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  1. well a few days back we have a big war at our server, we lost a lot of dinos and we decide to transfer our 100% imprinting giga to the other server we live. We upload the giga, it disappear, we pick the saddle from ground, we upload 2 pteras too and travel to the other server, ... in the other side, we try to download the dinos, and we only find the 2 pteras! the giga vanished. We open a ticket but they don't care..they can't take time in restore dinos now. So transfer is not safe enough...we try to save it and the game betray us
  2. Is the same at SE 784, the mysterious lag, hitt in turns u can walk and whistle, nothing more. If u use the chat, the message doesn't show up until the lag or whatever it is stop i use the chat to see when i can play again. But this is so frequently now, is unplayable.
  3. I never lost as many dinos as in the SE. We saw them half-body on the ground before disappearing, others disappeared instantly, nothing in the logs. I have received some dinos restore back by the admin. With all the dinos we lost in a small/medium tribe, i can't imagine how many more tickets they will receive a day. The last ticket i made, i get the response after 10 days, I get the following message: Thank you for contacting Studio Wildcard Customer Support. I understand you're reporting your dinosaur being lost. As a fellow survivor, I know how much that must hurt and I am terribly sorry about the inconvenience this caused. Unfortunately as much as I wish we could, we're unable to restore lost dinosaurs to players at this time. Sadly even if the dinosaur was lost due to a game glitch/bug. If your dinosaur was simply stuck and you have visual confirmation on its location we would be able to assist you then. I'd like to be of more assistance to you, so if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us again and we'll be able to look into your additional inquiry. Take care and have a great day!
  4. I play the game in english, but my friend play it in spanish and he can't use the filtering option and the button "drop all" If u write "piedra" (stone) it only show stone, but if u press the button drop all it doesn't work.
  5. i forget to mention, my base is at 64 47 ... nothing special at this location and the first roo was far away.. we are moving but idk if the new location will be different.
  6. I never lost so many dinos in ark ... now in a few weeks at SE i see so many weird situations, we lost a lot! One procoptodon was following a tribe mate, he see the roo sinkin in the ground, half way, he can't ride it, the roo stop moving, and my tribemate try to hit with the whip...then it POOF! disapear. And in my bsae is rly dangerous, we are moving now because we lost so many dinos. One doed encumbered with stone we use the wipe to move it and the doed move close to the vault and POOF! disappear In the same area, our paracer step in a wild morella and the morela was pushed in the ground, we can see it under the map trying to get out. In other day my Thorny was following me, we pass close to the paracer, it get stuck so i move the paracer then i look and the thorny was half way in the ground, like swimming, he manage to go out. The next time one tribe mate pres J for a second... The thorny was parked close to the paracer.. the thorny disappear never show in the logs. And the last dino is a Roo, disappear from base too, noting at logs. We are building for the move, is a pvp server so it is hard, in the meantime i build a thatch floor in the place we see the dino swimm, and the doed disappear with the wip but every day is a risk to lose a dino because the bugs.
  7. I have limited dinosaurs with rank, and they were from different rank they were in neutral. I Check two of the middle range was one of them in neutral, the other remained passive. I check two of rank only for the highest, one of them in neutral , the other remained passive. So I think it was not an accidental whistle. As it is happening several times in the last days ... and I see dragons of other tribes lost frequently being strangely in neutral. Yesterday before disconnecting, I watched the birds are in passive ... today, two of them were out in neutral, the others were in passive. I would not do the consultation unless it seems suspicious to me. I already have more than 1 year and a half and this game is the first time that happens that I see that change the aggression of the dinosaurs so often.
  8. I have noticed especially the flying ones. They are changing their level of aggression, from passive to neutral, randomly. I check them before leaving are all passive, when I return I find them neutral outside their cages. Other tribes have lost dinosaurs in this way. I have noticed that they pass through the walls more often than before. Today half of my dinosaurs were out, escaped with closed doors. Does anyone have the same problems?
  9. We lost more than 5k of gasoline in the transfer, it disappear. U can transfer oil but not the gasoline. Maybe with propellant u can transfer the prime mats.
  10. I was in the island map with my beloved spinosaur Bubble, looking for sea red drops, i eat all the dinos near to safely take the drop, it was at 10 - 10, the zone in the sea with snow and icebergs, i dismounted to get a red droop, as always the spinosaur go to the surface like a bubble, i take the item and swim up, but i can't see my spinosaur at the surface, it disappear. The dev Urso, come, join my tribe, teleported and check the area, the spino was missing, he only could confirm my suspect, the dino was "eaten" by the iceberg island. So now they know these thing could happen, maybe they work to avoid these bug. The island render and the spino was inside and deleted. He didnt give my spino back but at least they show interest and enter to the server to chek. One day i have one Plesiosaur trapped in one aquatic cave, the WC admin enter to the game when i wasn't online, but he take the plesio out of the cave and leave it in one of our aquatic base in safety. He save it and send me a screenshot with the coordinates. So as far as i know they do all they can to help us.
  11. Could we please get information in the logs on who creates or breaks the alliance. You can add a tag to objects to sign who created them. Crafted by ...
  12. Can u add to the logs the info about tribe alliance joining and leaving and who makes the request or disarms the alliance. One of our alliances was dissolved and nobody knows how or who did it.
  13. Recently one of our alliances was dissolved. Nobody knows how or who did it. Never heard this can occurred as a bug and idk if was one of the admin.There are possibilities to add log records tribes alliance by joining and leaving it and who makes the request or disarms the alliance? Was all crazy, so much dinos dead wars can start this way and no one know what happend.