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  1. I wanting to get a crab trap put down. Will I be able to trap the crab or lure it outside?
  2. We had tribe mate lv 130 lost his to same thing and if he does ticket it won’t get the imprints and his lvs back... so he quit and now I lost another tribe mate
  3. This be sweet if you could bleed the non bleeder types...
  4. Xbox one vag 1093 pve don’t understand why these meant for pvp ruin the pve experience...
  5. So this happen I was teleporting and quezt when first and the. Mammoth when second and next think I know it dead.
  6. I really hope for v event they fix the connection issue so I can get one my tribe mates back..
  7. There is aleadly PayPal’s section of selling dinos... so why not... microtranscation would be great....
  8. Wish they fix connection issue.... I want my tribe mate back. Also quezt platforms are glitching now too.... also can we nerf wild tames on pve going threw teleportal? I had a guy kiting rock golems into my base last night... I had giga my tribe mates threw out and ate them
  9. So awoke up did imprint and did stuff and came back to Xbox and ark broke the game again
  10. Would be nice if ya wouldn’t brake the game with every update? Why can’t we get another raising event we like one them baby ones for evolution
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