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  1. lol think were all in the same boat waiting on a time........
  2. As long as its the same type of server you can transfer. Cant go pve to pvp or smalls to regular. All separate game modes
  3. Hopefully this is just the end of the story and they will toss out another player map like rag between now and Ark 2 release. If they ran this game more like an MMO with in game cosmetic purchases etc. they could easily offer better server performance/capital to keep new content generation for a long time to come!
  4. def don't miss having to have 20 different kibbles for imprints
  5. This would be very helpful for solo players for sure
  6. I think we're forever stuck in jail.....
  7. Dcook414


    I'm on day 3 of max posts. Think it take 4 days
  8. Thanks. Think this is day 3 of posting
  9. Tbh I think that's more of a Sony thing than Ark. Windows 10/Xbox can play together and have been able to for a while now.
  10. I can see the issues with clipping but they could make building like atlas where you can stack foundations if you arent on flat ground to make that nice even base most people are after
  11. Great idea! Not that its hard to change but gets annoying over time
  12. Definitely not new to the game or the website (member since 17) but attempting to get out of ark jail to access the forums From previous posts it looks like I've got a few more days
  13. lol in the same boat as you!
  14. Nitrado is the only host currently that you can rent servers for on Xbox/Windows 10 crossplay. Each sever is independent from one another but can be linked so Yes, they will be separate purchases. To keep things simple it's usually about $1/per player. If you promote and create a good community you will find members can donate through nitrado to help cut down the cost.
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