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  1. pvp [PC] The Story Teller RP

    is your server on?
  2. Aberration not working?

    How did you installed it already
  3. Transfer System

  4. Ark Aberration. Will it be Delayed?

    yes and i am wondering how do i do it also
  5. Cross transfer items

    you have to place the items in the drop/obelisk item section and then you have to upload your character on a server that you desire on the other server you go to an obelisk/drop and take off the items from it Time until items despawns in the obelisk/drop: 24 H
  6. aberration server Found Aberration Server

    just noticed lol
  7. aberration server Found Aberration Server

    don't work it says something with my connection that it failed or something
  8. Will Aberration be another clown car?

    I heard it from a Video *about* aberration sorry don't know which one[emoji28]
  9. Introduction

    Name:Jason Do you love Dodos?:Of course why else am I here Why do you want to join the Tribe?:To contribute the protection of Jarboa's and Dodo's Timezone:Germany
  10. aberration server Found Aberration Server

    I hope
  11. aberration server Found Aberration Server

    I was searching in my servers options and entered at the map filter aberration and one server showed up
  12. Will Aberration be another clown car?

    Jat and Jen if i am right said n the live stream at twitchco that there will be 5 servers the first week so i think that you will have to stay 24/7 on if you don't want to try to rejoin for like 1 hour
  13. aberration release 1 day more :)

    Guys it is almost done just a few days and aberration is out ohh i am so excited cant wait to get pregnant LOL
  14. If not that would be unlogical and stupid at the same time because if players want to have a rockdrake on The Island and 2 day after again in aberration and it is not possible nobody would transfer their aberration dinos (or just the poopti ones)
  15. boss Aberration Ending Boss

    It just makes me more and more nervous bc 6 days take soooo long when you are hyped as f*ck (sorry for it but had to)