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  1. I think the server pop is low due to rates. Many players join Player dedicated servers to reduce the grind of Ark. Finding a good balance is hard, but from my experience I've found 4-5x Taming to allow less stand and wait on tames but still challenging, 2x gather, 2-3x exp works well. Low rates attract mainly adult players, while the younger go with high boosted, Meaning Adults want the challenge, with less time grinding, more time playing since all normal adults work. Just my input, any questions just message me!
  2. New Ragnarok server 24/7

    Gonna check it out shortly. Finding a Low boost server that Has no admin abuse, Small amount to No admins since its always abused is near impossible to find. If all is good, No easy mode, Ill let my friends know which will increase the server population drastically.
  3. Server has good population, and active. Rates were adjusted back to first advertised.
  4. Thanks but pve removes the fear, and defensive building mechanics for me.
  5. Message my GT Stankfingered sounds like a NAT issue
  6. If you message me my GT Stankfingered I'd be willing to give tips, and help promote the server.
  7. day 190, 5 stone per pickup. If not for these 2 things server would have been perfect.
  8. 29 year old experienced player and server hosting player in need of a Low Boosted Rag server. I can help populate the server I play on, and promote it to my followers. Below are the rates im looking for. Tame x2 lowest x7 higest Gather 2x or up to 4x. EXP no higher then 6x Player and dino stats slightly boosted Weight no higher then 4x default value. Adult hosted, and PvPvE. Egg hatch and maturity boosted. I also prefer Admin command logging to be on, especially if admins partake in pvp. Im looking for just one server to be able to grow with. I always advertise, and promote the server I play on to help with the playerbase. The server I helped run was shut down after My buddy and I took a break from the game, but now im back. Most of our old players will join your server as well. My GT:Stankfingered Please message me with rates of your server. Thanks everyone!
  9. First event will be hosted today! Server still has lots of room for you to declare/Found a top tribe We're looking for players who are dedicated to the game, and loyal to the server they play on. The server isn't going to be wiped anytime soon, and would like to see some new tribes competing for alpha. Once the server is more developed we will do Boss battles.
  10. Bump. Day 3! Join now to have the best chances at making a name for yourself.
  11. We're now on Day 2! Starter Packs are limited. This includes a metal pick & Hatchet, A pike, and a level 50 argent with a saddle. After they are gone no more will be handed out.
  12. Boston Ark Community Based, Player Enforced Ark Server 24/7 PvP on The Center Seasoned Server for those who want to be challenged! Please read below for important news about the server. Admin Logging Enabled! Switching to The Island Important!: Server has been changed to The Island to remove Tek restrictions! Server was wiped 6/21/2017 Server Rates: Gathering |2.5x| at 5 stone per pickup. Exp |4x| Taming |5x| Growth Rate |5x| Egg Hatch |8x| Increased Maturation Max Difficulty |Level 150 Wild Dinos Max| Slightly Increased Player/Dino Stats Experienced, Adult Hosted and Managed! Only 2 Admins including the host who are only there to host events, Work the Shop, Or last resort enforcement. Strict No admin abuse policy, with limited intervention from admins. Community based, Player driven & enforced server! Admins will only intervene on rule breaking offenses as a last resort and only for the most serious of incidents. Players will police each other, and work together to create an exciting environment for everyone you play on. PvPvE Type server. This means you will not be limited to choose one, but have the freedom to work with other players/tribes or battle with them. Server Rules: Do not use brontos for harvesting. Even with a lower gather rate than most servers, brontos were not designed to harvest more than a 2x gathering rate. Killing/Raiding new players is frowned upon and skill-less. Use your common sense for judgement on who is new, and who isn’t, If you're constantly forcing new players to leave due to raiding/killing then expect retribution. Do not destroy, or disrupt the server trading post & Event Arena. This area is designed for the community to use as a safe spot to trade, or Events held in the arena. You will get caught, and an admin will punish accordingly. We want this server to be somewhere that everyone can enjoy, without the hassle of official rate grinding, or dealing with the harassment on official servers. If you come here only to be disruptive, or cause a toxic environment then please move along. We will never become a High boost easy-mode server, They are a dime a dozen. There will no admin recruitment, spawned items outside of events, favoritism or abuse on this server, And asking for an admin position or spawned items will only reward you with being blocked. This server is not meant to be an easy mode server, nor will it cater to those who suggest otherwise. You have to put in time and effort to become something here, and you will hit problems along the way. Host GT UglyDucky27 Admin GT Mopete27 Note: We won't be switching to the map Ragnarok for 1-2 months after release. If you take The Center map as proof the new map will contain many issues then you will understand why. To avoid problems, Lack of updated content, and give time for them to work out the bugs we will be staying on The Island for awhile after the July 4th release, and once we switch to the island this weekend.
  13. Hello fellow Ark-terrans! My group and I are looking for a new server to play on. There are a few things we are looking for, and very strict about No admin abuse! Server Should: Be 24/7, with a decent connection. Be New (Under 100 days) The fresher the better! Atleast allow for online raiding, and not allow complete wipes/passive dino killings. Prefer Host to be 17+ Rates Slighty Boosted! If map is The Island- 5x gather or lower, No more then 8 EXP, Taming between 4-10x Player/dino stats 1.5 per point or around there. Rates if map is The Center- 2.5 Gathering, No more then 7 EXP, 3-8x Taming, Only slight stat boosts, Prefer to have Growth/Breed/Maturity increased too. No Admin abuse, and Admins are not allowed to raid. No spawned items given outside of events, or compensation. I know it sounds picky, and It is! We want to find a good long term server to play on. We're a group of guys, no younger then 16 who left their old server due to admin abuse. Myself personally will help the server gain new players, and I'll put advertisements out as well. If you have the kind of server we're looking for please Message GT Danielim20 or comment here. Note: This post is to find a server to play on, Not admin.
  14. Paradise Lost

    Could you add SunBros to the list? Members are Tevlok, Shadow, Angel, Skut, Xeno, Bloody. Thanks!