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  1. Dinodoodles

    Aberration bug on Non-Dedicated server

    As the title says, I play on a non-dedicated server with a few friends and we started playing on Aberration earlier today. One of the few bugs we have is that we can't go farther into Aberration than the Mushroom Forest or else everyone gets teleported to me if they go too far away. I'd be fine with the artifact caves having the tether distance to the host lower than usual, but it's irritating that my tribemates can't go into the bioluminescence biome without constantly teleporting back to me. Are there any ways to fix this?
  2. Dinodoodles

    ARK Digest Question Collection!

    Will there be skeletal skins for the aberration dinos in the next fear evolved?
  3. Dinodoodles

    ARK Digest Question Collection!

    Will new creatures be added to Aberration after it's released?
  4. Dinodoodles

    ARK Digest Q&A: Aberration Questions!

    Will new animals be added to Aberration after it's released?
  5. Dinodoodles

    ARK Digest Q&A: Aberration Questions!

    Will the fireflies from the trailer be tamable? Will the new animals in Aberration have a new taming method other than passive taming or tranquilizing and feeding?
  6. Dinodoodles

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    This wasn't today, but yesterday. I was leveling up some Yutyrannuses with my friends (one of which was in the redwood forest) and I came back to my base to make sure nothing got hurt while I was gone, and I notice a light blue unclaimed dodo waddling around. I got really confused, since I play on a non-dedicated server with three friends and no other people, and I claimed it, and went into my breeding building where I had been breeding dodos in a pen for the past few days. Inside, there were probably 50 unclaimed dodos wandering around inside of the building. I'd say 20 or so were in a 1x1 foundation where I had dodos breed. I tried to smack one with a sword, and then all of the unclaimed dodos went insane and started killing all of my beautiful mutated dodos. Three dodos got killed, (I was particularly sad about one of them because she was the re-incarnation of a baby dodo I hatched previously then it died instantly) and by that point I had either slit the dodos' throats or bit them to death with my Yutyrannus. A while after that, I brought roughly half our mutated dodos to our taming pen and started sacrificing them to a Troodon. During the hour it took for the troodon to kill most of the dodos, I started breeding my four microraptors so I could have an army of them and destroy everything. (They took a Theri down in less than 5 seconds) After I fulfilled my murder quota, I headed back to base and went to check on my dodos and found a dodo with 77 mutations!