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  1. Thorium

    Unofficial Server Babies Dying.

    There are multiple problems with babies. One of the problems is as you described, they are not eating for extended periods of time. You can force feed them. The issue is more obvious the higher your baby food consumption setting is. The other problem is babies dying after getting out of stasis. I am not 100% sure why. But it seems if babys are in stasis (no one is around), they will consume more food if they go out of stasis as adults. It's like the food consumption calculation does not take into account that the baby became in adult while in stasis and counts the whole time until going out of stasis as time for baby food consumption. So always put way more food in your troughs, than you need.
  2. Thats a known problem. Servers sometimes dont show up in the server browser. It's a problem since day one. It's not to problematic. Just give your players a steam link, so they can connect and you get new players from server list websites you should list your server on.
  3. Thorium


    They do tripple damage to corrupted. There is no reason your lvl 90 enforcer died against two stegos. They do have low HP, but they hit corrupted dinos like trucks.
  4. Thorium

    Cryopod and caves

    People do this. Enemy needs to have a transmitter of course, so yeah, it is easier with the cryo pots, i agree. But i dont think it's op. Not if i see the Mak one shotting any turret with missiles outside of turret range.
  5. Thorium

    Cryopod and caves

    Weird. Because you can download any dino into caves with a transmitter. Unless you play PvE, so i hope it's only "fixed" on PvE.
  6. Thorium

    The new kibble system

    Ok, confirmed. You can just build an S+ cooker to see the recipes. Some of them take Extinction resources, so while the kibble probably work outside of extinction you need the resources to make them. The eggs doesnt matter, all the new kibble recipes take any egg.
  7. Thorium

    4 bugs

    Gatchas are in the underground forest. Did anyone visit the forest before you scanned? Could be they spawn, when the region goes out of stasis. And does S+ Transmitter even know the new dinos?
  8. Thorium

    The new kibble system

    First time i hear about that. They didn't put it in the patch notes. Originally they wanted to rework the kibble tree shortly after release, but it never happened.
  9. Thorium

    Locked Engrams

    Just want to add that you can actually get all the gems (reskinned as blue and red sap and green gems) and even fungal wood and also reskinned gas balls on extinction. So yeah you could actually build everything from Aberration, even without Gachas .
  10. Thorium

    Extinction A pointless Expansion.

    I have to agree with most points. There is some cool stuff, i like the Mek and some of the new creatures. But the map is just the same as Island/Scorched/Center/Ragnarok. Nothing new once you figured out what resource equals to what vanilla resource. The story doesn't make any sense. So there is that. I think ARK really missed out on a water world map. There could be so many new cool underwater mechanics and an underwater boss. Well doesn't seem we will be getting this as Extinction is the last expansion. Going to play it for a few weeks, but i have to agree it doesn't even come close to Aberration in the sense of having a fresh game experience.
  11. Thorium

    The end of the bodybags, a game change

    No, it couldn't and you know it. Why do things have weight in the game? Why does the weight count towards the weight of the platform they are on? If you can answer these questions, you know why it can't be a feature. ^^
  12. Thorium

    The end of the bodybags, a game change

    The fact that is was not intended means it was an exploit. ^^
  13. Thorium

    Unpacking taking more then 1 year?!

    Just wait, it will go down again. It takes a long time to decompress, it's always the case with big updates on ARK.
  14. Thorium

    Tek Dinos Should Drop Scrap Metal

    What makes sense to you? That they drop meat or scarp metal? Again, i am talking about the mechanical Tek Dinos.
  15. Thorium

    Tek Dinos Should Drop Scrap Metal

    No i mean the Tek Dinos: Tek Para, Tek Raptor, Tek Rex, Tek Stego and Tek Quetz. They are also existing on the other maps and they are mechanical creatures. Thats why it makes no sense that they drop meat and hide.