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  1. What the h*ll is going on with Valguero??? My tribemate who plays on a MAC still isn't able to play Valguero. Is this a joke? Valguero for MACs should have been out by now. It's been *2 MONTHS!* Valguero came out June 18th and it still isn't working on MAC?
  2. All the servers are down Last night when I booted up Ark and all my servers had disappeared and only a few servers (like 5 or so from EU, US and Asia) were showing up. It just happened randomly and I had done nothing that could possibly influence it. Is there a way I can get all the servers back? Asking for a friend.
  3. They are there. You gotta look closer. Just get the coordinates from the wiki and go there.[1] By the way, only 2 exist on the map at a single time though so just go to all of em.
  4. I really don't think so. I mean it's possible... But click the timer and you'll see a TEK-like structure and ARK code for the Specimen Implant. It's most likely either new TEK stuff or the Ascension for Scorched Earth. But then again, a DLC is likely too... I recommend you to check this 9 min video out: ARK NO FLUFF BREAKING NEWS: BREAKING DOWN WILDCARD'S CLUES. Their other ARK no fluff breaking news videos help a lot but I sent you the most recent one with the latest clues.
  5. Hmm... Another case of........... ARK HAPPENED!!!
  6. Type it in the command bar. Your profile says you are on Xbox so you access the command bar by simultaneously pressing , , and on the controller. Hope this helps Command bar is known as the in-game console.
  7. Reinstall the game. That's what fixed it for me. By the way, what's with the duplicate account?
  8. Hi, I understand your problem and hope I was fast enough with my reply. Do this: Open Steam > Library > Games > ARK: Survival Evolved > Play/Install Did this fix your problem? Regards, Dark Frost (3.3k hours)
  9. Type it in the console. Your profile says you are on Xbox so you access the console by simultaneously pressing , , and on the controller. Hope this helps
  10. Well you've provided insufficient details. So if you're on Xbox then transfers have been disabled until the devs work out a fix for a destructive duping bug. And if you're on Valguero then: PC: Transferring out will be enabled on July 8th and transferring in on October 1st. Xbox/PS4: Transfers in enabled on October 29th and transfers out enabled on Aug 5th.
  11. If you're on singleplayer then type "giveengrams" into the console. It will give you all engrams. If you're on official then sorry but no multiplier...
  12. The only way is by leveling-up. One of the fastest method (and my personal favorite) is getting Explorer Notes.[1]
  13. Custom Mutations! Add a new TEK structure that allows you to change a mutation for example from Oxygen to Melee at the expense of element and time, similar to the cloning chamber. Edit: BUT LIKE A LOT OF ELEMENT! (To keep it balanced...)
  14. Hmm... Maybe custom mutations? I really don't think they'll give us some random skins again because last time there was a HUGE HUGE HUGE backlash from the ARK community...
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