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    First Wyvern hatch was triplets!

    You're so basic
  2. saheraf1337

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Killed a giga and tried going in a cave with a megalania, i left the cave with no artifact and megalania either
  3. saheraf1337


    It's different from Ark.
  4. saheraf1337

    Steel armor

    Well, i wouldn't say 'Why is there no' the slight difference is that it's just named differently, or the type just differs.
  5. saheraf1337

    Xb1/Win10 99% Rag patch

    Yeah this is kind of sad, reason behind that is because it was wiped
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    Community Crunch 115!

    It was out a few hours ago, from what i recall..
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    Happy Holidays: Community Crunch 113!

    This holiday was nice!
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    Welcome To The New Forum!

    Thrilled to be here!
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    Legacy Official PVE Server Backups

    Damn this is not good
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    Community Crunch 115!

  11. saheraf1337

    Sponsored Mod Program: May Update

    Not bad fellas
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    Your ARK Stories!

    I'm not sure how to start this, but let me just get into it. I first came across Ark through a YouTube video, and I said to myself that game is one of a kind, so I fell in love with it and really wanted to get it but my PC wasnt that good to run it so I bought it on Xbox One, and then I started playing In TheIsland as a lone wolf for a few days until I came across this guy, he asked in the chat for his lost Sabertooth that he last saw in the swamp, I never saw it, but I said yes anyways, so kept on talking until he asked me to join his tribe, I agreed after that since I couldn't do any good on PvE since most areas are taken, so we met up and he picked me up with his Argy and we finally landed at the base, so after that we got along really good and became good friends and we learned a lot throughout the days, we were both newbies but we advanced and reached alpha tier as a two-man army. After that time something unfortunate happened....the server got infested by noobs, I assume the server was raised from the bottom to the top of the list therefore noobs kept joining the server was constantly full and there was not a single Dino in sight considering the server is full, it was always full and laggy so we had no other option than to give up, there was no ark transfer back then so we really didn't want to leave but at the same time we did not enjoy a single minute after what happened so we decided to go on stasis and just login every few days to feed the dinos, we had about 300+ of them and the server was full so there were no dinos at all, so it was difficult to find food, so we did what anyone would do(sorta...) is to sacrifice some of our dinos, but that wasn't enough, so we had only one other option, is to give up, or atleast I wanted to do so, so I came clean with my friend and told him I'm done with Ark, all the hard work is wiped and he is left alone, but he decided to do the right thing and give up aswell. So after we both gave up we stopped talking, and 4-5 months later I messaged him asking him to start over on the new map TC(TheCenter) so he agreed, so we joined a low populated server there, and advanced throughout the time but the sad thing is that the map isnt optimized aswell as the game, so that's really bad, we kept on crashing, getting stuck, losing our items, and so on, the list will just keep on going, we lost about 2 gigas and a wyvern from crashing and bugs, a wyvern was killed while my friend was trying to kite a giga away from our base, but the game chose to crash him, and one of the gigas drowned while I was crossing the river, mid-crossing I crashed in the sea, so it died, second one got stuck underground, we submitted a ticket about them and never got an answer, so basically the devs aren't even making it up for their low optimized map, but oh well, so anyways, we got over the dino losses and moved on, we played for about 2-3 months until we got bored, so we decided to give up, one of the reason that we got bored is because the game wasn't going easy on us at all, but we lasted long enough there, experienced the new map, and made new friends, so that was the second time we started over, about a month or two later I asked him to start over somewhere better than Xbox, yeah, on PC! So yeah, we still haven't started over yet, but we will soon, and I hope PC is the right place to, I just hope it's not going to f**k us over as the Xbox. So yeah, that's about it, I'm pretty sure you won't be able to read all that, but I wrote it anyways so until then, peace out ~S
  13. saheraf1337

    Sponsored Mod Program: May Update

    Looking forward!