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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.
    • Jatheish

      TLC Update - Ragnarok 'Puzzle' Cave.   03/20/18

        In our most recent Ragnarok Update, the puzzle cave was revised so that it would no longer allow survivors to build within it. Due to this change, player structures found in this location were removed and some dinos became stuck. We will not be rolling back our servers at this time. We would like to keep rollbacks limited to major service-wide disruptions going forward due to complications caused by CrossARK and Tribes (part of being a multi-server persistent open-world survival game). Later today, we'll be rolling a server update which will allow survivors to build in this area for an additional week so that players can move their creatures via a transmitter or teleporter. After the 27th of March, this will no longer be possible so please use this time to remove your creatures swiftly. Console players, please use this time to move out any creatures or structures you have in this cave because once the update hits, you'll no longer be able to do so! Thank you for your patience and ongoing support, survivors!


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  1. This is my entry for the Arkitect competition. I decided to show my love of War of the worlds with a Tripod fighting machine. @Jatheish if I use this build to make a longer war of the worlds video would it be acceptable in the video category? (I ask due to me reusing a previous Arkitect entry). I needed to do this short video to check if I got a copyright strike for the music before committing to a bigger project. Thanks edit: as with all of my builds this was done on xbox (Thanks for mentioning that TLC) I
  2. @ThePilgrim Holy cow that's one impressive build! My tiny mind is blown away
  3. Community Crunch 120 & Arkpocalypse Servers!

    @Jat, thank you for the honest response. I've entered & lost many times & have always taken it with good grace but it really irked me to constantly read complaints from this person & to then see him win, it definitely gives the impression that constant complaining can influence the outcome. I'm passionate about Ark because it's the best thing to come to consoles in years (in my opinion), I'm an admin on a facebook builders group with over 2000 members & I know I'm not the only one who feels that it's unfair to have modded builds in the same category as non modded builds. I agree with SWChris that instead of a console category it would make for a fairer competition to have an unmodded category for both those on console who do not have access to the mods & those on pc who do not wish to use them. I'm honest enough to admit that I'm going through a bought of depression that did influence the way I worded my post & I apologise if I came off as being snarky, my intention was to highlight an issue not to attack another person.
  4. Community Crunch 120 & Arkpocalypse Servers!

    @Jat, the competition you promoted that is being run by gg fizz is a pc competition so is of no use to us on console, I've said it before & i'll repeat it here, I think consoles should get a separate category for Arkitect as we are creating without mods & to make a build the size of many of the pc builds is beyond the ability of the consoles. As I stated very clearly my build pushed my xbox to it's absolute limit, I wanted to make my build much bigger but was prevented by the limitations of the hardware. With regards to you saying that I shouldn't attack another persons build is a bit hypocritical as the person who built the titanic frequently attacks others for their builds beating his, he did it with Cpt Fatdog winning for his innovative round build (Even though that comment has been removed myself & others clearly read it). Previously he has attacked other builds such as one of the valentines builds yet you did not chastise him for frequently attacking others, instead you awarded him a win, how can anyone not think he's been rewarded for being a bad sport? I carefully worded my response to mirror the way he attacked other people entries yet for some reason my response was deemed out of order whilst at no point have I seen you chastise him for this repeated behaviour (If you provide proof that I'm wrong about this then I will not hesitate to apologise). Unlike the builder of the titanic I'm not going to keep this debate going, I wanted to highlight the impression that many will now have due to this debacle, I've said my piece & will move along.
  5. Community Crunch 120 & Arkpocalypse Servers!

    I know there were two winners, the runner up build deserved to win first place as I stated in my reply. The builder of the Titanic flooded the post for entering CC with non stop complaints that he always gets overlooked & hey presto he won even though his build had no detail, it was nothing but a shell. The winner has shown that the way to win CC is to moan, not to actually put some effort into making a build interesting, as I also stated his titanic build had no effort put into detail, there was nothing interesting about it apart from the size. I could build that in under 24hrs, my entry pretty much pushed the xbox to its limits, every attempt to add more to my entry crashed my xbox because I spent 3 months cramming that entry with details. Maybe in future I'll just build something that's a big empty shell & then flood the rest of the post with complaints that no one is looking closely enough my entry (which is exactly what the builder of that boring shell did)
  6. Community Crunch 120 & Arkpocalypse Servers!

