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  1. Separate alliance chat channels Can we please get separate ally chat channels? At least for PvE and/or as an option for unofficial servers to allow separate ally chats. It can be extremely confusing and annoying to only have one for all allies you're in, not only but especially when people within one ally speak another language that noone in the other allies you're in understands. It's also somewhat dumb when you talk to someone in ally A and everyone in ally B, C, etc thinks you're talking to them or gets a monolog that makes no sense. I feel like it's really needed
  2. I'd not kill any of the old dinos that "noone wants" because chances are that for each "useless" species there's a handful of people who loves them to pieces New dinos are always exciting, especially when they're DINOS like the Deino instead of made up alien creatures, but there's so many already and (at least in PvE) half of them have no real purpose or there are others that can do the same thing better, or species that are the only ones to use for certain things like anky to harvest metal or angler for pearls. So I think more TLCs would be awesome that add new use to the unwanted creatures and make them more interesting as well as to - maybe - create alternatives for anky & co. so you can choose which one you like better, a land/SE creature that can harvest pearls (like the ones on SE and in shallow water) etc.
  3. You usually breed the parents together until you have the desired (higher) stats from both. i.e. Mom has high Stam and DMG, Dad has high Weight and HP, the perfect offspring will have both the high Stam and DMG from Mom and the high Weight and HP from Dad. If both of the parents have the same exact stats, the offspring will ALWAYS get them too (unless there is a mutation which will increase one random stat* by 2 points) since it inherits each stat from either of the parents. Having the best stats on both Mom and Dad does not increase your chance of getting mutations though, it's still random. You'll have to keep an eye on the number of mutations though, as any dino that has reached 20 on both sides will not be able to produce a new mutation. The best way to circumvent that is to simply breed mutated males with unmutated females, so the highest you'll ever get on matrilineal side is 1*. * In VERY rare cases 2 mutations can happen at once, but normally it's one.
  4. Also get rid of movement speed, it's completely unnecessary (breed with a level 5 with 0 or 1 pt in that stat)
  5. Aye I had this (or similar) too on a few, all same species, some would mate just fine, some only when I left render. Good old WC implementing something amazing with a "surprise" haha
  6. Ok so the new mating option is extremely useful and convenient and I love it. BUT I've discovered 2 bugs with it, so be aware: - if your tames are set to mating enabled and you leave render distance, the radial menu will say "enable mating" upon returning as if it had been disabled while you were gone. At first I thought well that is nice, no more disabling 20+ dinos one by one, but I was wrong and the menu just lied. Mating still IS enabled even though the menu says it is not; select "enable mating" in this case will actually disable it. From there on, the menu will give you the correct options again (if you want to be a 100% sure select "enable mating" twice and then you'll get the "disable mating" option again). I'm playing alone in my tribe on unofficial PvE and we have a no building within render distance of others rule on our servers, so I can't say if them being rendered by anyone (even other tribes) would prevent this from happening. I think it's save to say though that as long as another tribemember is within RD, it won't happen. - babies are apparently born with mating enabled. I hatched a bunch of Dimos yesterday and just got back to them being all grown up and having laid fert eggs already. They definitely were off wandering as it's the first thing I always do and double-check after birth (no, I haven't forgotten this time ) I've sent in a ticket already, just wanted to let you know to avoid baby overflow
  7. Level's not too great (150) but it's actually twins too
  8. Are you saying this is not necessarily just my PC dying? I've been getting this too for weeks now on my 1060. Not in any other game and as far as I'm aware of, not on any other map but Rag either. Even had to reinstall ARK twice already since it got somehow deinstalled/deleted from Steam during these events, which is particularly annoying. I'd like to know since I was going to get it to service, if it's an issue with the game rather than my computer that would probably be a waste of time >.<
  9. Home Improvement. The show where the guy breaks more than he fixes. They're his biggest fans.
  10. I'd just use a decent light wyvern, if they spawn there often an additional trap would help. Trap it and zap it just stay out of its damage range. Even easier if you're running classic flyers mod as you won't have to worry bout stam as much.
  11. I'd like that too^^ we have the Manticore armor skin set which is great, it would be really nice if other bosses dropped armor skins as well and other artifact containers had weapon and tool skins like the ones in SE do. So you'd have to work for it afterall, but there'd be a bit more diversity other than everyone looking the same^^ Home
  12. Nah... that is more or less just "updates about Extinction" and the LEAST you'd expect them to post here really. I was more like talking bout all the other issues that never really got an official statement here - things like tame cap that has been a VERY popular topic for over a year, kibble rework, pillar spawn that only got tackled once in a halfheartedly slapped together attempt to "fix" it that, thankfully, never found its way into the game, but also pretty much went to oblivion again, boss fights being broken, bugs and glitches hat have been around since long before release (really that one post in the "known bugs" section is a joke), the adaption of S+ that was announced over a year ago and then never was talked about again until the recently added 30 seconds pickup feature (well...). While some of these are being worked on now after all this time, a short feedback every now and then and a small reassurance that our problems don't go unnoticed wouldn't have hurt. Using other platforms for more detailed communication with single players or groups is totally ok; but a heads up on heavily discussed topics around here is something you'd expect - it doesn't have to be an elaborate plan how to work on issues; just a sign of acknowledgement and a short reassurance that we don't go unnoticed would change a lot. Community crunch would be a good place for that.
  13. Aye but we do have the forum and imo everything should come together here in some way. Especially on topics that are discussed here a lot, complete ignorance is not the way to handle that (really what it looks like to people who don't use other platforms so much). ofc platforms like Twitter offer another form of communication and may often be easier to use. Nothing wrong with that. But when there's dozens of threads here about one and the same problem and absolutely NO reply from devs whatsoever, it's easy to think they don't give a damn.
  14. To be fair - wouldn't the most obvious place to post and go to for info be here? I mean this is the official ARK forum afterall... so how on earth is it normal that we have to be on Twitter, Reddit, whatever and have to use a "dev tracker" to get the puzzle together instead of them just posting where it's meant to be. 100 threads about the same issue here and not one single word of acknowledgement from devs, but hey you MIGHT get lucky if you write on Twitter... nah that's just wrong
  15. S+ : can't you just handle PvE and PvP separately for once on that one? UNLIMITED pickup for ALL (S+) structures in PvE, keep whatever restrictions there need to be in PvP. Also PLEASE disable terrain collision in PvE... it's a server wise setting. It won't interfere at all with PvP, but allow us to finally build nice things without stupid gaps and workarounds JUST because 1% of a structure sticks into terrain.
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