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  1. Contest Voting Issue I am having difficulty submitting my vote for the current mod contest that is going on, can someone please tell me what I'm possibly doing wrong. Because I have read all the information and rules and even clicked on the mod and map that I would like to see come to the game. However I am not seeing anywhere were I can submit a vote for the mod and map I would like to vote for on the Contest entry page or the Mod information pages. PLEASE HELP!!!
  2. that looks like the Deinonychus that was created by Garuga123
  3. So Prim+ wont have any Tek engrams available for it? Just wondering.
  4. Message MrTwitchnWarLrd on Xbox

  5. Well I have heard that they would be coming to consoles soon, but it is still in the works from what I've heard.
  6. This mod looks pretty cool, I can wait to get this and see the leaves change colors. An the boats look awesome!
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