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  1. Craziest Mutation

    My tribemate just got blue feet on one of hers as well just need a body to go with them.
  2. Game is 20x better on Unofficials, just fyi

    Imo the intention for this post was never a discussion. I di believe the OPs hidden agenda was server advertisement. Looks like a couple others jumped on the bandwagon.
  3. Local Hosted Game MUTATIONS

    Don't quote me on this, but I read that it was a 1-2% chance for a mutation. In my experience it is totally random tho.
  4. Building Question

    That is plenty acceptable for pve, but if you do that in pvp your whole base will collapse when someone with c4 gets below it.
  5. Building Question

    So, I play pvp and as the tribe builder, I pride myself in my ability to effectively workaround this issue while maintaining structural integrity. My goal is to have everything completely on the same snap point because if someone blows a foundation, you don't want everything beyond it to crumble. I am not however, great at explaining so I'll do my best. Mostly it's already been covered but I like to do it a tad differently. I always use thatch to build and replace with metal as I go. First off, to drop a foundation you can do your pillar trick but I prefer to drop one complete foundation height to maintain the snapping level. To do this, when you can no longer get a foundation to snap, you go 2 ceilings out and pillar down to the ground from the ceiling then you can snap your foundation next to it. If it's an incline, 2 walls up, then the 2 ceilings out with pillar drop. This gets you a foundation, but you have to be careful that you don't have it on a lower snapping point. To verify, before you move on with foundations, you have to lock it together. Every time I freesnap a foundation to a pillar, I use this method to ensure it's locked together. You now have your main grid, as well as a freshly snapped free foundation. From grid foundation, you go up 2 walls, ceiling+ceiling, then down 1-3walls(1for incline, 3 for decline) to snap to the new foundation. Then you go back to the grid foundation and demolish that first wall you placed for they verification check. If the other walls and ceilings stay standing, then you have latched them together and may continue with foundations on the new elevation. To be successful with this and avoid any problems, I always follow with a single elevated ceiling behind me that is only tied to the starting point. When it shows red (unplaceable), it means you aren't snapped and have to backup. As long as that placement can follow above you free air, your snap is working. For estetics, I always always always do ALL of the metal ceilings from the same point, and then I drop the metal walls down from the ceilings to the foundations. This allows you to have walls that look square and not offset, and only the very bottom wall will look very slightly out but will still be snapped properly and virtually unnoticeably different. I have done this on many builds on official and otherwise, and have failed many times and had to restart. Practise makes perfect, thatch wall/foundation/ceiling and wooden pillars are your friend. ----------- An added tip for pvp, if you get your floor grid, you can sink 1 foundation the same as you would on a boat, place you generator perfectly square, then place an intersecting cable which will snap to the gen a hair underneath the foundation and be therefore protected from damage. Your backup gens will snap right onto the electrical grid at the original foundation height. Just make sure to place wires as you do foundations because you will not be able to see them under foundations if you lay foundations first. It is possible to place them afterwards tho, you just have to make sure you don't miss any . @Jacira I hope this helps, if it's too confusing send me a PM and maybe I can help you on discord. @Jerryn Thank you for the PM regarding how to block unwanted PMs. Your kindness is inspiring. Edit: Typos, I probably missed a ton.
  6. Most Useless Dino?

    Imo it is now diplos, the used to be used for tanks but now they are only good for prime meat. that and the dilo.
  7. How to kill bosses on singleplayer?

    Yekrucifixion187 , very well said sir. I agree with all you wrote, and thankyou for writing it before me
  8. Feeling utterly defeated

    First of all, for clarity sake, I did not use any name calling, which would be childish. There is only one smartest kid on the block and like everyone else on the block, neither you nor I are likely the smartest. If you are referring to my use of the word moronic, that was accurately describing your blanket comment of "wildcard always makes bad desisions", and not you yourself as a person. I would never call you a moron because I don't know you and you may infact be highly intelligent regardless of what you said. That said, back to topic, I have read almost every thread that's come up in general discussions, although maybe not thoroughly. I do know without a doubt, that the servers had to wipe for many reasons, and that many people including you are upset about it. You guys grasp for solutions and workarounds to try not to lose you precious time invested in the legacy servers, and instead of accepting the necessity for the wipe, you play in denial. Your response is full of subtle implications, "you just have to have the brains" and "if you paid attention,, you'd know" and you followed up with "you are clearly upset and so failed to realize"...however, I am clearly not upset, I maybe be a little annoyed, but hey, as my dad would say "the world needs more noids" However, I do believe you ARE upset, and perhaps justifiably so. But your previous comment was bashing WC for always making the wrong decisions when in fact, I do love this game and believe they've done an incredible job. Every decision they make, literally every single one, will be wrong in someone's eyes. You just strike me as an unforgiving type that will not forgive wildcard for bumping you down to legacy, and will complain on the forums until they give you what you want.
  9. Craziest Mutation

    Friend had a lvl350 hatched pure cyan spino... to be pure cyan, it needed a cyan color mutation on every color tile while maintaining high quality stats... it looked cool as heck!
  10. Raising Wyverns: Is it possible if you have a job?

    This is notably important. Higher levels have higher food. Also, at OP, you can put milk in a preserving bin with sparkpowder & salt....?
  11. Too many boats

    This is why pve on officials doesn't work. pvp I just chomp those rafts
  12. Breeding Help Please

    This one is kind of a beginner tip, but you may find it useful. -use raw meat for the baby phase, but once you are on the troughs I prefer to use cooked meat, it stacks higher and lasts longer. -Always keep a couple stacks of cooked meat on the Dino too, even if he is on the trough.
  13. Feeling utterly defeated

    Lol you're not the smartest kid on your block are you? They cannot have legacy servers rejoin, there is too many hacked dinos, rexes with 1500 Melee for example. It is NOT reasonable. And even if it was, the statement that "WC always does the wrong thing" is moronic. If you've played this game for more than 100 hours, obviously they did something right because they made a game that is fun and enjoyable to play despite some bugs& problems.
  14. Feeling utterly defeated

    Agreed, fresh start is good, change is good. Get on a rag server for Dino levels and enjoy the breeding process. dont cry about the past, just remember it and learn from it. i kinda understand it sucks for pve, but it was required for pvp. As this is primarily a pvp game the reset had to happen. IMO, playing on legacy is delaying the inevitable and just setting yourself further behind.
  15. Feeling utterly defeated

    Sure do. Know why? Because I don't complain. Thanks for taking the fun out of a friendly comment, doesn't bother me one bit. edit: I bet you drive a Prius