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  1. Bump. Still can't put salts in bin on PS4 in Rag. 10/12/18
  2. Same here but it crash my buddy's non-dedicated. Maybe it will be patched in next update. Tried to bring over 4 perfect tamed rex and thorny dragon to breed with. Luckily i pulled out a low diplo out first but lost acdenent saddles, that i found, for everything. Was really pissed about that. Luckily friend took pitty and spawned saddles of close to same quality in to replace. The only work around I found is if you have a male and female breed and transfer the eggs. Then again the level of the dino may be reset to 1 if you are transfering from se to island or center. All we can do is hope. Have you had the issue with items lost or not showing up in the obelisk but the item count is still there. I've lost 10 or so slots because of it.
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