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  1. Cluster is starting all fresh today! Get ready and join our discord if you don't want to miss the exciting early game: Also take a look at our custom loot beacons with S+ and Automated ARK blueprints and some more adjustments without making them OP:
  2. Server FPS question

    I see were you are coming from with not utilizing 100% of one core. You are right, it should. However you are not correct about fixing multi threading by adjusting affinity masks. The programer needs to put a lot of work into the design, because it's allways a trade of, the more cores you utilize the more overhead you have for thread management and you will get stals because one thread is waiting for another to finish. It's actualy quite complicated to optimize multi threading. You need to take care of race conditions and dead locks. It's easy and straight forward for some tasks, but it can be incredibly complicated for other tasks that require to be worked in sequence. Especialy on games it's very complicated and often it turns out you actualy lose performance instead of gaining it. The point is if you optimize for single core, it will run faster on a single core as if it would be optimized for multiple cores. Especialy for game servers this can be a significant difference in performance per core.
  3. Server FPS question

    I don't think it's that unoptimized. I think it uses only one core by design. It makes sense because typically you run multiple servers on one machine. By getting rid of the multi threading overhead it should actually run better this way if you run multiple servers at once.
  4. Then people do all their farming, taming and breeding on PvE and only tranfer over to PvP if they want to do "war" for fun. No one would build on the PvP server, so no actual raids are happening. The PvP server would be a spot for appointed battles, with nothing to gain for any of the parties, except for fun. If you are into that you could do it. But it's a very different experience to actual PvP servers in which you need to protect and defend your bases and find weaknesses in enemy bases. Edit: I misread. I read one way PvE to PvP. You mean more harvesting on PvP to encourage to actualy build mining bases on PvP and bring the materials over to your save haven in PvE? I guess possible. The only problem is see with this is that either you stay low on the PvP server, don't do any breeding, just tame a anky and transfer materials you harvest to PvE. Or you go full in and breed anyks and stuff on PvP but for this people the PvE servers are pretty much uninteressting then.
  5. Ark: Aberration

    I am excited as well. I really like cave worlds, also that it's a failed ARK is awesome. I love the atmosphere of failed sience like in half life or resident evil. A failed ARK goes into a similar direction and hopefully offers a similar atmosphere. Also i suspect a lot of water filled caves at the bottom, so hopefully more underwater stuff.
  6. This is a terrible idea. If you cluster PvP and PvE servers together, there is no good PvP happening anymore. People will store all there valuables on the PvE servers, making it pointless for legit players to raid on PvP servers because there is nothing to gain from a raid. At best you will have some trolls killing on sight. Do either all PvP or all PvE not both together in one cluster. You would need to put down so many rules, which are hard to enforce, it makes no sense. If you go for offline protection i highly recommend using ORP2 mod instead of the official offline protection. When my cluster first started we used the offical offline protection but within a week we removed it because it caused a lot of problems. Either go ORP2 or no offline protection.
  7. I made a video explaining every single server setting we use and why we put it as that value:
  8. Structure Limit

    I did explain it already as far as i understand it. It's not a sphere test for sure, because you can actually abuse how the limit works by building on the edge of regions, or call them loading zones. You are able to double or quadruple the amount of placeable structures in your base that way.
  9. Structure Limit

    No rough estimates needed. Structure limit per region is 10500.
  10. Structure Limit

    No this is absolutely not how it actually works.
  11. Weird stats when fully matured

    BabyImprintingStatScaleMultiplier=2.0 Makes it so that your dinos get 40% stat bonus instead of 20%. That should work, however, maybe this setting doesn't go along with one of the mods. I would create a copy of the server and remove every mod one by one and check if the issue goes away at some point. If so, you know which mod causes it. Then you could try to change the order the mods are loaded. This can make a difference in mod compatibility. The only 2 mods that mess with dino stats should be Classic Flyers and ORP2. I would try to remove them first. ORP2 can cause issues if you don't uninstall it correctly, so check the workshop page for instructions to uninstall it.
  12. Personal Dedicated server tips - Windows

    Good tips. I want to add that you absolutely need a backup solution. The save file backups the server does by itself do not cut it. It can happen that your save gets corrupted by an update. While this does not happen often, it does happen. If that happens, it's common that your tribe and character files also gets corrupted. So it's not enough to role back to the last save. Since the tribe and character files only have one backup and it's backed up every single time the game writes to the files, backups are most likely corrupted as well. If you have set up your own backup solution, you can just role back and your server is up and running again. Also it's a good idea to backup to a second computer or web storage. In case of hardware failure. If you run a cluster and you need to role back, always role back to whole cluster. So you don't get inconsistencies between the servers of the cluster. Like duplicated items and dinos or lost characters. If you role back one server and someone has recently traveled to it. His character may no longer be on the server after the rollback because it wasn't on that server during the time of the backup. But since you didn't role back the server he traveled from, the character isn't on that server as well. Your effectively deleted it from the cluster. I can recommend Duplicati as a free backup software:
  13. A timeout should not result in character lose. The character should be stored in the cluster data if something goes wrong during transfer. Instead of creating a new character you click on download survivor. It should be there.
  14. Structures+ Fatal error Plz Halp

    The same for me, S+ works pretty well. Do you have other mods on the server?