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  1. Thorium

    [Tool] ARK Tribe Log Relay v0.14

    Update v0.14 changed: File names for file relays no longer include the tribe name, so the file does not change name if tribe name is changed. added: Option to relay to another program via command line parameter. To get the update, wait for the auto update to trigger (if you enabled it) or shut down ATLR and run Updater.exe, or download the updated .zip in the first post. Upcoming next is a proper documentation and then i update the tutorial video as it's hopelessly outdated at this point.
  2. Thorium

    [Tool] ARK Tribe Log Relay v0.14

    Update v0.13 fixed: Some characters in the message could prevent the message to be displayed in Discord. fixed: If relay to discord on admin relay was disabled, it would still relay additional events. added: Option to relay to text files. To get the update, wait for the auto update to trigger (if you enabled it) or shut down ATLR and run Updater.exe, or download the updated .zip in the first post.
  3. No. You need to have it running on the server and since PC hosted servers are not available to be hosted by yourself, it's not working. It probably would if they would open up the PC hosted console servers for download.
  4. The problem with ideas is: Everyone has them. There is this misconception that ideas are very valuable, that's not the case. Making them reality is the hard part. And if you say right from the start you are not interested to invest time and effort, well probably no one will be interested to pick up your idea. If you are not into the technical aspect of modding, you still could make a concept, draw how the GUI should look, go into detail about the features, think about if it could be exploited and how to prevent that, etc.
  5. Thorium

    Ichthyornis - pro and cons

    What you describe is not how they work. So this is pretty weird, i would think you got a bugged ichthyornis there. The Pegomastax steals and runs away. The Ichthyornis does not do that. It does steal consumables (whole stack) and consumes it. You can't recover it, it will also not fly away but just do a circle and likly return. It has a chance to knock the item you have equiped in your hands, out of your hands, it doesnt steel anything thats not a consumable. It will only knock it out of your hand if you hold it. That makes it very usefull in PvP to unarm your enemies.
  6. Thorium

    Insane Building

    I have build in this cave and you dont need a single pillar actualy. You can lay down foundations in the water and build a wall up, so the ceilings are connected to the foundations via the wall. I used that technic also to build a plattform over the water on red obelisk on island. You should build more than one "wall pillar" to not have a single point of failure. Also i use a tek shield to cover most of that hole. Since i play on a server with S+, the S+ tek shield is cheap to maintain as it can run by the tek generator. Still the big cave is hard to defend, you should also block of the 4 entries to the back of the cave, that is easier to defend. So you get a outer and inner defense perimeter. I am not at home, so i can't take screenshots right now. But you can see what i mean by skipping a little bit through this video:
  7. Thorium

    How Long Are Your Days and Nights?

    Na, just use a egg collector mod. I run my unofficial cluster with vanilla settings for day and night. There are actualy some mechanics like the Megalosaurus that are impacted if you change it. And changing it for eggs to not incubate is overkill. You are making a big change that impacts much more than just incubation.
  8. No, it's right on point. The problem is missing administration on officials and this is something that will not change. It's something players complain about for more than 2 years and after release it didnt got better. The solution is to play on properly administated servers, you only find them on unofficial.
  9. Well, try some unofficials.
  10. Thorium

    How do mutations work?

    The chance to get a mutation is 2.5% but you can get up to 3 mutations, so you got 3 times 2.5% chance. A mutation means one stat goes up by 2 levels, this can also be a stat with zero impact like speed, which will give +0 per level. The only way to find out which stat wend up is to compare the stats of the baby to the post-tame stats of the parents. You should keep track of your dinos post tame stats. The best strategy to stack up mutations is to have one male, which you want to mutate and a lot of females with no mutations. You breed them and if you get a mutation in your desired stat, for example melee damage, you replace your male, with the new male. If it's a female, you first need to breed it into a male. This way your chances are lower, because on top of getting the mutation you want, the stat from the male needs to be inherited. But this prevents inflating the mutation counter. You can get 20 mutations in more than one stat this way, by having more than one blood line and at the end breed them together. For example at the end you have a male with 20 mutations in HP and one with 20 in damage. You can breed one of the males into a female and then breed them both together to have 40 mutations in total. I am currently doing it with therizinos and i can fit 74 female and one male in breeding range. It's obviously easier on unofficial because of S+ hitching post and egg collector.