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  1. Is anyone aware of what button to press on xbox? I really would like to use this ability but have yet to find someone who knows how! ?
  2. Hyde and Seek - can't see Ferox tracks As stated. Found it once and when it ran away, completely lost the tracks for a solid 30 minutes before I quit. Walked around the whole area and could not find them at all.
  3. Alpha Ice Fishin' only spawns 15 coel no matter what The alpha ice fishin' mission spawns 15 coel. If you do it perfectly you're still short one, and god forbid you snap a few lines. It's literally impossible to beat.
  4. Until they fix it I've been putting them into cryopods before logging out. It seems to keep them safe. I've tried to contact several people about this on Twitter, and this forum post, and I haven't had an answer yet Pretty unfortunate considering how adorable the Ferox is and how difficult they are to find in the stupid blizzard zone.
  5. Tamed Ferox disappearing on server reset My Ferox disappeared overnight. It didn't die, all doors were closed, it was inside of a building, and it was on passive. The server reset overnight and that's when he disappeared. He was gone when I logged on. I am the only person in my tribe so there's no chance he was taken by someone else. Xbox unofficial PVE.
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