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  1. Yea so don't change turrets, give tribes a limit of 10 and disable alliances.... problem solved. edit: btw that's the first constructive thing you've said in this thread, so thank you.
  2. This PVP solution will NOT fix the lag, and you need to stop spamming "hail the mighty ark devs" because I think 25 of the last 170 posts in this thread were yours. Your arguments don't even make sense, you are posting for the sake of being relevant... My 2 posts in this thread were saying that a base with 100 turrets could be raided in 5minutes without a dino (that's not fun pvp) and that the new 'fix' would not fix the lag... You just mindlessly disagree with everyone. Edit: also, please stop facepalming literally every post that doesn't agree with you Forza, its childish.
  3. First of all, I was on board with the flier nerf and before it happened I said fliers need to be nerfed... That made sense and was a good change... This turret change is terrible, PVE servers with no turrets lag just as hard sitting at 255ping.... This change will not eliminate ping, it might drop it from 255 down to 240 or 220 but it will not fix it.... This is just a "get rid of big bases" move and use "lag" as an excuse.... they are trying to change the game meta and using the lag as a scapegoat.
  4. I am flabbergasted! I've never even used that word before now.... a base with 100 turrets, can EASY be raided in about 10 minutes with 2 stegos and a dozen veggie cakes.... 20% dmg buff? That's nothing, a base with 100 turrets with a couple internals and roughly 20per side.... you can literally shield raid that... I was fully on board with the wipe, fully on board with the flier nerf, fully on board with buying abber... but 100 turrets max, I can't be on board with that.... maybe if it was 500 turrets and +300% dmg This is insanity.... flabbergasted just wow
  5. Server lag over 180ping, same reason you can't farm fiber on a thezi on lagnarok anymore.
  6. Rex, argent, iguanadon... for the solo player starting out. The iguanadon is legit af.
  7. rooooooofl, thank you, ima steal this ;P
  8. Saber named, Toothache Saber named, Dentist everyone has a beaver named, Justin
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