers in a cluster as well as over a Discord channel. So if someone writes a chat message it will appear on all servers of the cluster and in a Discord channel. Also, you can write a message in the discord channel and it will appear on all servers. And there is ATLR which reads the tribe logs of ARK servers and sends them to discord channels. Either for tribes themself, so they have PvP notifications or as a admin tool to monitor what all the tribes are doing. I am not aware of more mods or tools, which interact with ARK servers and discord.
  3. Thorium

    [Tool] ARK Tribe Log Relay v1.02

    Update v1.02 changed: If ATLR detects that a tribe is no longer existing, it rechecks on the next cycle before removing the tribes relay section. Possible fix for a rare case in which ATLR wrongly detects that a tribe no longer exists. To get the update, wait for the auto update to trigger (if you enabled it) or shut down ATLR and run Updater.exe, or download the updated .zip in the first post.
  4. Thorium

    Gacha and Element Dust

    Yes, i got a few with red sap. The production of the offspring is random and not tied to the parent production. So you can get anything by breeding, even if the parents dont have it.
  5. Thorium

    Gacha and Element Dust

    I got one with element dust from breeding, didnt find one in the wild so far. Element dust seems to be the rarest of the rare production slot. Obsidian seems to be the most common for the rare slot.
  6. Thorium

    [BUG] Cryofridge not charging pods

    They do charge as indicated by a small text on the pod icon "CHRG". They charge in real time, it takes an hour to recharge an hour.
  7. Thorium

    bug Cryo-pods reset imprint timer to vanilla 8 hours.

    Still not fixed. Kind of frustrating. We run very low timers, around 25min. So reset to 8h means no imprint after cryo. That can't be intended.
  8. Thorium

    so no wyvern babies

    There are no wyvern eggs on the map. The forest wyverns are only spawned as minions of the forest titan.
  9. Thorium

    Imprinting in Extinction

    For me on PC it's only the new kibble, also berries and meat, since last big patch. Before it was the island kibble.
  10. Thorium

    The new kibble system

    Now you need the new kibbles for imprinting as well as berries and meat.
  11. Thorium

    pvp Why is Nobody Joining My Server?

    Because there are many more servers than needed. If you want to get players you need to promote your server on various server lists. And get your players to vote for your server every day.
  12. Thorium

    Unofficial Server Babies Dying.

    There are multiple problems with babies. One of the problems is as you described, they are not eating for extended periods of time. You can force feed them. The issue is more obvious the higher your baby food consumption setting is. The other problem is babies dying after getting out of stasis. I am not 100% sure why. But it seems if babys are in stasis (no one is around), they will consume more food if they go out of stasis as adults. It's like the food consumption calculation does not take into account that the baby became in adult while in stasis and counts the whole time until going out of stasis as time for baby food consumption. So always put way more food in your troughs, than you need.
  13. Thats a known problem. Servers sometimes dont show up in the server browser. It's a problem since day one. It's not to problematic. Just give your players a steam link, so they can connect and you get new players from server list websites you should list your server on.
  14. Thorium


    They do tripple damage to corrupted. There is no reason your lvl 90 enforcer died against two stegos. They do have low HP, but they hit corrupted dinos like trucks.
  15. Thorium

    Cryopod and caves

    People do this. Enemy needs to have a transmitter of course, so yeah, it is easier with the cryo pots, i agree. But i dont think it's op. Not if i see the Mak one shotting any turret with missiles outside of turret range.