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  1. DragonWarlord1987

    Ice Wyvern Issue

    So I have noticed that playing Ragnarok on my dedicated server, Ice Wyverns are in the map, and they are invisible. My players have told me that if you first see them and leave, where they ate no longer in rendering range and go back they are invisible and the same with the eggs. They show as a box with the fertilized glow to it, the fix we have found for this is to completely do a Xbox system restart, but that only works if you see them and if you leave the area they go invisible once more.
  2. DragonWarlord1987

    Hairstyles and Achievements

    So I have noticed that you have to unlock hairstyles and facial hair by doing certain achievements on Ark. I was wondering do I have to do it on the server that I am wanting it on, or does it unlock for my account if I do it on a solo play? I only ask this cause I already have all the achievements unlocked for Xbox Live. This is the link I found about it but it doesn't clarify about my main question about solo achievements transferring to public server. Achievements
  3. So I have noticed this when I was playing on Ark Primitive Plus, that when it loads up and gets to the "VolcanoEntrance" it crashes and pushes my server back to the Xbox Home screen. This all started after the recent 170MB, and now The Island and even Scorched Earth is doing the same. Gets to the "VolcanoEntrance" of the upload and boots my server back to the Xbox Home screen. Have checked for updates for my Xbox, for the Game, and rebooted my router, and still the same out come. Please help!!
  4. I have noticed that the general commands from the companion app copy just fine, however when you use the smart-glass app to put the codes in and the particular code is pasted. The game will not show that command pasted into the admin command box. An the admin command box works have type everything out to get what was needed, it is just showing the nothing being pasted from the Xbox smart-glass into the game itself like it was before.
  5. DragonWarlord1987

    Revert the player speed nerf.

    I am just saying that is what my tamed out to be, I don't know why but it did. Brought it up to my admins and they said they got ones that have the same movement speed. lol But I am thinking about it right now, I don't have the game open at the moment.
  6. DragonWarlord1987

    Revert the player speed nerf.

    I prefer land tames more than anything, out of all my 25 tames I have one flying and that is a Tapejara and it was tamed at level 89, and it speed came out to be 282.3%. An the server I am on there is no adjustments to the movement speed in the server stats.
  7. DragonWarlord1987

    Revert the player speed nerf.

    I seriously doubt they will change this back, and I do agree with @DeZiLL313 it would be a shame if they took a step back. I can understand where you come from @Pogue1995, cause I brought this up the day after the update came out. An I they still have yet to change it and I have think I can understand why they will not changed it back to the way it was before. Cause people are pouring so many points into the speed of the flying tames, cause they want to travel fast to another point. However there are some people that build up above the trees tops and you have this tame flying so fast that the building is unable to render in before it gets to the point where it can turn. An that tame and you are getting shot out of the air by the base's defenses, or there is the other situation. Were this tame is flying so fast that the game is not able to render the environment in to match the speed, so the game struggles to keep up and eventually crashes, and you wind up falling to your death and the tame glitches out of the game. So in order to fix this issue, Wildcard came up with a solution and they nerfed the speed. It is a sad fact in deed but I bet they felt it was in the best interest for the game and community. For as a modern society we do not retreat in our ways, we advance to bigger and better things. An I bet Wildcard thinks the same way, in their thinking.
  8. DragonWarlord1987

    Revert the player speed nerf.

    I do have to somewhat agree with this thread but yet I also can see the reason why they nerfed the speed. Cause people would be creating these creatures that are faster than anything, and then be complaining about their game crashing or the lag being so intense that they couldn't do anything.
  9. DragonWarlord1987

    Private Server and Supply/Loot Drop issue.

    So I have noticed that on my server there is no supply drops happening on my server, and I know that the box for "Disable Supply Drops" is not checked, any recommendations to solve this problem? Any recommendations on how to make a private server without a password?
  10. DragonWarlord1987


    I noticed that some of the dinos are running wild in Primitive Plus and I have looked fro the saddles endlessly, and even checked my Castoroides and it isn't even in there. I have noticed that this issue was mentioned once before. That was at the beginning of the month, are we going to have to wait for the next update on the "4th of July" or are we going to have to wait longer?
  11. To be honest that has to do with the settings on the server, if the server owner is allowing for transfers and things like that. There is nothing that can be done really at this end. The best thing I can honestly suggest is to contact the server manager/owner and ask them to change that feature. Cause I understand where you are coming from in this particular situation. That is why on my server I block that from happening, and no one can transfer anything from another server to my server. Cause I do not want that happening with my world and game play, cause someone can bring over an OP dino or character and start wrecking shop and taking over certain points on the map.
  12. DragonWarlord1987

    Dune buggy vehicle test

    I mean that is why it has a joke about that thing, which is that it is the Buggest Buggy ever. lol That is really why the developers removed it from the game even though you can spawn it in. I think it is more of a decoration at the moment more than a functioning vehicle on the Xbox.
  13. DragonWarlord1987

    Suggestions to building locations

    I mean I really want to play on that Map so bad, and I even ordered the large collector's edition ready for this bad boy to drop and have fun hunting down everything in the new map and become even better at ARK: Survival Evolved.
  14. DragonWarlord1987

    Suggestions to building locations

    Hahaha, I was just thinking and posting about that awesomeness map that just dropped, however my PC can't support that awesome map at the moment.
  15. DragonWarlord1987

    Suggestions to building locations

    Really looking forward to being able to play on the Ragnarok Map and seeing all the treasures that are on that map. On a related topic but slightly off topic, what about the points where Explorer notes are at. What anyone recommend for building around those areas?