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  1. Drinkinthepink

    How to be: UNRAIDABLE

    I doubt he has raided "very successfully".... killing bob 10x10 bases anyone can do wether they have a base or not, and killing tames from big tribes means literally nothing unless you kill their breeder dino, which is sheltered if they are smart... I have a base, I can farm 20k metal in 20mins.... he can farm his 20 c4 in an hour, I can farm 500 in half an hour, and I will have a high quality saddled high hp stego to raid with.... who do you think is going to do more dmg to a base? 85% of the things he is suggesting as his secret tips that no one knows about, are blatantly obvious to any pvper and most of us learned within 2 weeks of playing this game.... playing solo is fun, ive done it, but it is 100x less effective.... what you suggest works for unofficials, but when there is clustered maps, you just go build on one server and raid on a different server, its really simple. edit: when I say, I doubt he has raided "very successfully", by that I mean its a matter of perspective, some people would see raiding a 4x4 with 12 turrets a success, and others would see only completely wiping 3of4 main bases off a server as a mediocre success if not a failiure. also, @Bramboxc123 double edit: I can 99.999999% guarantee that you don't use better gear than I do.
  2. Drinkinthepink

    Things I would suggest

    Bump, for exposure
  3. In my opinion, they need to increase turret damage tenfold, to makeup for loss turret density.
  4. Drinkinthepink

    request I would love Seasons on the ARK

    An interesting option for unofficials
  5. Drinkinthepink

    Please add snap to gates.

    I use this technique to place literally everything... literally everything... I step on ladder, click place to get the image, then look 45’ downward angle, press k, walk up and over the squared ladder..... at this point you are 100% square, and only have to pay careful attention to the left/right which is easy when squared. I don’t like using fence foundation, because gate breaks when foundation does.
  6. Drinkinthepink

    Things I would suggest

    I would like to add to the list.... I would also like to see the 100 limit increased to 200, or see the turret damage increased to 10x
  7. They can increase the damage in a way that we don’t lose DPS, the damage should be 10x per 1 shot.... not 3.4x per 4 shots.... this is literally less dmg than we initially had... the new turrets don’t even track properly or shoot nearly fast enough... every offline base there is can be wiped with flak and 180 movespeed right now...
  8. Drinkinthepink

    Best Place to farm hide

    You are wrong, I was correct, when you grind a saddle on officials, it gives you a max of 100 resources. 100hide, 100paste,100 ingots, whatever it takes to make, it gives you 100... if you are suggesting you get 20k hide from grinding a saddle, you are not playing official.
  9. Drinkinthepink

    Whips And PVP

    Whips make perfect sense being able to disarm you... they make perfect sense the way they are balanced in pvp.. the pve function of picking up things like pearls or eggs is what doesn’t make sense lol, how are you going to whip up pearls, really? i carry 2 whips when I pvp, and a 3rd one in my bird... incase my whip gets whipped. It’s strong but it’s not OP... there will always be a “strongest” pvp meta option, personally I think whips are funner and more strategic than clubs. whips can be countered tho....wooden shield? Crossbow graples? PlantY? Unarmed?.... if you’re good enough, you can counter a simple whip.
  10. Drinkinthepink

    Things I would suggest

    Thank you for your input.
  11. Drinkinthepink

    Best Place to farm hide

    I’m going to have to test this as soon as I’m home, I was fairly certain you would only get 100 of each resource
  12. Drinkinthepink

    Griffin Balance

    It is the most common griefing Dino, and for combat, but every dino has their uses. I see pteras picking and wyverns dropping. while I agree that griffins are OP as f, I do have to clarify that you can indeed whip a griffin rider.
  13. Drinkinthepink

    Troodon ruining the game

    I have fortitude points, never knock out. I have 5-10 stimulants or stimberries on my 0 slot at all times. I never get KO’d by a troodon... (anymore) I am aware that 99% of the people who play this game get over $100 worth of time enjoyed playing. You could try any of these things for a more positive gaming experience. Troodons have knocked us all out once, then we learn.
  14. Drinkinthepink

    Best Place to farm hide

    I’m pretty sure that each saddle only gives a max of 100 of each resource per saddle.... I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that’s a thing on official atm
  15. Drinkinthepink

    Human breeding

    I’m going moc up an engram for a human saddle.... or wait, maybe pego’s are the master breed and they breed humans and ride around on our shoulders... we are trained so well that we don’t even realize that we are the pets trained to feed them and build their houses... booooom