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  1. X otters are broke! Has anyone found any event x otters? i play on gen Xbox 1264 and X otters/beavers/Penguins aren’t spawning!
  2. The CC are late what happen ? Wish they turn on random colors for the lockdown....
  3. Why can’t they just raise level cap?
  4. Be nice to have a 2 week of 3x bleeding
  5. Wish they fix the reapers being invisible on luna....
  6. I wanting to get a crab trap put down. Will I be able to trap the crab or lure it outside?
  7. Yea even roll out 3x again like seriously why not just keep it 2X rated for weekdays and 3x for weekend?
  8. I wish it was true but man why did wildcard add these if you can’t tame them ....
  9. Genenis how to tame a big snake Hello has anyone on Genenis tame any big snakes or did wildcard not let us tame them but let them be annoying has hell?
  10. Unless u get the names then don’t waste your time too bad they can’t review who was in the area and what names .... like time stamp can’t they use their admin powers to see who doing what or see a replay?
  11. But X dinos can... I had a tek rex in a stone trap and it just got ate...
  12. Volcano if they do it just kite magma too their stuff.
  13. Anyone got suggestion on getting hazmat suit built for luna?
  14. U teleport back but slowly back...
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