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  1. We had tribe mate lv 130 lost his to same thing and if he does ticket it won’t get the imprints and his lvs back... so he quit and now I lost another tribe mate
  2. It is pay to win the private sites selling money so best way is to go micro transactions .... game is so close to being Dead! bS I lost character! From orb traveling servers... 2. Folks who can’t connect... 3. We losing dinos to anti mesh!
  3. Just add micro transactions like up X mulplty for bleeding and harvest and taming....
  4. Import atlas execution items How sweet it be if we had stuff where you can execute your tribe member like what atlas got....
  5. This be sweet if you could bleed the non bleeder types...
  6. War system was turn off because there was a way for tribe alliances to get other tribes into war... tribe A is ally with tribe B B set war the tribe C C then attacks A who A didn’t know that they were now at war with tribe C thanks to tribe B.... so war system is turn off on pve....
  7. On 1093 xbox vag where have bunch of folks who block oil pumps with buildings
  8. VALGUERO Add “alpha Dragons!” Hello and I have a suggestion to make about state of valguero map... Currently we do not have Alpha dragons on the map... mosa/squid/plesis spawns finally got fix... any chance with flood of folks trying to get milk if we could have alpha dragons like Rag/scorch have access too?
  9. Vag 1093 Xbox one full of these folks... abb 905 xbox add this.
  10. I was farming wood with mammoth ontop a quetz platform... using the commands to move her... anyway stuff on quezt doesn’t get teleported... now so mammoth fall down onto teleportal. so I’m like ok let go ahead and head back to base and teleport back... well someone how I don’t know but I think some guy also teleported to my base when I was teleporting in.... and somehow mammoth just glitch in and now dead and dev that did my ticket told me that we can’t replace dinos lost by anti mesh... we also lost a rock drake on abb because it landed in strange spot and got deleted by the system... in a boss fight last night we bought in some folks from tribe alliance we have and toke them into a boss fight.. in the fight the one girl rex got push into map by manticore boss... she dismount and is instance killed by anti mesh in the boss fight... explain me why THiS ANTi MESH system was needed? Like we on PVE and been hard working players who grinded out the stuff for a boss fight like growing boss rexes making armor. Farming metal... tons of meat runs only to be told that if anti Mesh kill a dino there no way to get said stuff replace feel like future of ARK is coming to a END and with delays of future content and no stability of bugs that plague this game will cause this game to end Soon for many loyal players who have play since days of legacy.”..like no news on connection Issues”. “Dinos staving while on toughs” now add ANTI Mesh. Wish for pve the system could be turn off.
  11. I lost mammoth by teleporting back to base. And then ticket I submitted told me there nothing they can do... my tribe in abb lost a rock drake aleadly.... about to be mass quitting about to happen..
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