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  1. Turret Changes: A Technical Talk about why.

    Yes, they should introduce a number of new turrets with higher damage and higher resource cost and higher ammo usage. Then the bigger inventory would make sense. Keep the normal turrets and introduce 2x 4x 6x and maybe 8x turrets.
  2. Don't you love it if one thinks his opionion is the one that everyone else has. I can understand you don't like the flyer nerf. But i can assure you that players have asked for it and that there is a considerable amount of players enjoing the nerf. Me beeing one of them. I run a cluster and i had players leave after the nerf to play on servers with classic flyers. However, when i announced a server wipe and season two of our cluster. The very same people requested me to not put classic flyers on the cluster and a large portion of them actualy came back for season two. It certainly was a hard pill to swallow for a lot of players. But there are many players who learned that it does in fact impact playing experience in a positive way.
  3. ConfigOverrideSupplyCrateItems= --is broken.

    I am also very disappointed. So the devs are aware. That's even worse, because it means they don't care about the issue as the fix should have happened right away, when they got awareness of it. Seriously, there is no excuse to still have it not fixed. It's not complicated, it's something that they screwed up with the event patch and the 3 minutes to fix it should be top priority after the event. They do fix less important stuff. So yeah, very disappointed player here. And as others already wrote. I start to regret the times i defended WC.
  4. Kentro vs Bosses

    Mutations are wild levels. Speed is not increasing. This is not misinformation, this is first hand testing by me. I hatched many thousend dinos. And yes, this is not a exaggeration as for most of the time i played with boosted breeding times. Also the same observation is made by other people who did extensive breeding. It's mentioned in pretty much every indepth breeding guide.
  5. The difference is they get shot by turrets and or killed by your dinos. In PvE you can't do anything against people exploiting.
  6. Can an alpha Rex be tamed?

    Yes, you can tame them. They have a different taming mechanic. You need to punch them unconscious with your fists. You can't use a club, you have to use your fists. Also taming efficiency is lowered by your armor value. The more armor you have the lower the efficiency. So best would be to use no armor at all. If you punched it unconscious you just need to wait for it to wake up, no kibble required. It will then accept you as superior and will follow you as it's new leader.
  7. Is this computer good enough to run Ark?

    I had it running on a laptop with a Quadro 4000 and it worked fine. However you need to install the performance drivers. You probably use this card for work and you are probably going with the drivers recommended for your work application. They will not work with ARK or will have a very bad performance. Go to the nVidia website and download the performance drivers. You may lose compatiblity with your work application and getting some graphical glitches on them. In my case using SolidWorks i had no problems with the performance drivers.
  8. Looking for a specific .ini edit!

    I don't think this is actualy existing. People probably taked about PerLevelStatsMultiplier, which is changing how the stats increase per level. But there is no setting to change base stats, as far as i know.
  9. Kentro vs Bosses

    No thats not how it works. If you get a mutation in speed the speed stat will not increase, even if it's selected. Because muitations are 2 wild levels, in this case put into speed. But any wild level into speed is +0.
  10. Kentro vs Bosses

    Do kentros get + in speed from wild levels? Every dino i know of gets +0 from wild speed levels and mutations are 2 wild levels.
  11. Boss fights

    If you can only fit 14 rexes on center, i wouldnt go with rexes but with terries, they are smaler you should be able to fit 19. There is some discussion which is better rex or terry but 19 terries are definitly better than 14 rexes.
  12. Passive Tame issues

    It's working but the time between the first and the second feeding is very long. After the second feeding the interval is a lot faster. I tamed a basilo yesterday and it was probably 10 minutes (didnt watched the time, but it feld like 10 minutes) befor it wanted the second feeding.