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  1. Kirikou, I'm over the moon to see my throne idea used on a build, you've just made my day That whole build is amazing
  2. I agree with Travis, I personally have friends who either used to enter & have given up on CC or who make builds worthy of entering but never enter. When asked the universal response is "It's an unfair competition because we can't use mods". I think the pc builds that get entered are amazing & deserve to win but console vs pc in the Arkitect is in no way an equal playing field. On console the only mod we have access to is prim+ whilst the pc players have a large & ever growing library of mods. We are also more limited by frame rates than on pc, if I was to build as big as I often want to then the frame rate would be shockingly low & I'm sure wildcard don't want people seeing their game run with poor framerates. Wildcard, you have made a separate category already for pc players to use the photo mode so a platform specific category is not a new idea. The people who still play Minecraft years after release are the builders & I believe the builders will be the ones who keep Ark alive over the coming years. Having one group competing against another that cannot use mods is like allowing one country use steroids for the Olympics whilst all other countries must compete with no steroids & one arm tied behind their backs. Thanks for reading Missy p.s. The new tek lights are really cool, I can't wait to use them on my future entries
  3. My last entry was a partial build of what I call Skyrider City, it wasn't finished due to a server crash/wipe but still managed to be a runner up, thanks everyone. I was determined to finish this build so this was built on my solo world, this time I used prim+ for the added level of detail available & I also used the no clipping enabled. I made this build in 6 days (& on the 7th day I rested). I put the video on my channel before the time limits were introduced, sorry
  4. Here's my entry for the Arkitect category. It was built on a vanilla xbox server using the no clipping feature. Unfortunately it was about 2 days from completion when we had to ban a troll which caused the server to crash. I don't normally start getting footage until a build is finished, this time I got lucky & had started getting test footage. Skyrider City v21 is a base for flyers only. I'm now working on v22 using prim+ so will return with a completed Skyrider City in a week or two, hope you enjoy the video
  5. I don't know if we are allowed to enter the same video in two categories but this is my small entry for the both the Arkitect & the video section Whilst it may not be a full base it shows off one of the many great new things you builders can come up with by using the no clipping feature recently added to console versions of Ark, this was a natural follow on to my previous entry of the Throne of Nightmares. A good friend saw the throne & asked what I could do for the humble wardrums so I present to you all The drums of darkness.
  6. My entry uses the fantastic no clip building feature to build what could possibly be the creepiest throne Ark has seen yet
  7. Can someone at Wildcard please help with this issue. I'm an admin on a dedicated xbox server, over the last week or so our map has wiped at least 6 times. Every update wipes the map, if the server crashes or the xbox is shut down for even a few seconds the map wipes. I love this game, I bought it on the first day of it being on preview program & have amassed 130+ days of play time. Even a die hard fan such as myself is ready to quit. Can someone please either fix this with an urgent patch or give us a solution to the problem, the host has reinstalled several times & it doesn't help. As an admin I'm spending more time dealing with irate players than I am playing the game. The game is not making a save to the host xbox, surely this problem should be one of your highest priorities. People have gone to the expense of buying a second xbox to host a server only to be hit with wipes on a daily basis Is there anyone at Wildcard who is willing to address this issue? Is anyone at Wildcard willing to say sorry for all the problems we've had over the last week or two? If this continues then what could be a great game will get seriously poor reviews & the existing fan base will go elsewhere for their fun. Please, please sort this out asap
  8. Private server keeps crashing (xbox)

    The xbox was bought new for the sole purpose of running the server so it's unlikely to be a problem with the xbox. As I mentioned in my original post we had no issues until the 2yr event started yesterday so I'd say this seems to be the most likely reason for these issues
  9. Does anyone out there run a private pve server? The private server I'm on keeps crashing repeatedly & our gracious host is pulling her hair out. We started the Island map fresh yesterday so the problems cannot be related to the number of tames or buildings, everything ran smoothly before the event was announced but today the server has crashed 4 times already, before this problem started the server would run for weeks without crashing. The host xbox has been reset, nat is open, mac address has been cleared modem/router has been reset!! Is there anyone from Wildcard or the community who can suggest anything at all to help?
  10. Is your server down?

    I'm on a private server & it's been crashing all day. The server is on the Island (vanilla). I think our gracious host is about to have a meltdown trying to get the server to run. Does anyone out there have any suggestions?
  11. Here's my entry for the Arkitect contest, it's my first ever entry. I'm on Xbox so don't have mods but I've built a base that I feel is truly unique, rather than edit a new video I shared my you tube tutorial video.