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  1. We hopped for a little on last night and our gigas finally finished growing up with 100% imprint. 3 of them had 197% melee and 34k hp and the one with the melee mutation had just under 210% melee and similar hp ( cant remember exact numbers) Next we turned 2 to male with the s+ tek mutator (all 4 were born female) Then left a pair (including the melee mutation) on the island for breeding and took the other pair back to extinction. Stole the ascendent saddle from their parents and took them out leveling. One of my brothers also joined us and it was his first trip to extinction. He came alo
  2. Private pc cluster, Extinction, This Island, and Aberation Last night we decided to hatch our gigas. Hatched 4 eggs and all came out female, but one had a melee mutation. Luckily with the s+ mutator we can turn 2 females to male at the cost of some element. We got them to 25% last night before shutting down the server so we could go to bed. This morning we fired up the server and continued with the giga raising. My brother sat afk to watch them while we did stuff on extinction, just popping by to do imprints. Our 1st task of the day was to tame another gas bag. I did build a be
  3. Private Pc Cluster, Extinction, The Island, and Aberation Today we decided to tame a gasbag. We logged of on the island yesterday so we grabbed some allo kibble and uploaded one of our quetz to bring to extinction. Then we built a taming pen for a gas bag and set out on the hunt. My wife followed in a battle argent to help fend off corrupt pteras. After about 15 minutes we found a 127 gasbag. I grabbed it while it was fighting a carno. Started heading back and a corrupt ptera started attack both of us. I dropped the gas bag and my wife killed the ptera. This happened 3 more times be
  4. Private pc cluster, Extinction, The Island, and Aberation Spent the last few days preping for another giga tame, as well as gathering to craft an ascendent giga saddle blue print I had stashed on our island server that we almost forgot about since gigas weren't really usefull in pve pre extinction. Today we had some free time so we decided to look for a giga to tame. Used the s+ tek transmitter and it showed a 135 near the snow dome. Loaded up and flew there only to have it despawn Flew back to base and spent the next 3 hrs doing destroy wild dinos and hopping between the island and
  5. Private PC cluster, Extinction, The Island, and Aberation Pretty simple day today. Made a bunch of narcotics. Then raided beaver dams for cp and wood. Next we did a scrap metal, metal and element dust run. And finished up by building the 1st section of our metal wall. Went with only a dino gate on this one. Next section will have a behemouth so our rex and giga can get through. Tomorrow we plan on doing pretty much the exact same thing, lol. Having these beaver dams around have been great, we haven't had to make a single bit of cp or felt a need to tame snails.
  6. Private PC cluster, Extinction, The Island, and Aberation Today's main goal was to tame a giga on extinction. Started out be heading to our Island base and grabbing all of our narcotics, tranq arrows and tranq darts, as well as any quetz kibble we had kicking around. Brought all of that to extinction, and also crafted as many narcotics from our supplies on extinction. Then we crafted a few large bear traps and 4 metal dino gates, loaded up on cooked meat and water and headed to the snow because we heard now corrupted gigas spawn on the outskirts. After about 20 minutes we spotted a 1
  7. Private Pc cluster, Extinction, The Island, and Aberation Today's main goal was to tame snow owls. So we started gathering and building stuff for an outpost and taming pen. Then we loaded up on cooked meat and tranq arrows, hopped on our battle argies and headed to the snow dome. One we get to the snow down, it was nice to see it almost dark at 5am. The always day in the city and wasteland is great for gathering/taming, but sometimes you want dark, lol. Also, I really hope they significantly drop the temp in the snow. With full flak on we didnt even get could the entire time there
  8. Private Cluster, Extinction, Island and Aberation Been a pretty productive couple of days on extinction. Yesterday we finished building our new base and got moved in and threw any dinos we weren't using into cryo pods. We then did a lot of gathering and managed to build a chemistry bench, couple of ACs and an indy forge. Next we decided to see what these orbital supply drops were all about. The plan was to do it in god mode on our 2 boss rex just to see how they were, and just not pick up/destroy any loot we found, kind of a trial run. 1st one we found was a red, and It was insane an
  9. This morning we set out to tame gachas. So we loaded up on stone and grabbed half a dozen cryopods then headed to the sunken forest. When we got there it looked like the beaver apoocalypse with hundreds of beavers in the ponds. So we did a destroywilddinos waited a few minutes then started looking. After half an hour or so we filled up the cryopods. Didn't get one that produced black pearls but we got ones that produced other useful things, like obsidian, pearls and red and blue sap. When we got back to base we continued work on the new base and finished enough to protect our replicator a
  10. We started out today looking for a more permanent base location, but decided to pretty much stay where we were, only in a slightly differant area. Its actually a pretty good location, head into the city and get tons of metal, scrap metal, crystal, electronics and element dust and if I need poly we just head to the wasteland and farm corrupted dinos. Its also safe from meteor showers once they re enable them. Corrupted dinos can occasionally be a problem but nothing my tames or auto turrets couldnt handle. So after we decided on a spot and started gathering for the base. We are going to ke
  11. Pretty much did 1 thing today, gather to build a 101 ascendent enforcer bp. To start we tamed a 135 doed and a 135 anky. Then we headed to the city with the doed and my wife was on our mega sloth for protection. After about an hour we gathered the 1k crystal, 370 oil and 10k element dust needed by farming lamps, benches and enforcers. Next we gathered all the obsidian we could find for making polymer, but were still 400 shy. Decided to venture to the wasteland to farm corrupted dinos for corrupted nodules which are like organic poly. After about 90 minutes and way too many close calls we
  12. We had a pretty productive day today. Started off on a narcoberry run and made a bunch of narcotics and tranqs. Then my wife spotted a lvl 60 anky nearby, so we knocked it out. While it was taming we knocked out a trio of pteras, 2 lvl 60s and a 67. While they tamed we spotted a 112 anky and we knocked that out too. So now we have 5 dinos being tamed at once. Thankfully the pteras were all similar lvls and we knocked them out all at the same time so we only had to set 1 timer for narcotics. All 5 dinos tamed up no problem, while they tamed we threw together a quick taming pen. Then went o
  13. Thanks We've been playing Destiny 2 pretty hard the last several months, Destiny's Forsaken expansion and the month or so leading up to it have been so awesome. I kept paying for my Ark servers during the break but just turned them off so its like we never left. The night before extinction came out I transfered all of my tames and bps on SE over to my island server before changing it to extinction Extinction came at the perfect time at kind of a lull between Destiny expansions so now we are splitting our time 50/50 between Ark and Destiny. Destiny's next expansion is a month or 2 away s
  14. Its been a few months but Im back. Took a break because we were getting a little bored but extinction got us hooked again. So as a recap I play on my own private cluster with my wife and 2 brothers. Before extinction it was The Island, Aberration, and Scorched. Now we swapped Scorched for Extinction. Rates are 7.5 difficulty (max wild of 225), 7.5 taming, and 3x gathering. So my wife and I transfered over to Extinction with our lvl 98 characters. We decided to set up our starter base just out side the city right under the obelisk. Its actually a good place to start. Its up on a plateu wit
  15. Today we did some organizing, and moved a bunch of dinos from the rex factory to our main base. Then we did a meat run with the allos before logging out in the tek bed, trying to hit lvl 100 so we can build s+ vivariums to keep our kibble dinos in. Over the next few weeks we are going to greatly reduce our ark play time. We want to grind out some things on Destiny 2 for Solstice of heroes which will greatly cut into our ark play time. It only last till August 28th so we want to get as much done as we can.
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