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  1. I know y'all are busy with twitchcon this weekend and all that jazz but I pre-ordered Abberation in the hopes it would at least launch by my birthday. No solid release date is a bit irritating. Love ARK but sometimes.... Anyway, hope this gets dropped sooner rather than later. I understand if y'all can't. Would rather play something higher quality later than something low quality sooner... Just a 30-day release window... for all we know, it won't drop until Halloween... But... I digress.. Would love to play Abberation.
  2. I'm curious too. Just downloaded the update after reading "* New Primitive+ update." hoping the saddles would be there. I agree with tenten. Any patch notes?
  3. Is there an ETA on the addition of the Saddles introduced in ARK Patch 258? Because I have a Yutyrannus that won't move on follow and we are trying to un-stuck her. I was hoping a saddle would work, but lo and behold, the Yuty saddle hasn't been added to Prim+ as of yet. Honestly Prim+ is great, just really wanting those new saddles.
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