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  1. Of course yes, but thank you for the suggestion
  2. Just picture it like one huuuuge map.... you and I are both small fish.... and on our server there is a bigger fish.... the advantage to those other servers coming to your server, is that they keep the alphas on your server paying attention to them, and to other servers.... without the server transfers, your alphas would just eat you, instead of the other servers.... My advice, just stay off the beach
  3. Trying to enable mic... Plz help Hello, So my issue, is I want to enable my mic ingame, but a couple years ago I disabled it somehow, and now I can not remember how. Windows settings (windows10) in general, do show correct headset is enabled and set to default, (and works in every other game/discord) and also works with no headset at all. My ark settings: I can use the pushtotalk or the toggle talk, and both cases the mike button shows up grey but will not voice activate. Steam settings, I went to friends, used cog to open voice, and tested that voice also works proplerly there. All my settings are where they should be.... I seem to remember changing an .ini file once upon a time to disable coms, but I wouldn't even know how to find that config anymore, nor would I think it would affect official gameplay right? I just remember it being a workaround that was done before we had the sound options to toggle or ptt ingame voice. My backup plan is a complete reinstall of ark, but my laptop is due for a replacement and my internet is toaster, and it would probably take me a full day to play... I very simply want the ability to talk to someone ingame when I meet them on smalltribe officials, because I am playing solo now. I just came back from a year+ break and cant figure out this sound. If anyone had insight, it would be appreciated. Sorry if this is in the wrong thread, troubleshooting links were zero help. Thank you in advance
  4. Server lag over 180ping, same reason you can't farm fiber on a thezi on lagnarok anymore.
  5. Rex, argent, iguanadon... for the solo player starting out. The iguanadon is legit af.
  6. rooooooofl, thank you, ima steal this ;P
  7. Saber named, Toothache Saber named, Dentist everyone has a beaver named, Justin
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