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  1. I believe the whip is scorched-earth!
  2. I could do that, but it doesn't help when the game just simply X out and leaves me inside my base. If it was just a matter of being killed, I would just log out right outside my base.
  3. Thanksgiving update I cannot login reliably. It will seem like I am logging in, but nothing loads in my hot bar, the base does not render in all of the way, and then after about a minute I am booted right back out of the game. I was logged in for a while, everything seemed to be going swimmingly come up I was babysitting two baby gachas at 6.8%, in the game booted me out, when I try to load back in, I do not see the baby gachas, and cannot load in all the way. This is pretty much how the entire Thanksgiving weekend went. 4 gacha pregnancies missed because of issues logging in and out. 7 or so bronto's Auto decayed, three Broncos in the same group did not Auto decay. How does that even happen? They were all rendered at the exact same time last time they were visited. If anything others we're closer to render range than these three. EU rag server 553. Deplorables tribe.
  4. I want to be able to log in. I want the animal auto decay to work properly, not decay 7 out of 10 animals in the same spot. I want my baby Gachas back that died when the server dropped me.
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