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  1. Valguero + Extinction Cluster Limited Recruitment Hi all, I'm the admin for a 2 server cluster currently running Extinction and Valguero. We've freshly reset but our community has significantly dwindled as of late and we're looking to build it back up. We have limited slots so if you're looking for a new home for a group please respond quickly. We have a few simple rules to follow just to make sure everyone has a good time: 1) No griefing. This includes everything form stealing, to harassing other players, to leading a wild giga to someone's base. It's a big no-go and will lead to an instant blacklist. 2) No cheating. This includes things like meshing and duping and will also lead to an instant blacklist. 3) No hoarding drops. This one is more ambiguous but suffice it to say that if you're actively farming drop such as deep sea loot crates to the point that no one else is able to get them you will be asked to ease back on the loot farming. If no one else is on to hunt the drops by all means knock yourself out, just make sure you're being considerate of other players. 4) No inviting friends without Admin permission. As stated before, we have limited slots so inviting other players without cheeking beforehand isn't allowed. If you have friends that would like to join the server as well just check in to see if we have the space for them! About the cluster: Both servers in the cluster run the same settings which I like to call "have a life settings" because they were designed to let people play the game to its fullest without having to spend every waking hour on it. We have slightly boosted harvesting, 2x player stat gains (along with slightly boosted dino stamina and carry weight), and 1.7x XP gain. Dino levels scale in intervals of 7 for a max normal dino level of 210! Also, platform saddle structure limits are turned up and have had their building zone increased. Lastly, the most boosted setting on our server is breeding which is set at around 20x. That's all the major settings, but there are a lot of settings that are customized so feel free to ask about any specific settings you'd like to know about. We're generally just looking for some people that want to have fun on ark without dedicating your life to it. Our current members have a wide variety of interests and other games we like to play so who knows, you might just find yourself some new friends along the way! We have limited slots available so please message me if you're interested, and feel free to tell us about yourself in your message if you're so inclined!
  2. Suspension Bridges So here's the rundown: building bridges across water uses a LOT of structures, causes lag, and uses an absurd amount of resources. I'm envisioning 2 types of new structures (support pillars and suspension ropes) to allow players to construct suspension bridges that will use far less resources and cause much less lag because there would be fewer structures required. Obviously if you can make a suspension bridge of infinite size it would be too OP as you could build a bridge out of render over an enemy base and then drop dinos from it (or any other number of shenanigans like building skyways across the map) so there need to be limiting factors. First, the support pillars would be required to be placed on a foundation or ground. They would not be able to snap to ceilings or any other structures other than foundations, not even to each other or other pillars. Second, the ropes would only be able to extend so far from the pillar before they would start refusing to snap, something like 5 ropes (So you would be able to make a bridge 10 across if you built each side separately). Third, the ropes would only extend foundation support by 1 space instead of 2 so you couldn't build bridges wide enough for titans but you would be able to squeeze a T-rex through (foundation pillars would snap to the side of the foundation so they aren't in the way. Lastly, structures that are only supported by suspension ropes would take increased damage as if they were in a cave, or perhaps they would even be able to be damaged by things they normally wouldn't be hurt by (creatures that would damage stone could damage metal suspension bridges). There would be 2 tiers for the bridge structures: wood and metal. Wood would use ropes and metal would use cables. I think suspension bridges balanced in this manner would make an excellent addition to the game and allow players to construct more elegant designs while limiting lag issues by removing the need for large amounts of snapped structures providing support.
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