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  1. Yeah, that seems to be the standard. $10 for 10 players for 30 days. If you look up JayCartere and check his Ark videos out, he has a 10% off code in his description if you're using Nitrado. (There are others I've seen offering discount codes, but he's the first I seen when starting a server). Maybe you and your friend go half? That's like, $4 each with the discount. Solid.
  2. Server Crashes When Adding Stats Hello. A friend and I have been hosting a server for about two weeks. Everything was fine until about 3 days ago when we killed a Titan (dino) and leveled up our characters. It just simply crashed the server and we had to restart. Nitrado said it's an issue with the game and they can't help, but told us to try and reinstall the server. We did that, but it's just as bad. It doesn't seem to be a specific stat that crashes the server, but we can't think what to do? It's definitely stat related though. This is what our player stat coding looks like. We didn't really add anything else related to it? (New to this, you see)
  3. Looking To Populate Our Dedicated Server (8 spaces) Hi! Hope this is in the correct place. A friend and I started a dedicated server about a week ago, just cause we liked the game a while ago but didn't want to join official again. After a week, the server just feels a bit empty lol so we're wondering if people would like to join us (be in separate tribes from us) there's 2 of us and we're not that far ahead, as we've spent most of the time wandering around. We're chill guys and just looking for other players to join the server. As long as you're an adult and not a sausage. The server is pin coded. Server Stats: (Ragnarok, EU) PvE - Tribal War enabled Difficulty - 1 Override - 5 Max Level 150 Loot Drop Quality x10 Harvesting x4 XP x3 Baby Maturation x150 Taming Speed x15 All engrams unlocked as you level up. (Can craft Aberration and Extinction engrams) Has some Aberration and Extinction dinos We're open to tweaking these settings, if people suggest something. We're easy going. We made this so we don't level up too fast, but don't have to sit taming/breeding for hours.
  4. Aberration Mats on Ragnarok? Hello! I play on a dedicated server with a friend and we've added Aberration and Extinction dinos and engrams to our Ragnarok map. They unlock (the engrams) when we reach the respected level at which they'd normally unlock. However, some of the items needed to craft items aren't on Ragnarok. I've tried to look this up and seen comments saying you can change the materials needed (so fungal wood for normal wood) and so on, but I can't actually find out how to do it? Or a code for the game ini. I don't know much about the coding. I've copied and pasted from other threads I've seen. Can someone point me in the right direction to do this? I don't mind if I have to try and type a code myself as long as I find something on how to actually understand how to do it. Any help is appreciated! Edit: Found it out.
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