    I can't believe that Titanic build won, it's nothing but an empty shell. The Aberration build deserved to beat it, the build that I entered had layers upon layers of detail in every building to the point where it was too much for my xbox to handle. The final layer of graphics wouldn't load due the strain I put on my xbox & any attempt to add more detail would crash my xbox so I had to get my friend TLC to come & film footage to prevent my entry from looking like an early xbox 360 game! He obviously only won because he filled the forum with moaning about being overlooked, I thought entries were judged on how good they were not on how much a person moans & floods the forums with claims of being overlooked. @Jat, I invite you to personally visit my build to look around at the level of detail I achieved & then tell me personally why my detailed build should lose to an empty shell, you have my email address so feel free to contact me if you don't want to reply here.
  7. Here's my entry this week for the Arkitect category. This village & port took me about 3 months to make, I used prim+ & no clip on xbox
  8. The new desert area on Ragnarok inspired me to make a sphinx. Here it is
  9. This entry for the Arkitect category was inspired by the anime series Zoids. It's a sea scorpion Zoid called Death Stinger. As always with me, it was built on xbox & uses the no clipping feature.
  10. Kirikou, I'm over the moon to see my throne idea used on a build, you've just made my day That whole build is amazing
  11. I agree with Travis, I personally have friends who either used to enter & have given up on CC or who make builds worthy of entering but never enter. When asked the universal response is "It's an unfair competition because we can't use mods". I think the pc builds that get entered are amazing & deserve to win but console vs pc in the Arkitect is in no way an equal playing field. On console the only mod we have access to is prim+ whilst the pc players have a large & ever growing library of mods. We are also more limited by frame rates than on pc, if I was to build as big as I often want to then the frame rate would be shockingly low & I'm sure wildcard don't want people seeing their game run with poor framerates. Wildcard, you have made a separate category already for pc players to use the photo mode so a platform specific category is not a new idea. The people who still play Minecraft years after release are the builders & I believe the builders will be the ones who keep Ark alive over the coming years. Having one group competing against another that cannot use mods is like allowing one country use steroids for the Olympics whilst all other countries must compete with no steroids & one arm tied behind their backs. Thanks for reading Missy p.s. The new tek lights are really cool, I can't wait to use them on my future entries
  12. My last entry was a partial build of what I call Skyrider City, it wasn't finished due to a server crash/wipe but still managed to be a runner up, thanks everyone. I was determined to finish this build so this was built on my solo world, this time I used prim+ for the added level of detail available & I also used the no clipping enabled. I made this build in 6 days (& on the 7th day I rested). I put the video on my channel before the time limits were introduced, sorry
  13. Here's my entry for the Arkitect category. It was built on a vanilla xbox server using the no clipping feature. Unfortunately it was about 2 days from completion when we had to ban a troll which caused the server to crash. I don't normally start getting footage until a build is finished, this time I got lucky & had started getting test footage. Skyrider City v21 is a base for flyers only. I'm now working on v22 using prim+ so will return with a completed Skyrider City in a week or two, hope you enjoy the video
  14. I don't know if we are allowed to enter the same video in two categories but this is my small entry for the both the Arkitect & the video section Whilst it may not be a full base it shows off one of the many great new things you builders can come up with by using the no clipping feature recently added to console versions of Ark, this was a natural follow on to my previous entry of the Throne of Nightmares. A good friend saw the throne & asked what I could do for the humble wardrums so I present to you all The drums of darkness.
  15. My entry uses the fantastic no clip building feature to build what could possibly be the creepiest throne Ark has seen yet